“Ongoing Debate” Within the Raiders Over Trent Brown

A few weeks ago it looked like Trent Brown was likely to be cut, but it sounds like the Raiders are still undecided on what to do with their $14 million right tackle.

“There are several reasons to justify releasing Brown, and there is an ongoing debate inside Raiders headquarters,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Monday.

“He has played just 16 games since signing a four-year, $66 million contract with the Raiders in 2019. Due to a calf injury, COVID-19 and health complications, he played just 28 percent of the offensive snaps in 2020. He has no guaranteed money left on his deal and cutting him would save $14 million in immediate cap room. With all that being said, the Raiders should keep him on board if he can show he’s healthy this offseason.”

There is no question that Brown is one of the best right tackles in the NFL. When healthy, he might be the best. But in many ways, Brown became a headache within the organization this year and he was rarely healthy. Jon Gruden hates when players can’t stay off the injury report, but he also has an affinity for superior athletes.

Therein lies the difficult decision.

Nevertheless, the odds still seem to be against Brown returning to the Raiders in 2021. There will probably be too many personnel needs that can be addressed with $14 million for Gruden to roll the dice on Brown one more time.

We’ll give the odds somewhere around 70/30 that Brown will be on a roster other than the Raiders next year… with an answer coming by the middle of this month.

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8 thoughts on ““Ongoing Debate” Within the Raiders Over Trent Brown

  1. He’s a great athlete, everyone knows that. Unfortunately, he gets injured a lot. But the reason he gets injured so much is that he is out of shape and seems to have lost control of his diet and weight. The human body is not meant to carry so much weight, so injuries are unavoidable when a player starts pushing 400 lbs. The Raiders need to give Brown some goals and incentives to get his weight down to a more manageable level (say 320-330, maybe even 340) to increase his effectiveness and longevity in the league. As it is now, he is probably eating himself right out of a job (and probably to death). An athlete making 14 million / year should have no trouble paying for a nutritionist and private chef to make sure he is eating right, and if Brown can come in at and maintain a more reasonable playing weight I think the Raiders should keep him. But not at 360lbs+, as at that weight he’s just an injury waiting to happen.

  2. What about restructuring his deal for 2-3 yrs with incentives and some guaranteed $$?

  3. hes fooled the raiders for 2 years you going to let him fool you again get rid of his fat *** an sign somebody who wants to be a raider

  4. You all are ignorant and clueless about football. Trent Brown is not a top tier offensive lineman, has never been and hasnt when playing for Raiders. He has not ranked (PFF) better than 69. Kolton Miller had an 81.3 this season. Brown is no more than 3rd or 4th best on Raiders let alone the entire league.

    I hate when published things are so inaccurate and ridiculously stretched such as you people portraying Mayock as a GM who makes decisions when in fact Gruden makes all decisions PERIOD. How you people are employed as reporters/writers is beyond me. You are as much a reporter as Covid is deadly virus. Hey you should work for the government lmao.

  5. Also, Raiders should not keep Brown as he was not worth the contract Grudens incompetent butt gave him and certainly not worth money now.

    But since our overpaid incompetent Coach n GM (Gruden) signed him in 1st place he will prob continue with track record of horrible decisions and keep Brown.

    Why do you think Brown signed Grudens deal within minutes of offering? He said it himself he didnt think any other team would offer him that type of money and he was right. Brown was not anything special in Frisco, nothing special in New England and hasnt done **** in Vegas.

  6. Might be a Good Las Vegas Gamble to Keep Him… What he Really cares about is one More BIG Payday. He would have to do EVERYTHING in His Power to Stay Healthy, Have a Pro Bowl Year and show the other 31 Teams that He Can Play and Stay Healthy. 3 Down years will Significantly lower his Value to Anyone and Fat Boy Knows this.

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