Bruce Irvin Responds To Rod Woodson’s Criticisms Of The Raiders

Rod Woodson isn’t impressed by much that’s going on in Oakland right now.

On Tuesday, he bashed everyone from the former coaching staff (of which he was a part) to the leaders of the locker room and praised Michael Crabtree for a “toughness” that couldn’t be matched by anyone on the roster but Marshawn Lynch.

Among the players to take notice of Woodson’s comments (and speak up) is Bruce Irvin, who responded on his twitter account Friday morning.

Woodson was the cornerbacks coach on Hue Jackson’s historically bad defense in 2011 and was an assistant secondary coach under Jack Del Rio from 2015 through last season.

Woodson talked on Thursday about Jon Gruden getting the Raiders to work “harder” next season, but ironically, Irvin says Woodson was one of the first coaches out of the building after work last year.

For what it’s worth, Del Rio was known in Jacksonville to bounce out of the office in time for dinner quite a few times, as well.

Woodson has been critical of Mark Davis for spending $100 million on a new head coach, but if Woodson’s comments are any indication of what the culture looked like under Del Rio last year, it’s a wonder the Raiders owner wasn’t willing to spend more.

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8 thoughts on “Bruce Irvin Responds To Rod Woodson’s Criticisms Of The Raiders

  1. Gruden likely has already put more time in the office than Del Rio and Woodson combined by the sounds of it.

  2. I’m so disappointed with what has happened and why would R. Woodson do such a thing. I would think that as an adult and part of the Raiders family that he would express his opinion within the organization and not all over the media which have put a very bad taste in my mouth. A little loyalty to your supposed to be family would have gone a long way. I really liked him until he pulled this non-sense.

  3. Atta boy Bruce!
    That’s why you’re still a member of the Silver and Black, while Rod is unimployed.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out fool!

    Got my blood boiling when I listened to Rods rant. “They didn’t address the defence.” Really Rod? You’re wrong, they did. They got rid of your *** and the rest of the poor coaching, and brought in a much much better staff.
    The defence is loaded with talent, but most of them need to be properly coached and utilized properly and set better positionally. That’s coaching. That’s you Rod. You were one of the problems. That was fixed.
    What about the 8+ guys they’ve already added to the D? I guess they are all terrible too right Rod? SMH

    You were a great player, but you’re a terrible coach. Bye bye 👋

    Let’s move on Bruce. Lol

  4. Woodson got his feelings hurt when the Raiders let him go. Childish action by him. Rod needs to grow a pair and be more professional if he expects to find employment.

  5. What a punk *** beyotch is Woodson. He’s just pissed because he presided over the worst secondary the league has ever seen. Good luck finding work, loser!

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