Host Says Raiders Flagship Radio Station Doesn’t Talk About Them Because It’s Bad For Business

Like most NFL teams, the Raiders have a flagship radio station in their local market.

Unlike most NFL teams, the Raiders flagship radio station doesn’t prefer to talk about their flagship team.

Joe Fortenbaugh is a morning host on 95.7 The Game and he says the shift away from the Raiders isn’t personal, but it’s a “business decision” that has been paying off for months.

It’s worth noting that 95.7 The Game shifted their content away from the Raiders around the time the 49ers acquired Jimmy Garoppolo from the Patriots. The Raiders season also fell apart about that time.

Nevertheless, it feels like an unprecedented move by 95.7 The Game to almost entirely ignore their flagship team.

Making the snub even more awkward is the fact that Raiders play-by-play voice Greg Papa co-hosts an afternoon show on the station.

Whatever the case, it’s long been a point of contention that 95.7 The Game won’t talk about the Raiders.

Finally, someone from the station has gone on record with a reason why. It evidently doesn’t pay to talk about the Raiders in the Bay Area.

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21 thoughts on “Host Says Raiders Flagship Radio Station Doesn’t Talk About Them Because It’s Bad For Business

  1. This is a bunch of bull sheeet! Twlk about the Raiders because we love the Raiders, not because of politics. Libby Schaff is a tool and sumb as can be. Don’t hold Oakland accountable for her, but she is the reason the Raiders arw in Vegas.

  2. Hey Mark, find another station, dump them for now, start your own broadcast, there must be some technology that can make it happen.

    Fans get it, your moving, City of Oakland can’t swing it, made a business descion and moved on.

    95.7 the morning show spews anyway, to much yakking, slap shtick , and yes the 49ers and Jimmy G are a great story, they won’t sneak up on anyone this year.

    Raiders play a softer schedule probably get to 9-10 wins. Hopefully better discipline on D and DB’s get some better coaching, most of last year DB’s could’nt run with a receiver and look back to sight the ball, that stuff is taught in high school, but most of league has that same problem

    1. Maybe if someone built a brand new radio station using their money and then poached Mark Davis hevwould then jump ship. Mark is only a mover not a shaker.

  3. They also will prob lose alot of listeners now because of this information. I’m from Texas and only tune in for Raiders talk, but I guess I’m out. Raiders will have a new flagship in Vegas pretty soon anyway
    The fan base in Oakland is small when it comes to the loyal fans across the country. It’s called RaiderNATION for a reason. Most fans I talk to at the games are from somewhere else anyway. Sorry 95.7, you don’t deserve to be the raiders flagship. I’m guaranteeing their ratings drop soon after this story gets out.

    1. Totally agree. I lived in So Cal for years and now reside back in my home town of Richmond Va. There are so many of us Raider fans that listen . I started listening to the flag ship station a couple of years back and relized then that the Raiders needed their own station similar to Philadelphia’s WIP radio station that talks only Eagles FB 24/7. 94.7 the game is not that at all. How can you talk about the 49ers and call your self the flag ship station of the Raiders? How can you have employees of that station talking negative concerning the Nation? Totally concur. Cmon Vegas lets get this new flag ship poppin now! Big game James long time LA Raider, Oakland Raider, and now Las Vegas Raider fan foe life!

  4. Wow! I have been wondering that since last year! I live in Denver and their station 104.3 the fan talks about the Donks all year long and they don’t lose business. Denver has very pro sport available as well. I started listening to 95.7 because of raiders coverage but now… nothing. I get mire Raiders coverage on a Denver station.. sad!

  5. Joe and dibs are clueless anyway. Lo should slap em with a mic. Either Joe or dibs was talking about Barkley falling to 9era. That some up their football iq right there. It’s so obvious they’re desperate for approval from niner fans. “Please like us” “we’re cool, aren’t we coach?”

    1. what do you guys expect from 95.7? The raiders are leaving! And right after they announced the move they had al’s son do an interview with jt the prick (who lives in vegas) and he wouldn’t ask him any tough questions. I cant blame 95.7 for bailing on the raiders – i mean why not? – If lloyd christmas had a temporary nfl stadium ready in vegas he would’ve left alredy, so F that put0!

      1. Exactly, the raiders are bailing on the bay area, first and foremost they are a bay area radio station.

  6. Joe and dibs are clueless anyway. Lo should slap em with a mic. Either Joe or dibs was talking about Barkley falling to 9era. That sums
    up their football iq right there. It’s so obvious they’re desperate for approval from niner fans. “Please like us” “we’re cool, aren’t we coach?”

  7. F*** this station if it can’t talk about the raiders then I can’t listen any longer

  8. Papa is a kiss *** anyway. He calls a good RIder game but a know it all short man complex SOB. He is still pissed that Bob Fitzgerald got the play by play gig with the Warriors. Warriors gave Papa the thumbs down but he still kisses their *** now that they are the champs.
    I’ve heard that guy say so many things and predictions about the raiders that turned out completely wrong. Dibs is the type if guy you would pants in high school and pit “ kick me” on the back of his shirt. Total doofus nerd.

  9. I’m LA and if there not honing to talk Raiders football then I’m out I we’ll delete the station from my phone

  10. I listen to Mike & Wingo in the morning and Tiki & Tierny at lunch!! The Morning show & Afternoon show on 957 is terrible listening to Lo & Bonta dont help either !! The Station is always about how much skin they can suck off of the SF Giants & SC Ninhers its sad doesnt even have any variety always the same ****!!! Damon is the only one worth lisening to on the way home from work!!

  11. Perfectly happy to go elsewhere for Raider news. It’s that easy today as we’re no longer strapped to one station you can receive on your radio. Soon the bay area will have only one team. They’re welcome to it. Raider Nation waits for no one.

  12. I’m glad I finally know what’s going on cause I listen and have complained. They said the Raiders hadn’t done anything to talk about, but when they started signing free agents they barely got mentioned. They talked about Sherman for a week straight, one signing. They talked about jimmy g like they want to date the dude, but now I c why. I had already stopped listening though.

  13. I stopped listening several months ago. I knew they were done with the Raiders. It’s a shame but there are tons of other Raider podcasts out there.

    1. WOW! That’s crazy! I listen to the app here in NY and I get more info on the Raiders from SiriusXM NFL radio. and from VicTafur on Twitter. Right now the 2 non FB players are bashing Aldon…CLOWNS!!!

  14. I agree the raiders are bad for business even when they are good they suck lol why y’all about a team that’s leaving it’s fan base AGAIN??? Let em talk about the raiders on the radio when they get to Vegas until then they are irrelevant

  15. I’ve been listening from Norway the past couple of years on podcast until recently.. Now it’s just Warriers, Jimmy G and other such bollocks.

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