Casserly: Raiders Offense Isn’t A Complicated Offense

NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly gave his keys to success for the Raiders and Broncos leading into Sunday’s game in Denver and his criticisms of the Raiders were noteworthy.

First, Casserly believes there’s a weak link to the Raiders offensive line and it’s found on the interior. The guards (Jackson and Osemele), he says, “can be knocked back into the quarterback” in pass protection.

That would have been a ridiculous claim were it not for Sunday night’s game – but it seems the Redskins game is a conversation all of its own.

Second, Casserly says the Raiders offense is relatively simple.

“This offense is not complicated. It is not a very complicated offense on paper to defend. It gets complicated because they’ve got great players.”

Casserly believes teams will have success by sitting back in zone and keeping the Raider offense to limited gains – or exactly the gameplan the Redskins went with on Sunday night.

In fact, Casserly isn’t wrong about the Raiders offensive approach, but if Peyton Manning taught nothing else, it’s that a dynamic offense doesn’t need to be a complicated offense.

Still want ‘complicated’?

What the Raider offense was doing on Sunday night in Washington – now that was complicated.

Six days later, it’s still difficult to understand.

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2 thoughts on “Casserly: Raiders Offense Isn’t A Complicated Offense

  1. Why isn’t Derek Carr trying to make plays scrambling? He almost seems to give up on plays and just falls down when he feels pressure. Could he be afraid to do the scramble drill (like rodgers) because of the injury?

    1. It’s bc TD employs a quick strike offense where ball control and yards after the catch are paramount, so they probably don’t practice much on broken plays, if at all (unlike Rodgers and Wilson, who’s offenses use that as a key component in making big plays). Carr is being used as a Brady type QB, when he is in fact more of a Rodgers type QB. Musgraves offense was actually a little better suited to Carr’s skill set.

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