Champ Kelly Issued a Facebook Statement Shortly After the Raiders’ Decision to Hire Tom Telesco

This might be old news considering the statement was posted more than a week ago, but it’s a good message and one that offers a little insight into Champ Kelly, who has apparently returned to his role with the Raiders as the team’s assistant general manager.

Via his Facebook page on January 23, shortly after learning that Tom Telesco would be the next GM of the Raiders…

“God is fine with us being disappointed, but He doesn’t want us to lose Faith.”

I’ve lost a lot of games over the course of my playing and coaching career. I’ve lost a lot as a scout and executive as well. It’s okay – I have more wins in the columns than losses. I’ve missed shots, dropped the ball, missed the tackle, and didn’t get the job. They all sucked…LOL.

However, in every single instance, I got up. I kept going. I worked harder. I fought. I didn’t lose Faith. I don’t know much about my history or the origin of my people. But, I have come to believe that I’m from a tribe of RESILIENT and TOUGH people. I envision my folks working, providing, and loving. I envision my folks adapting and adjusting to whatever sick thing that life throws at them. I don’t envision them ever seeking credit because that is WHO they ARE. That is how I envision my ancestors and ultimately how I live my life. I don’t flinch!

Most people have heard some version of the Bible story of Peter walking on water. In short, Jesus was walking on water by Peter and the rest of the disciples. Peter called out to Jesus and said: “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” Most remember this story because as Peter walked toward Jesus on the water, he saw the wind and began to sink. People remember the FAILURE.

Today, I claim to have been a water walker. Where I’m from, folks don’t typically get the opportunity to sit at the head of an NFL team. I choose to view the last 9 weeks of the 2023/ 2024 season as a tremendous blessing. I was able to lead an NFL franchise in turmoil and work to unify and galvanize the team. I was able to communicate, love, and support our staff. I was able to assist a first-time head coach in day-to-day operation. I was able to communicate with a team president and team owner. I was able to empower the team. We were able to finish at 5 – 4 in my time in the seat! And, I was able to do all this while being authentically myself – who God intended and created me to be. I am blessed. My girls are blessed. He won’t allow me to sink!

I am disappointed the way things turned out today, but it won’t shake my Trust in the Lord. My faith muscle is strong. I am tremendously honored and humbled by all of the support, thoughts and prayers over the last few days. It has been a trying “wait” period, but your prayers lifted and encouraged myself and my family. For that, I love you.

Kelly is reportedly at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama this week and at the moment, is the highest-ranking member of the organization in attendance.

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10 thoughts on “Champ Kelly Issued a Facebook Statement Shortly After the Raiders’ Decision to Hire Tom Telesco

  1. I told my son Amik, “When I heard Champ Kelly speak during the press conference, he is a great man of faith, he has been on his journey and they gonna turn this team around, the Godly way”!! I’m proud of my brother, handling this disappointment like a true Champ, Kelly that is!! This Facebook post is what’s taught to us at young age!! I planted these same seeds in Amik’!! Doubted, underestimated, undersize, criticized you name it, Champ Kelly vision is our vision and sooner not later that vision will manifest itself into one of the greatest moments in NFL history!! Hallelujah we are in agreement Champ Kelly!!

  2. Hey Champ you’re truly a righteous speaker brother… The Bible also says no matter where you go… No matter where you are… And no matter where you end up do not fear for the Lord Your God is Always with You… God has great blessings headed your way for the righteous path you walk bro… Your Brother in Christ…

  3. Mr Champ Kelly is a very strong healthy man in mind body soul and spirit of being a Raider, Supporter, Provider, as well as a role.model to not give up on ones life goal. That life goal to a hard real true life example of the Raider’s “Commitment To Excellence” and than some gut check with it. Some real Simba the Lion King example that will and has been a spiritual awakening to me as a Raider Fan, Father, Uncle, Grandfather, Godfather, Nephew, Grandson, Friend, Coworker, And I would like to thank Mr Champ Kelly for these strong words and words of Life that inspired me to not give up on my life goals and my small time goals. Lord be with with Mr Champ Kelly and his family friends and the Raider Nation inside and outside that football locker room and offices. RAIDERS RAIDERS RAIDERS RAIDERS 🏈 JUST WIN BABY JUST WIN 🏈

  4. To God Be the Glory. For Things That He Has Done And Will Continue To Do! You’re a person who is to be admired and respected. Much love and respect to you and your beautiful family. Blessed Are The Meek, for They Shall Inherit The Earth!!

  5. “NO REST FOR THE WICKED AND THE RIGHTEOUS DONT NEED ANY”. You have done an amazing job Mr. Kelly and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. I wish, hope and pray you stay with us and continue this project of building this team into the dynasty it used to be.

  6. Old Raider Fan here…..

    Mr. Champ Kelly is a Raider!

    Wish him continued success and happiness.

  7. I have a Pastor who says, “You are not blessed by what you know but by what you DO with what you know.” It’s his summary in a nutshell to the Epistle of James. That’s what I hear from my brother of the common faith and real champ, Champ.

    “All things work together for good to those who love God.” The bad and the good, which why the redeemed are to “Count it all joy when you fall into different trials.”

    This is the narrow, difficult, path of the one who surrenders their life to Jesus the Messiah, God the Son. That Pastor I referenced is walking out stage four melanoma before us. We know our God as Jehovah Rapha, but our Pastor is having to fight this cancer with the fight of faith the hard way. He still gives God the glory.

    It’s when crisis hits that our hearts are exposed, and when disappointment comes aa well.

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