Chip Kelly Rumored to be Targeting the Raiders Offensive Coordinator Job

The Raiders have a big decision coming on their next offensive coordinator and an interesting name entered the mix on Tuesday.

Earlier in the week, Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter talked about a mystery candidate with head-coaching experience that could be in the running for the Raiders’ offensive coordinator job, and there’s a chance we might know who that is now.

At the very least, we found someone that fits the description and is being linked to the Raiders.

According to ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, the rumor this week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, is that UCLA head coach Chip Kelly is targeting the Raiders’ OC job…

“There’s one team [Kelly] might specifically be targeting — the Raiders. That’s the word percolating out of Mobile, Alabama, where plenty of NFL folks are gathered for Senior Bowl practices.

With Antonio Pierce taking over as head coach, the Raiders will need a good offensive coach. It’s not known, however, whether Pierce would be interested in adding Kelly to his staff.”

The key detail to Florio’s report, for now at least, is that no one seems to know if the Raiders are interested in Kelly, who has been out of the NFL since 2016.

With the Raiders expected to make a decision on their next offensive coordinator within the next few days, we should have answers on Kelly (and everyone else that has been linked to the Raiders’ offensive coordinator vacancy) soon.

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5 thoughts on “Chip Kelly Rumored to be Targeting the Raiders Offensive Coordinator Job

  1. I don’t think Kelly is the best fit for the Raiders OC job. I would rather see Bo Nix compete for the QB position than Kelly for OC. I don’t know who I would pick but Kelly doesn’t feel right.

    1. Now that Kliff Kingsbury has backed out of the Raiders OC . Now it’s a mad dash to find a OC. I don’t know if Chip Kelly would work with young QB’s. So I’ll stick with the names I have come up with before. Charlie Weis Ole Miss, Jeff Lebby Oklahoma, Garrett Riley Clemson. All are young, imaginative, explosive, innovative, creative and they work with Young QB’s. I know it maybe to late being the beginning of February but it wouldn’t hurt to CAll and ask.

  2. The Raiders organization should have their collective heads examined if they even consider “Chocolate” Chipster Kelly.

  3. Bro….just because he sucks as a HC doesn’t mean he can’t call plays as OC!!! To be considered 🤔

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