Chargers Tried To Turn Away Their Most Famous Fan On Sunday

The San Diego Chargers of L.A. just can’t seem to get out of their own way.

Considering the public relations nightmare the team is struggling to navigate, it would be in the Chargers best interest to create the most welcoming environment possible for every fan entering the new stadium.

Instead, the Chargers tried to turn away their most recognizable fan on Sunday – for wearing a mask.

In the video below, Chargers security can be heard telling ‘Boltman’ the team has a “new stadium, new policy” that doesn’t allow fans to wear masks around the stadium.

Ultimately, the mighty Boltman was permitted to attend the game, but not before being swarmed by the Sheriff’s office. The resolution apparently escalated until authorities realized they were going to have to carry Boltman out of the stadium (risk being electrocuted?) and it was going to be well-documented by cameras.

Boltman told his story on San Diego’s The Mighty 1090 and it’s worth listening.

As the story relates to the Raiders, what’s going to happen when the Raiders roll in at the end of the season? Will they be turned away for their standard mask-wearing garb?

twitter: @raidersbeat