Derek Carr Says Raiders Locker Room Is Supportive Of Everyone’s Approach To Protests

Much has been made about how the protests on Sunday may have affected the Raiders preparation – particularly as it related to Derek Carr choosing to stand when many of his teammates sat for the national anthem.

Was it a divisive issue in the Raiders locker room?

Carr responded, via Fresno’s ABC 30, to how he found out about president Donald Trumps comments and how the team chose to respond. It’s lengthy, but worth reading.

“We had just landed and [Trump’s comments] obviously sparked conversation among our team and like I’ve said many times, I feel like our country just needs God, they need Jesus, they need his love, you know, and all those things. And that’s just me being blunt, that’s me being honest. From where I see it, every day that I go out I just try to love the way that I see, the way that I’ve been taught, and I feel like that’s what our country needs. We have a great group of guys on our team that love each other, that care for one another, that may have different perspectives and different upbringings and how we see things, but one thing we can all agree upon on our team is that we love one another and we have each others’ backs. So obviously that led to a big protest throughout the NFL which is obviously the talk of a lot of things and there’s no easy way to talk about it. The only way really to solve any of this is love and to show unity and to show togetherness and so that’s what we try to do. If someone wanted to take a knee or sit down or anything like that, our owner and our head coach said that he would support them and those that chose to stand had an arm on one of our brothers that was sitting down and so just to show that no matter what’s going on or what you decided to do, we love one another.”

Based on Carr’s comments, it doesn’t sound like there’s a story here.

It was just a regular old miserable terrible game. The likes of which is all too familiar for fans who have followed the Raiders for the past decade.

On to Denver.

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15 thoughts on “Derek Carr Says Raiders Locker Room Is Supportive Of Everyone’s Approach To Protests

  1. On to Denver without this and many other Ex-raider fans. The best part is how poorly it appeared the o-line played. They were the ones who planned protest. 43 years followed team. God riddance.

  2. I have been a raiders fan since the first game they played in 1960.If this continues, the NFL will fail.
    They need to inforce their own rules.

    Here are the rules of the National Football League. I’m with President Trump in saying that if they cannot respect the flag then they should not be allowed to work for the NFL. The owners don’t have the balls to enforce their own rules! Youngsters of today hold these players in too high esteem and those players should not be teaching our youth to act in an offensive manner towards our great flag and country. If they don’t like it, they are free to go to any other country of their choosing. Do you think that country will allow what they are doing here? I doubt it.

    2016 Rulebook_Combined

    The Specific NFL Rule Pertaining To The National Anthem Is Found On Pages A62-63 Of The League Rulebook. It States: “The National Anthem Must Be Played Prior To Every NFL Game, And All Players Must Be On The Sideline For The National Anthem. “During The National Anthem, Players On The Field And Bench Are to Stand At Attention, Face The Flag, Hold Helmets In Their Left Hand, And Refrain From Talking. The Home Team Should Ensure That The American Flag Is In Good Condition. It Should Be Pointed Out To Players And Coaches That We Continue To Be Judged By The Public In This Area Of Respect For The Flag And Our Country. Failure To Be On The Field By The Start Of The National Anthem May Result In Discipline, Such As Fines, Suspensions, And/Or The Forfeiture Of Draft Choice(S) For Violations Of The Above, Including First Offenses.”

    1. This is not a protest of the flag. Everyone to uncomfortable to talk about the actual message hides behind this argument of the flag and the military. You need to wake up.

      1. It’s possible you’re the one who needs to wake up. This started as a protest of cops, or more specifically bad cops. Now it seems to be a protest of Trump. And in order to force this view on all fans who watch, support, and pay for the NFL, players insult the flag and the anthem. Not a winning strategy and not a method that will persuade a lot of people who are not already on your side.

        1. It is about Trump only to the extent that Trump is apparently anti-free speech. Kind of an ignorant position for the former leader of the free world to take.

      2. if you want to protest sports is not the place for it, go to the police stations and protest go to the white house and protest. Sports is not the place. we the people who go to watch sports or watch it on TV don’t want to see these ignorant people taking away from the game, We didn’t cause any of the riff that is going on and we don’t want to be the ones to pay for it.

    2. The Flag my friend represents the fredoom this country provides. Just cause you feel it’s disrespectful doesn’t make it so. Since when is a FLAG more important than the freedom it represents. If people aren’t free to express there feelings towards what they perceive as a social in justice than the freedom the Flag represents is hollow. I personally would not kneel,but this is still the USA and that flag represents the right for them to protest weather we like it or not.

      1. Flag, country or police. it doesn’t belong in our sports. you want to protest then go stand in front of the police station and protest or if you don’t like what the president says or does go stand in front of the white house and protest but leave the sports out of it.
        Another question, how come no one in sports has ever protested blacks killing blacks by the hundreds every year in Chicago…No money or fame in it.
        Luis Castillo, its rather not weather.

        1. Rather, weather. Correcting my grammar doesn’t seem like the issue here. There has been protests of the police and so forth…but if your not being heard, then eventually you have to do what it takes to get people to understand something needs to change. Last I checked the players are grown men and can protest if they want,when they want,because they want. If you and others are to sensitive to it,then don’t watch. There will still be plenty of us who will continue to watch. That’s part of freedom too.

          1. Just give it a little time my friend and the NFL will suffer greatly. Don’t forget its the tax dollars of the people what went into stadiums, its the tax break owners get that will be taken away if this continues. And I wasn’t correcting your grammar I was showing you that you spelled it wrong, this happens a lot in the NFL.

          2. That’s all fine and good. That may be the ultimate out come. But people shouldn’t be so easily offended when it comes to a person taking a stand against social injustices. They should be more offended that this stand has to even be taken to get the conversation started. The thing that sucks is that most people on both sides of this discussion feel the same way about the injustices taking place, but the focus is being put on the wrong subject by some who are to ignorant to see the point of the protest. Shouldn’t it be more about why are they protesting like this,it must be pretty bad. And people need to quit with the its disrespecting to those who have served and died. I know plenty of soldiers current and former of all ethnicities who believe that they fought for this very reason to be able to protest peacefully, even if it is by kneeling during the anthem. Some even believe it’s patriotic because they are putting themselves out there to be
            scrutinized by the world. So who’s belief is right.

  3. Same here. Been a fan since mid ’60s. . I have been enthused about getting a real leader in Carr, a fellow brother. Sad that I don’t think I can watch them again without seeing them disrespecting our country for identity politics. It truly is a broken world.

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