Could Gabe Jackson Be A Surprise Release Coming By The Raiders?

Could a surprise release be right around the corner for the Raiders?

One contract that stands out on the Raiders roster (outside of the usual candidates) as a little suspicious is the five-year, $55 million deal that Gabe Jackson is sitting on.

Jackson came nowhere close to playing up to that cost in 2017 and his $10.5 million cap hit in 2018 is probably something of an eye sore right now to Jon Gruden – especially with Jon Feliciano looking like a very capable replacement.

A good question to ask about a candidate to be released is ‘would anyone be willing to trade for the contract?’

In Jackson’s case, it seems highly unlikely anyone would want to assume his deal.

It’s also worth noting that Jackson has a roster bonus coming on March 16 and his 2018 salary becomes fully guaranteed on that day as well.

The Raiders would stand to gain around $4.5 million in cap room (after $6M dead money) by releasing Jackson.

Maybe something to keep an eye on in the days ahead.

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9 thoughts on “Could Gabe Jackson Be A Surprise Release Coming By The Raiders?

  1. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it’s not really THAT far-fetched. Guard is a MUCH easier position to replace than tackle. With SO many glaring holes on defense, it might makes some sense to rob Peter to pay Paul. i.e. remove some salary from the offense and move it into the defense. Our defensive tackles are terrible. We have an elderly MLB. Our secondary is in shambles. Do we really need to spend so much on an offensive guard at the peril of the defense?

  2. Come on now, what Raider offensive lineman played the way he was paid in 2017? The issue really is whether Tom Cable thinks that he could replace any o-lineman with someone much cheaper and obtain the same results. My guess is that they will make a play at getting some reduction from all players that they think they might be able to but that they will hold on to the offensive line and see what Gruden’s offensive play calling and Tom Cable’s coaching can bring to the table. Next season, they will be making changes if necessary.

  3. Wow, I wouldn’t tamper TO much with that O-Line, I believe we get a Left Guard in the draft to sit & learn from Penn & definitely get a upgrade to replace Newhouse & that’s about it, maybe Reggie got alittle carried away with dishing out Gabe’s contract, I mean maybe he would’ve accepted aroun 7-8 mill a season, but now if he takes cut in pay we won’t see the same Gabe Jackson we’ve seen in the past ( not counting last year the whole line was asleep last season) if we don’t cut or trade him there might be some negative attitude’s on that O-Line this coming season if we ask him for a pay cut, 🤞

  4. off season click bait garbage article. No substance, or sources, just a way to stir up some silly story.

  5. They better not get rid of Gabe, the entire o-line didn’t play up to expectations last year. It was because of Todd downing who was way over his head Trying to make power blockers run zone. For those who say gruden runs zone, yea he ran that in Tampa cause it fit his personal, but when he was in Oakland we had a o-line very similar to the one that is Oakland 2day power guys. Robbins, Middleton, wiznewski, mo Collins, Kennedy, sims big power down hill blocking. Justwinbaby!

  6. Apparently the boredom of Raiders’ off-season has set in and this guy is drinking way too much. We just signed him to a new deal. Jackson is a big part of the offensive line. This article is ridiculous and the writer just wanted some attention.

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