Report: Raiders Among Teams Interested In Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman has only been a free agent for about a day but says a number of teams have already reached out to him.

Among those teams, according to an ESPN report, are the Raiders and 49ers.

A report from The Athletic indicated that Sherman met with the 49ers on Friday night so it’s possible he’ll have time to catch up with old friends in Oakland while he’s in the area.

Sherman’s situation is a little different as he represents himself as his own agent.

Any news of Sherman’s status will come from either a team involved or Sherman himself.

Considering his injuries, it would make sense that teams would want to monitor Sherman’s health and make a decision when there is more information available.

But if he’s already meeting with teams less than 24 hours after being released, maybe this is a process Sherman would like to play out quickly.

For now, the 49ers might be the team to beat for Sherman, but the Raiders aren’t far from Stanford University, either – or at least that will be true for another year or two.

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