Raiders Have A Little Added Motivation To Be In Las Vegas By 2020

If all goes as planned, the Raiders will be settled comfortably into their Las Vegas home for the 2020 season.

Not that they needed any added motivation, but it’s rather crucial that the project stays on course.


Because a delay in construction could make for an incredibly disappointing unveiling of the stadium in 2021 – a season that may very well be impacted by an NFLPA strike.

If delayed, it’s possible the Raiders could open their new stadium in 2021 with replacement players or no players at all.

Another unfortunate consequence could be the impact a delay might have on the sale of personal seat licenses.

Showing up to Las Vegas in the middle of player strike would stall some of the momentum Raiders owner Mark Davis needs as he enters a new market.

For that reason (and others), expect the Raiders to do everything possible to get into their new home by 2020.

There’s always money lost when stadium projects get behind schedule, but the Raiders seem to have a little more on the line…

Unless, of course, the fans would enjoy watching a $100 million coach work with a $100 quarterback.

Actually, nevermind.

Who wouldn’t enjoy watching Gruden lose his mind trying to run a replacement offense?

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