Cowherd: Derek Carr is a “Great Example” of What a Franchise QB Looks Like

No one ever accused Colin Cowherd of having a brilliant football mind, but the polarizing radio host did offer a solid take on Derek Carr this week.

“This is a great example of what a franchise quarterback does,” Cowherd said of Carr. “[The Raiders] have an interim coach, they had a tragedy in their organization, they lost another star corner, they’ve had some chaos, the franchise has moved, and Derek Carr… not every weekend… but on occasion can say ‘I’m missing my star tight end, I’ve got an interim coach,’ and Derek is unstoppable.”

“Derek’s not going to do it like Aaron [Rodgers] every weekend, for those who knock him, go look at the time,” Cowherd continued. “[Matthew] Stafford right now has got some chaos, it’s a disaster. Derek Carr and Matt Stafford. One is considered A+ and one is like ‘I don’t know.’ I don’t see the gap like everybody else. I think Derek is a tremendous talent.”

Like it or not, Cowherd is right.

Despite a bizarre season on and off the field, the Raiders are still in the playoff hunt in large part because of Carr. Through 12 weeks, he leads the NFL in passing yards and is unquestionably the team’s leader in the locker room.

NFL on CBS 🏈 on Twitter: “The NFL’s leader in passing yards this season:Derek Carr (3,414)*Reminder: the Raiders have already had their BYE week@Raiders | @derekcarrqb / Twitter”

The NFL’s leader in passing yards this season:Derek Carr (3,414)*Reminder: the Raiders have already had their BYE week@Raiders | @derekcarrqb

Carr’s challenge now is to take the 6-5 Raiders to the playoffs despite one of the toughest remaining schedules in the league.

With six regular season games remaining, the Raiders have only one opponent left with a losing record: The 5-6 Washington Football Team.

Their other five opponents are Kansas City (7-4), Cleveland (6-6), Indianapolis (6-6), Los Angeles Chargers (6-5), and Denver (6-5).

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9 thoughts on “Cowherd: Derek Carr is a “Great Example” of What a Franchise QB Looks Like

  1. Haters gonna hate. Part of the phenomenon is because some people like to troll, just for fun. Whatever, Carr is the man on offense for Silver and Black

  2. Carr is the man and always has been! Anyone hating on him is an unknowable fool! If the Raiders had 22 starters with his attitude and ability . . Raiders would win the super bowl every year!

  3. As a Raider fan I root for, and support D.Carr. However, you still have to be honest. Other
    than good statistics, what has his body of work resulted in over the last eight years? Even
    this year a couple games came down to tough, dogged desire, and the ability to get hit hard,
    and keep rising up and taking on the next challenge. It is times like this when you are not
    the front runner that depicts a franchise quarterback in my estimation.
    I am talking about, like Terry Bradshaw. I hated the Steelers but I knew that ‘No’ matter
    what the score was, or how hard you hit him. Bradshaw was going to get up bring his team back. D. Carr can give accuracy and consistency but as soon as you hit him real hard, and
    apply consistent pressure he folds and quits. I am sorry but just being honest.

    1. If you lived in a house with a bad foundation and old rusty pipes for seven years. you won’t be able to sell it for seven years. (go to the playoffs)

  4. As a fan I believe that Josh Jacobs is a top (8) running back in the NFL. Can you try to get him
    the ball more often? The offensive line has some problems, but they appear to be going in
    the right direction. The tight end Waller is a pro ball tight end. The wide receivers are as
    good as any in the league. So, what’s the problem offensively. And, we are right back to
    D.Carr the quarterback and the Offensive Coordinator.

  5. His intensity needs to stay on high. That has been his issue over the years. When he is on, He is maybe the best in the league. When he is not, he looks lost. The O line seems to have at least reached the mediocre status. That should be enough..pit an all work line in front of him. You have a superstar.

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