Cowherd: Raiders Have Issues, Almost All of Them Not Connected to Derek Carr

What is the world turning into that Colin Cowherd is starting to give reasonable opinions?

But here we are in 2020 and Cowherd is able to recognize that the Raiders have much bigger issues holding them back than their Pro Bowl quarterback.

“Somebody explain to me how people don’t like a quarterback that had a passer rating over 100 and completed 70 percent of his throws,” Cowherd said on The Herd this week. “I will say it again. The Raiders have all sorts of issues, almost all of them not connected to Derek Carr.”

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For whatever reason, Carr has turned into a lightning rod for the Raiders shortcomings over the past few years, but his critics tend to ignore the success he had in his first three seasons (as well as this season) and expect the Raider offense to thrive with minimal playmakers at the receiver position.

Has Carr been perfect?

No, but if the Titans can make a deep playoff run with Ryan Tannehill, the Raiders can surely do the same with Carr. If the 49ers can get to the Super Bowl with Jimmy Garoppolo, why can’t the Raiders get there with Carr?

Rather than dump a good quarterback for the unknown, why not build a defense around Carr and see what happens? Add speed to the offense and see if the vertical game might come back.

Believe what you will with the offseason rumors about the Raiders and Carr, but expect Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock to be aggressive in building a better team around Carr as opposed to carrying out a full reboot and bringing in a new quarterback.

Lastly… watch for a few teams to make a push to trade for Carr. He’s only 28 and better than any options expected to hit free agency. Assuming they are thinking clearly, the Raiders have already reached the same conclusion.

After all, if Cowherd can see it, anyone can.

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49 thoughts on “Cowherd: Raiders Have Issues, Almost All of Them Not Connected to Derek Carr

  1. Colin cowherd complaining about the Raiders?? How is this news? The same argument could have been made about Alex Smith and the Chiefs. Alex took them through a couple of deep runs in the playoffs the years before they cut him and Andy Reid dumped him for Mahomes. Didn’t hear a peep out of Colin then. Sorry I call the normal cowherd BS

    1. The substantial difference that escapes you is that the Chiefs have been a title team for years, the Raiders have never been for 20 years!

      So comparing the Chiefs of Alex Smith to the Raiders of Carr, well it’s a bullshit that speaks for itself ..
      If the Raiders were a title team then Carr could be discussed, but right now the Raiders are in full reconstruction, without defense and without WR .. and the problem for you is Carr .. mah ..

    2. Alex smith played his last season with his replacement sitting right there on the bench. Even had an mvp caliber season. However he knew his replacement was on the sidelines. Raiders are entertaining going from Carr to who knows what. Do you not see the obvious difference? I bet Colin can💯🎯🤷‍♂️

  2. Tannehill is ranked top-3 in all sorts of meaningful, albeit hidden stats: play-action pass damage, aggressive throws, intended air yards… He’s playing a completely different type of football than Derek, who ranked near the BOTTOM in those important point producing categories.

    Derek also was bottom 6 in red zone TD to turnover ratio.

    It’s lazy to compare the two.

    1. Even a blind man can tell the Raiders issues have nothing to do with Carr. Nobody even mentions the defensive issues or if they do it’s glanced over. I’m glad Cowherd is at least mentioning the fact that Carr isn’t the problem, overall. Can you give him some wide receivers that aren’t head cases or hurt for half the season then come back and tell me Carr isn’t the answer! Carr 2020!

  3. As much as I would like to see him go! He’s not going anywhere. Exactly for one of the reasons you mentioned! Who you gonna replace him with? I we can’t get Drew Breeze we’re spinning our wheels! Say what you like. I think Carr is a very AVERAGE QB. yes no means elite! His numbers fool ya. They lie! He can’t score in the red zone. He’s scared to death to get hit! He’s Captain Checkdown! Even with a great Oline. I think he can replicate Garoppolo’s success. But we need alot of pieces!

  4. Our defense is really bad everytime we get a they drop the ball. It seems to be a pattern with them they can stop the other team in the first and second yards but when it comes to the third and sometimes fourth yards they can’t stop anyone. We also need people who can catch the ball Carr puts it right in their hands and they drop it. Carr’s not the problem it’s the people around him

    1. Amen… Finally a voice of reason! Let’s build the defense and get some speed on offense to stretch the field and help Derek out.

    2. Please people learn how to spell! Also have some knowledge of what you’re talking about. It seems a lot of you are repeating things you have heard elsewhere. STOP! Do some research on your own and then post an informed, intelligent comment! Thank you!

  5. I agree with you. Was not so very long ago we were talking league MVP.
    I do think if he used his legs more it would help with not only with first downs, but make defenses have more to cover…


  6. Glad somebody said this. The way Gruden is handling Carr is disgraceful. Get some recievers and build a defense that doesn’t consistently blow leads and give up 34 point games. If he thinks Tom Brady is gonna come in and win shootouts with Mahomes hes delusional.

    1. Gruden is trying to get this team used to winning. I like Carr but he’s too sensitive, he doesn’t use his legs at all, he’s quick to throw out of bounds or check down than take a chance, and at this point Gruden knows what he has in him. If we can upgrade or get competition so be it. If Brady wants to be a Raider, more talent will follow. Don’t be a fool to think otherwise.

      The fourth and goal he (DC) threw the ball out of bounds showed me he plays for stats and we don’t need that. That was a rookie move but a 7 year vet. Def worst play I ever seen him do. He doesn’t learn from his mistakes he repeats them.

  7. I agree. Totally Derek Carr is a great quarterback. There has been no consistency in the coaching staff over his career and no consistency and offensive weapons over the span of his career. The defense has been very forgiving to any offense. They have faced. Let’s cheer up this defense and put in a few good wide receivers and see what happens.

    1. Please quit saying Derrick Carr is not a great QB. He’s maybe an above average QB at best. All this he needs better receivers around will fail as well. It all starts with Carr. He’s a great guy and I’m sure he’s a good leader but he’s not a super bowl winning QB. Time will tell

  8. Do not let Carr walk or trade him he is one good QB. He could get us their an give us a Superbowl Win. The Yr. He broke his ACL how good was he playin. An our Record was good was it dnt know what teams we played with a winning record but we had a good season with Crabtree an the rest of the other player An Punt returner receiver was Ford we stay with Carr he with succeed into promise land

    1. Carr is the man Gruden can’t give up up on the Carr Bomb R.N.4.L give him some **** WRs and Build our “D” to stop these appsoing offense! And the (Silver and Black Attack) will definitely be back!

  9. Build the team around Carr. Remember we were in the playoff looking to run deep until the broken leg. Carr will do the homework. We need some playmaker and this draft is loaded with WR and DB. We have a good defense just need to stay healthy. No need to prove anything on “Hard Knocks” this year.
    We have two first round picks and a chance to get Copper back. Get the best offensive player available and “Just Win Baby”.

  10. You dot play football s mb art is smart.. yo guys are fools if u think he’s a crackdown champ or watever. Stupid..people listen to critics analyst smart people watch HD games..

  11. Carr can be an elite quarterback but how can anyone have confidence when a couple of years ago they were saying he needed to check down more now they say he does it to much. Has anyone watch the game tapes, when he checks down its because there is no one open down field and if he forced it and threw an interception they’d saw he should have checked down. He can win with the critics. GO CARR WIN RAIDERS

  12. Cowherd is 100% accurate. On top of the 100 rating and 70%+ completed passes, he did it with marginal receivers. Brees has Thomas. Also 3:1 TD to Int ratio with Carr. Anyone complaining about Carr’s running and think Brady Is the answer is crazy. Brady cannot run and Carr’s passing numbers are better. The Patriots have a great defense and that is why they won last year. Carr is a throwing quarterback first. He is not Lamar Jackson. Get him some receivers and just like 2016, the Raiders will be a top 5 offense again. Better get some linebackers and pass rushers to step up the defense.

  13. This fool wants to bring in Tom Brady😡😡😡. Have we forgotten about the tuck rule. Our defense has been **** for years now, we spent all that money on Marshawn and all these other big names which didn’t help us succeed. Build a offense and defense around Derek and guarantee we’ll see the 2016 version of him soon

  14. If they put a good defense out there they could be a 10 win team with Carr. Got to decide if they want to try and win a superbowl or just be an above average team. Got to be able to outscore Mahomes to get out of the AFC . Glad I am not Maycock

  15. No matter how rough it seems for Carr , get the refs off our backs and let the Raiders play with fareness of the game and watch everyone that criticize talk with a doubled tongue…

  16. I say I’m cool with carr at qb our defences needs help and at wide receiver aswell we get a more than average defense and this draft work on a standout receiver all this carr stuff will evaporate and will see different results

  17. Afterall , if the Raiders play with the fairness of the game without favor of the refs toward our opponents , we can go places…the past is the past Mr. Davis is long gone so should your anger ( NFL) against the organization be as well LONG GONE . Forgotten !!!!

  18. You all are in a wet dream when I seen him break his pinky….on a snap from center…. throw the ball down and run off the field . I new right then he wasn’t even pop Warner let alone a nfl caliber back up

  19. Vegas RaiderFans come on now. Derrick can get it done let’s give him a full complete receiver cor.with a steady # 1 & now a real running back and a sturdy D then let us judge !

  20. All you fake NFL Raider enthusiast are an inch short from the retarded stick. Derek Carr is an elite quarterback and a top 10 presence in all major statistics. He’s had 4 different coaches, 5 different offense coordinator’s and, 22 different starting WR/TE combos in 6 years. I don’t see any other top 5 quarterbacks having to maneuver the way this man does. Not to forget he broke his ankle in 2016, in a season in which he was going to win MVP and at least an AFC title game. The man is working on something magical in the Raiders organization, just shut the **** up, sit back and watch. He will have the Raiders in the playoffs this coming season, and with the right talent, maybe even a Superbowl birth.

  21. Been saying it for a long time now. The guy is a top 10 QB. If anything he is lacking, it would be to take off and get some first downs w his legs once in a while. Other than that I don’t know what the hell people want from him. Get him some weapons like he had in ’16 and the whole world would be in love w him as they were then..

  22. Not a True Raider QB. Scared to get hit, scared to run, scared to push the ball down the field. Not a good fit in Gruden offense.

  23. The money has two years left if we trade him now the acceleration on bonus is bad. Next year a trade clears his salary from cap the bonus would happen either way. Give him another shot with more help.

  24. No ! Not AB … But we do need 1 or 2 speedsters with hands to stretch the field . That will open things up for our great Tight ends and slot with renfrow and Jacobs can get threw the lanes … Were not that far away … So now lets shore up and add some beef to our defence … Touchdown Raiders !

  25. Its actually really simple, Carr has a bad habit of when we need a huge 3rd and 7 he drops back looks over the defense and throws the ball away perfectly willing to punt away…. the Raiders need a quarterback with heart, even if it’s an interception you throw for that 7 yards and keep momentum. It’s really that simple he does it all the time, please move on find someone with a little piece of heart, even
    more than a great arm.

  26. Raiders get rid of Carr they are fools! Plain and simple! With a #1 receiver like Lamb he would tear up the league. 5000 yards easy!

  27. The greatest mind the NFL has ever known, Mr.Davis loved the vertical game. The receivers of that era were superior talents against the safeties and corners asked to cover them. Mr. Davis recognizes that and his love for the vertical game became legendary. Carr is that man. Can make all the throws and is accurate. No such thing as a perfect quarterback.

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