Should the Raiders Sink $14 Million Per Yer on Robby Anderson?

The Raiders are expected to be aggressive in adding wide receivers over the next few months and the most sought-after wide receiver in free agency this year is expected to be Jets WR Robby Anderson.

The Raiders have been reported to have interest in Anderson, but the 26 year-old wide receiver (turns 27 in May) isn’t expected to come cheap.

“It seems highly unlikely wideout Robby Anderson is back with the Jets in 2020,” Connor Hughes wrote for The Athletic this week. “[Anderson] said towards the end of the year that he won’t take a hometown discount and wants to hit free agency to see his worth. The Jets would love to retain him on a deal similar to the one signed by Miami’s DeVante Parker (4 years, $40 million). That’s just not going to happen. Multiple league sources believe Anderson will receive a contract worth an average anywhere from $13 to $15 million annually. That’s a price the Jets just won’t go to.”

Would the Raiders pay $14 million per year to get Anderson?

Surely they wouldn’t go that high.

But considering the tax break he’s get in Las Vegas, maybe Anderson would come a little cheaper. He’d probably have to. The Raiders are expected to focus heavily on defense in free agency and $51 million in cap room disappears quickly when a third of the amount goes to one player.

Now that Tyrell Williams is expected to be back, the Raiders best bet might be pass on Anderson and take the best receiver they can find in the draft… for a whole lot less money.

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16 thoughts on “Should the Raiders Sink $14 Million Per Yer on Robby Anderson?

  1. A true proven #1 type wide out! Drafting a reciever is always a crap shoot! I’d offer Anderson 13 mil for sure but that’s just me!

    1. I say 12 mil would be max for Anderson. I’d only like 12 if Williams was cut or traded and we had no dead money over him ! I think we take 2 WRs round 1 and round 3 probably take a fast speedy route runner and a big body redzone guy if we paired them 2 up with renfrow and say William’s or Anderson then had doss or Ateman at the 5 we would have a solid core and that’s if we hit on wideouts which 1 outta the 2 should be great

    2. Anderson is the same type wr as Williams, that would be a dumb move, 2 #2 reciver, we need a #1 receiver. A.J. Green plus draft two receivers in the 1st and 3rd round.

  2. I agree. Anderson would be a nice add, but not at that price. They can pick up one of the top two best receivers in the first round of the draft and another good one in the third round if they need one. Add that to their current receiving group and they’d be pretty set. I think they need to go full defense in free agency and a mix of both in the draft. Forget Tom Brady. That’s a short term, glamour signing if they could even get him. If they want a good QB in free agency go after Teddy Bridgewater.

  3. Cant expect a rookie to be your WR#1 in year 1 or 2 realistically. Maybe year 3 if he pans out at all. Got to make a decision on Carr this coming season. Got to get best free agent wide out available. Use draft picks on D. Seems like last year was a wasted season evaluating Carr for the future when AB burned us.

  4. He’s not the answer even at a lesser price tag! Get a receiver in the draft and wait for free agents that will shake out in pre season. Vegas, the no state income tax and the new stadium will make it an attractive destination for many free agents. The Raiders are just a few pieces away from being a playoff team and free agents know the raiders have a very solid young base and with a strong off season, they should be playoff contender for the next few years!

  5. I agree with the above statement, get your receivers in the draft and bulk up the defence in free agency. Teddy would be a great QB and his salary would be reasonable.

  6. they need to resolve the elephant in the room problem before attacking free agency or the draft.. PROBLEM: what to do with derrick. need a clue… here is one for you… trade derrick for a 1-2 or third rnd pick… sign free agent back henry- sign free agent cam newton to 2 year deal… draft a young qtrbck prefer tua of bama… fill the rest of roster through draft. PEACE.

  7. Anderson won’t cost 14 million. Everyone in the league knows he isn’t a #1 wideout and they know he can’t run routes. He will be lucky to get 8 to10 million a year. Bad article

  8. Being a die hard jet fan,hope someone signs him to contract.cant go up strong and grab a ball. Was a poor route runner,lazy. Bad attitude,a me guy…. good luck robbie

  9. Nobody is giving Robby 14 million a year. His route tree is a South to North straight line. He is a back up wideout on his best day

    FOH with your fake news

    Who fact checks these articles?

  10. Sure offer 8 mil … I know I’m cheap ., Its only money and not mine … Do one of those incentive contracts !

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