Cowherd: Raiders Locker Room Had “Real Issues” Over Politics

Nothing seemed to come easily for the Raiders in 2017.

The players lacked cohesion on the field and a number of reports have indicated the locker room, at times, wasn’t much different.

Losing surely contributed to some of the discord but Fox Sports radio personality Colin Cowherd believes politics also played a role:

“The Seahawks and the Raiders last year, according to my sources, had real issues in the locker room over politics,” Cowherd last week during a five-minute monologue on politics and sports.

The Raiders started the 2017 season like a team destined for the playoffs, but rarely looked the same after an embarrassing week three loss to the Redskins on Sunday Night Football.

Several reports have noted that players and coaches didn’t know how to approach the national anthem on that night and the result was a highly-publicized display of some players standing and the majority choosing to sit.

Cowherd didn’t directly say the “political issues” revolved around the anthem protests, but most of the national conversation around that time revolved around the matter so it stands to reason that the Raiders locker room was probably no different.

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11 thoughts on “Cowherd: Raiders Locker Room Had “Real Issues” Over Politics

    1. That’s a moronic thing to say. And to say something like shows why there is such division in this country.

    2. It’s people like you that try and stir up trouble …. you and your kind that will help things change in 2018…. keep talking….

    3. Yup go to either 16 teams with the liberals gone or the conservatives that are left can play both ways. That’s thinkin’ that is!

  1. I agree people have a right to stand for what they believe in…that being said most people DON’T choose the workplace to practice it.

    1. Nobody else can choose the workplace to practice it. When you’re at work, do your job. Then go home & work on the causes you find important.

  2. Too many people have died for today’s Athletes to not use there platforms for changes that are bigger then sports. Jackie Robinson, Bill Russle & Mahammad Ali went through hell & fought injustices for today’s athletes to have success & a voice. It’s a black thing most of ya wouldn’t understand. White privilege is real & that scares many that don’t want change & equality for all.

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  4. So what you’re saying is that everyone should have the right to stand up for what they believe is so long as it suits everyone else?

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