Davante Adams Comments Should Squash Any Offseason Trade Speculation

Maxx Crosby made headlines last month when he threatened a trade request if the Raiders didn’t retain Antonio Pierce as the head coach.

It was a strong statement by Crosby at a time when owner Mark Davis couldn’t seem to make up his mind on the direction of the organization.

But lost in the Crosby headlines last month were the trade rumors around Davante Adams that dated all the way back to October.

It sure seemed like Adams was sending a message of his own in November when ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Adams “could wind up requesting a trade” if the Raiders weren’t able to prove they were moving in the right direction.

But with the hiring of Pierce and addition of offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, it sure seems like Adams has the head coach and offensive coordinator he wants in Las Vegas.

Adams talked on Thursday about his relationship with Getsy and what we can expect from the offense going forward…

“I was really excited,” Adams told Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter on Thursday. “That was a good feeling knowing that it was a guy who I have worked with, I know how he works, I know how his mind works, we have had success together, so it is definitely exciting.”

As for what the team can be prepared for with Getsy in the building, Adams said there will be a new scheme and a new approach to how the coaching staff will listen to veteran players.

“[Getsy is] the type of coach that is open-minded, and going to be open to hear things from the veteran players who know how this thing works, and the best way to do things,” Adams said. “It’s a lot of different things. The open-mindedness and innovation to the offense. A good run-pass balance, and that is what I am used to. That West Coast style, and it will be fun getting to work on new systems and things that we are familiar with, me and the guys.”

Safe to say, Adams doesn’t sound like a player that wants to play for a another team anytime soon…

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9 thoughts on “Davante Adams Comments Should Squash Any Offseason Trade Speculation

  1. I have such a bad feeling about this next season, I really can’t wait to see where we are at in a year or two when Pierce has control. The team last year was ok, but McDaniels built that team…yet at the same time, these grown men being paid millions, refused to even show up and play. When Pierce took over, they all were coddled and we became soft. It seems sad that our team didn’t even have the heart to play for McDaniels. Building a culture based on the way it went last year, no way we can go forward. That being said, of course these guys wanna stay. They have the softest coach in the league, this reminds me of Tomsula 2.0. The players loved the guy, but they didn’t get very far. All and all, at least Carr is gone and chances are we are getting a new QB to throw to Adams and Zamir.

    1. As far as, McDaniels building the team. Anyone can put a bunch of guys together. Getting them to play as a unit is something totally different, and if the guys he put together don’t play well under his leadership, what does that say about McDaniels as a coach, or a leader of men? That same defense that couldn’t stop anyone under his leadership became a top ten defense after his departure. Even the DC said McDaniels was hindering him with what he wanted to do with his defense. McDaniels wasn’t a good head coach with either of the two teams that he coached. Time for something new.

    1. What are you talking about?? Softest coach in the league? He canned some numbnut that didn’t listen. Started the qb that should have started from day 1, before the season after McDumniels screwed the franchise. They boys LOVE him apparently. Winning is the first objective. Yeah I’m worried too…. That at some point in the future the Dolphins from 72 won’t need to have dinner together.

    2. Wow Quaim what a ridiculous take. The Q must make the L sound. A.P. coddled no one. The players love him because they were hungry for a leader and the man is a leader. Comparing him to Tomsula is beyond a ridiculous stretch. You can not possibly be a Raiders fan.

  2. Let’s go devante!! shake all these corners and wide receivers. Let them know you can’t be stoped make a bunch of haters this year. Raiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow what a ridiculous take. A.P. coddled no one. The players love him because they were hungry for a leader and the man is a leader. Comparing him to Tomsula is beyond a ridiculous stretch. You can not possibly be a Raiders fan.

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