David Carr: Based On His Relationship With Gruden, Derek Believes There’s ‘No Chance’ He’ll Be Traded

Trade rumors are swirling all around Derek Carr, but according to his brother, David, Derek is convinced that he’s not going anywhere.

“I think that in talking to Derek, there’s absolutely in his mind, no chance [of him being traded],” David Carr said Thursday on 95.7 The Game’s Damon Bruce Show.

“He believes, based on his relationship with Jon [Gruden], what they’ve talked about that, he’s going to be a Raider for as long as he wants to be a Raider and he’s going to work diligently to bring them to where they need to be. That’s him, and his mindset has always been relentless. It’s almost to the point where you’re like ‘Dude, really?’ Like I don’t know if I was him in this situation, knowing what I know, and knowing what I went through in Houston, if I would say ‘Yeah, for sure I want to be in Oakland.”

What’s interesting about the situation in Oakland right now is that Carr might actually be Gruden’s only hope of keeping the locker room from generally losing confidence in him. There aren’t many (if any) on the roster that Gruden has a better relationship with than Carr, and to pull the rug out from under the team’s undisputed leader would be a big risk on Gruden’s part. The Khalil Mack trade didn’t go over great, but trading Carr would be a nuclear option that Gruden might be wise to avoid.

Another note, from someone who was around the Raiders in 2014 and 2015. This person believes Carr is at his best leading an underdog. “He thrives when people doubt him and loves when the odds are stacked against him,” the person said. “He knows how to rally the team around him in those situations. Don’t be surprised if the Raiders come out this week and play their best game all year.”



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4 thoughts on “David Carr: Based On His Relationship With Gruden, Derek Believes There’s ‘No Chance’ He’ll Be Traded

  1. Carr’s regression has a lot to do with coaching. He didn’t sign up for what he’s getting and I have to wonder, if he knew his new head coach, the guy that was supposed to develop him, was a bald faced liar, if he would have been all in.
    When Gruden came aboard, Carr probably thought he was finally going to get some help. Instead, the coach is gutting the roster while expecting Carr to master yet another offense in a short period of time and carry the team on his back. This kid would have been better off being drafted by an organization not cursed by constant dysfunction. What has happened to him in his short career is unfair. I’m not saying he’s elite,but he could have been with better coaching and a lot less dysfunction. I feel sorry for him and if Gruden does try and trade him, if I were Derek, I would retire and go do God’s work.

  2. I’m convinced that Gruden will not trade him this year because the 2019 draft is void of legit franchise QB’s, according to what I’ve read. They’ll let Derek have another year to see how it goes, while rebuilding the O-line and getting better WR’s. If he has a poor year, they’ll trade him and look to bring that Tua kid (QB Alabama) in 2020.

  3. I didn’t realize Derek Carr was some fragile little girl that his entire career and all those millions were only based on what some coach could do for him. If I own a team and I give a guy 125M I make sure his success isn’t based upon what his coach can do for him. And I would assume he’s tough enough that his big brothers don’t have to take to the media to protect him. Don’t trade him now, cut him now.

  4. I don’t think Gruden will trade Carr. He will develop Carr in his system and put the pieces around him to make it work. A 3 down RB is a major priority for Carr, as well as a true #1 WR who is a true game changer.
    On defense I believe Arden Key is going to be a good DE, the Raiders need to find a bookend DE on the other side.
    My draft position wishlist withthose 1st 3 picks:
    1st DE
    2nd WR
    3rd RB

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