RapSheet: I Don’t Believe Derek Carr Will Be Traded

Derek Carr has reportedly been told he won’t be traded and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport believes the Raiders intend to keep their franchise quarterback and basically everyone within arms reach of him at the line of scrimmage.

“I will say this, I do not believe that Derek Carr is going to get traded,” Rapoport said on Thursday. “It certainly seems that he has been informed that Gruden has made a commitment to him, the guards and the center on the team, as well. There’s a couple building blocks in the middle they don’t want to trade. Maybe everyone else they are open.”

Based on the first six games of the season, Gruden would be taking a huge risk dumping Rodney Hudson, Kelechi Osemele, or Gabe Jackson. Not one offensive line reserve has filled in with any success to this point and Gruden probably won’t want to entertain the idea of going into next year with more questions along the offensive line. Certainly the rookie offensive tackles have caused Gruden enough anxiety this year already.

As for Carr, he is apparently fully committed to the Raiders and according to his brother David, isn’t even considering the option of asking for a trade or release.

Nevertheless, Gruden is said to have been listening to offers for Carr (just as he innocently did with Khalil Mack) and it’s been speculated that the Raiders could get as much as two first-round picks for him. With that in mind, the 2019 draft isn’t projected to be a great draft for quarterbacks… so take that for what it’s worth.

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3 thoughts on “RapSheet: I Don’t Believe Derek Carr Will Be Traded

  1. If Gruden builds a solid team around him, he can win with Carr. We have seen what Carr can do when the rest of the team does it’s job. There is too much pressure on Carr to carry this team. A subpar defense hasn’t helped and inconsistent play by his receivers,along with questionable play calling has been what the kid has had to work with. Add a suspect running game and it’s easy to see why Derek has struggled since 2016. If Gruden is truly committed to Carr, the team should improve around him in 2019. Be warned though, things will get worse before they get better.

  2. I don’t think DC will be traded either. The QB class in the 2019 draft is rather poor. Moreover, Gruden will be forced to admit he failed with DC … a major blow to the ego. If anything, Gruden needs to adjust his offensive system to fit DC’s skill set – let him play from the spread, let him play no huddle. Andy Reid is a West Coast Offense coach as well, but adjusted his system to let Pat Mahomes to operate from the spread. If Gruden wants a QB, wait until 2020-21 when Tua from Alabama enters the draft. Let him sit behind DC to watch and learn.

  3. Well ok then, if Ian says it then we can all take it to the bank. Think Rap ever was invited to any high school or college keg parties? Neither do I. Neither was Shefty, Mike Silverbergstein, Mort, Clayton, every single sports writer at NFL Network. I think that Kyle on that morning football show had to have been a male cheerleader. The NFL has been softened snd the guys who report on football are all pussys.

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