Derek Carr Made One of the “Most Clutch” Plays of His Career to Beat the Colts on Sunday

It’s been an up and down year for Derek Carr, but the Raiders veteran quarterback made a play on Sunday that deserves to go down as one of the best of his career.

If nothing else, it was probably the “most clutch” play of Carr’s career considering the significance of Sunday’s game. Carr now has 29 career game-winning drives, but this week’s game against the Colts was one of the few elimination games he has played in his NFL career.

Late in the fourth quarter, the Raiders were down to a 3rd-and-10 situation with the score tied. The Colts ran a perfect stunt with All-Pro linebacker Darius Leonard, who had a free run at Carr. Carr sidestepped Leonard, scrambled forward in the pocket, and somehow got off a near-perfect throw as he was being hit by another Colts’ defender.

Raiders Beat on Twitter: “Nothing more the Colts could have done. Play of the #Raiders season. / Twitter”

Nothing more the Colts could have done. Play of the #Raiders season.

Another angle shows just how close Leonard came to getting the sack – as well as the nifty footwork Carr used to avoid him.

Also, look at the coverage on Hunter Renfrow. Carr threw him open by lofting the ball over the defender. Renfrow made an exceptional adjustment on the ball and finished the play with an acrobatic catch.

Anthony Treash on Twitter: “insane play from Derek Carr to save the Raiders’ playoff hopes(tied at 20 w/ 54 seconds left, 3rd-and-10) / Twitter”

insane play from Derek Carr to save the Raiders’ playoff hopes(tied at 20 w/ 54 seconds left, 3rd-and-10)

The Raiders’ win over the Colts on Sunday came against all odds. Almost no one was picking them to win. Without Darren Waller, the Raiders’ offense has been without it’s most dynamic playmaker and the Colts have been one of the hottest teams in football. Fortunately, the Raider defense has been playing well lately and Gus Bradley’s group turned in another great performance on Sunday.

Before this week, the Colts had beaten the Bills (41-15), narrowly lost to the Buccaneers (38-31), and won three straight games over the Texans (31-0), Patriots (27-17), and Cardinals (22-16).

One more win and the Raiders are in the playoffs for just the second time in the last 19 years.

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28 thoughts on “Derek Carr Made One of the “Most Clutch” Plays of His Career to Beat the Colts on Sunday

  1. Without Carr the Raiders would be 0 for the season! Anyone thinking the Raiders would be better off without Carr does not know anything about football! With a completely gutted offensive line and no Waller or Ruggs . . Carr has done more with the tools he has than any other QB in the NFL could have!

    1. If Carr can stay out of his own way 40 % of his time on the field he’s be as good or better than his ratings. I ain’t bashing the guys, just saying when he does good he can be great. When he gets them happy feet and hears steps behind him that aren’t there, look out !!!

      1. Only someone who never played the game beyond high school could make a statement as totally uninformed as that. Carr no more has happy feet than Russell Wilson did when he “heard steps behind him” and then took evasive action to get out of the way of the defender. Did you even notice the Colt defender diving at and hitting Carr in the knees as he was delivering that perfect strike to Renfrow? Stick with Madden and the fantasy football leagues.

        Carr has more game winning drives than Montana, Rogers, Tannehill, Fouts, Kelly, Esiason, Bradshaw, Stabler, and Staubach and only 2 less than Russell Wilson despite playing 2 fewer seasons. Carr is clutch!

        Give Carr Rodgers’ receivers, or Wilson’s, or Mahomes’, or Staffords, or Brady’s and Carr is MVP 2 out of 5 years. Better stick with playing Madden and the fantasy football leagues.

        1. Just maybe those comebacks WOULDN’T be necessary IF Carr could scored TD instead of FG, AND give the opposing team life by fumbling and throwing picks?! I’m pulling for him, but facts are facts!

    2. True, but his play has been erratic at times. He lost us the Giants game. But, I will admit that lately his play has looked better. He needs consistency, and to work on protecting the ball. Go RAIDERS!!!!

  2. Goes to show that this man is far from soft as many Raider fans call him! Not many QB’s in the league would side step a bull rush and toss a dime to Mr. Clutch! Great team Win…

  3. Insane miraculous play at such a crucial time colts came so close to a sack and the throw was almost impossible it brought back memories of the “snake “ Kenny Stabler and the plays of Jim Plunkett in those super bowl years when it seemed the Raiders were in the playoffs every year

    1. The celebration after winning the game against the Colts showed a team that wants to win. Winning is a frame of mind about preparation, execution, and the confidence that
      you have worked your butt off to receive the trophy. Winners have a swagger, the fact
      that the winner does not see his swagger, but his opponents see it, shows that all the
      hard work, and the time practicing, and overcoming bad breaks makes it all worth it.
      Just to go through the motions, and keep from getting hurt is not a Commitment to
      Excellence. Derek Carr is proving me wrong so far. He must not quit against Joey Bosa
      and the Chargers.

  4. And if the Raiders get in the playoffs, it will be the first in 19 years with a starting quarterback. Carr had his leg broken in 2016 in the next to the last game which killed his league mvp bid that year. The Raiders then lost their last game of the season and first round in the playoffs without him.

  5. I love Carr, don’t get me wrong (but) if Rogers is unhappy in Green Bay and he stated that he wants Devante Adams to go where he goes…………………. But Devante did say we would love to play with Carr, since both went to Fresno State, and we need a deep threat.


  7. Regarding Renfrow’s great play…I still don’t get it. I thought a “touch” only counts as a “tackle” if the ball-carrier is already down. But when the DB “touched” Renfrow, Renfrow was NOT down.

    True, he was on his WAY down, but he was not yet down. And the “touch” did not last to the point to when Renfrow was ACTUALLY down. I can understand if the touch CAUSED him to go down…but that was clearly not the case. Renfrow only went down as a result of his great effort to make the catch.

    Of course, since the Raiders won anyway (unlike the Tuck Rule game) no one is making an issue out of this. But what am I missing here?

    1. What you’re missing is an accurate understanding of the rule. If a player is touched by a defender, BEFORE going down, that’s “down by contact”. It’s not the refs JB to make a subjective call regarding just how much influence the touch had on the offensive player going down, so therefore ANY touch fonts as a “tackle”.

  8. Carr is an excellent QB. There are QB that never won a Superbowl like Dan Marino and Dan Fouts who were great QBs. Hopefully Derek Carr will get that ring.

  9. If the team could only be more consistent they could be a force. Champions practice hard all week then play disciplined hard nose football on weekend. Hopefully they dont disappoint the fans n can (which they have shown r capable of) beat the bolts n this would be impressive as they wouldnt back into play-offs they would have played their way in.

    Anything can happen once u make it to playoffs but i hope we dont face the chiefs at all because I just feel our Gus Bradleys scheme is not effective against Mahomes n Company


  10. Before we start lobbying for DC’s gold jacket, how about we see DC put up more than 23 points against the Chargers and along the way, maybe, if it’s not too much to ask, maybe DC can win without disappearing for 2 quarters of the game.

    And unless I’m mistaken, DC has only won 3 straight games twice in his career. This does not bode well for any playoff run we might have.

    1. Does it matter how many points you score? As long as it’s one more than your opponent then you win.

    2. Silly comment. You must never watch the games. Both Olsen and Gruden always played conservative, playing not to lose football until they were behind with 10 minutes left in a game.
      Carr needs an Offensive OC who will turn him lose. Consistently calling plays to run the ball on 2nd and 9 or throwing 2 yard outs on 1st and 10 or 2nd and 8 is not Carr’s, idea I can assure you.

      I vividly remember Gruden repeatedly and steadfastly claiming that his habit of calling 2 yard square outs to the immobile Jon Ritchie on 1st and 10 or 2nd and 8 was a winning football strategy.

    3. Do you know what Plunkett’s longest win streak was before taking us to the Superbowl?😎🏴‍☠️

  11. John P Garcia.No one thought Stabler and his Raider could and would beat The Vikings.Just Like no one believed. Plunkett and his. Raiders would beat the Eagles.Welcome to the Club Derrick Carr.Its Time! Lets kick some serious ***!

  12. Look. The LA Chargers can’t win on the road. Look at their record and see for yourself. I believe we get past this team on Sunday.
    There’s alot if haters instead of fans. Stop crying and start following this team.
    Just win baby!

  13. If this Raider offensive line does its job, Derek Carr and company can get it done and get passed the San Diego Chokers of L.A.and get in the playoffs. The O-line needs to contain Bosa constantly so D.C. can do what he can do best, spread the ball around and let his receivers do their part. Just like what Kenny Stabler and Jim Plunkett used to do in the 70′ and early 80’s respectively. Go Raiders…..into the playoffs!!! 🤘😫

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