Derek Carr on Another Raiders Loss: “Twenty Years is Enough of This Crap”

The Raiders have had more than their share of in-season meltdowns, but this one seems to be a little different. If for no other reason, Derek Carr is offering post-game comments unlike any he has given in the past.

“I’ve been a Raider fan for a long time and 20 years of this crap is enough. I’m fed up.” Carr told members of the media after the Raiders 32-13 loss to the Bengals on Sunday.

“In my heart, the men in our room, the way we work, the way we go after things, it shouldn’t always end like this crap.”

For much of his career, it has been Carr’s offense that has carried the Raiders. But over the last few weeks, it has been the defense keeping the Raiders in games while the offense has struggled. Maybe the loss of Jon Gruden and Henry Ruggs was too much to overcome, but the offense seems to be getting more dysfunctional every week… and it’s not like the Raiders have been facing the league’s top defenses of late.

Next up, the Raiders travel to Dallas for a Thanksgiving matchup with the 7-3 Cowboys. As of Sunday, the Raiders are listed as 7-point underdogs, but there is a chance Dallas will be without wide receivers Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb.

A loss in Dallas would give the Raiders a four-game losing streak and a losing record for the first time this season.

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169 thoughts on “Derek Carr on Another Raiders Loss: “Twenty Years is Enough of This Crap”

      1. I’ve been a die hard Raider fan for more than 40 years and I wholeheartedly believe that I was chosen, not the other way around. It takes a special kind of person to! be a Raider fan. As a bona fide member of ‘The Nation’, we understand that this is a lifelong commitment and no matter how many broken hearted Sundays we endure, jumping ship is not an option. It’s time to jump off the Derek Carr bandwagon and be honest with ourselves; DC is not the man who can lead us to battle every week and get us to the post season. We’re not even talking about the super bowl here, Nation, we’re talking about getting our feet wet…a wild card game would even be nice! So yes Derek, we’re sick of this crap too. It’s time for Marcus!! I love you, Nation! RAIDER4LIFE!

        1. I 👍 agree. I’ve been a DC apologiest from day being from Fresno, but I too am sick of this crap and I’m ready for a new QB.

        2. It doesn’t take anything special to be a Raider fan. Any gang banger can be a Raider fan and they often are.

          1. The gang bangers are all about the uniform. They’re not real fans, just hoodlums and criminals.

        3. I say keep carr as only a back up qb dobt let him walked if he goes elsewhere I guaranteed he win SB else where just liked his brother David with the Giants n not the Houston Texans. Keep carr as back up. He said hecwint played for another team well he well stayed on as back up qb no other better back up qb out there next year.

          1. I know we talked about the losses of games that they should win. It’s going on 5 years now. When are these losing seasons going to come to an end. I’m tired of the losses just like DC is. It’s going on long enough. This 5th season another disappointment

      2. Thank you! He can go somewhere. It’s not Derek. The OC needs to get creative and utilize what they have. Quit being predictable. U signed a fullback but he is on the practice squad? The line is improving but they are not there yet! You signed Djax and you utilize him like none! After saying all this I am RNFL til ⚰️ Drops!

          1. Ur crazy he’s the one that got in 2016 we were playing the colts we were wining by 2 tds and dumb *** Del Rio leaves carr into long m here cone a bof dB line man bone his leg n never been the same for carr that was 20q6 the year we had everything going right fir us the playoff a chance at a SB n nothing after carr got hurts. So he’ll no on Del Rio. I rather go get Hue Jackson for a head coach job

      1. I don’t think taking Derek Carr Raiders it’s the O line and not having a number 1 receiver

    1. Derrick Carr sounds like a big baby 🍼 let him go and for God sakes put Marcus in! He’s proving himself over and over. I have never gave up on him.

        1. I have been wanting Carr out for 3 years ,he is done !!! We need a quarterback that runs and don’t choke !!! Go Raiders …

      1. When do you hear Carr ever complain.NEVER! So now it must be for something and not to be a baby lol

      2. He sucks that’s why he isn’t in.Carr can do it people just got to start having faith and stop being big babys

    2. We need to put in Mariota in the Red Zone and Run Read Option it’s more effective Carr and or Offense is not producing enough TD’S Carr is Scared to Run it’s killing us in the Red Zone Mariota is a better passer on the Run and it Freezes Defenses because he can take off like a Lamar Jackson!RNFL

      1. Good point about Marcus Mariota. However, Carr’s only problem has been costly turnovers, not a lack of mobility. He’s as mobile as Aaron Rodgers is but doesn’t use it enough. Also, remember that some of the greatest QB’S were never mobile enough … > The Goat Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Kurt Warner, Phil Simms, Eli Manning, Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Ken Stabler, Terry Bradshaw, Jim Plunkett, and the slightly more mobile Roger Staubach. These guys at least had good feel and awareness to move slyly in the pocket to evade pass rushers at times when they looked surely sacked.

    3. Russel Wilson or deshaun Watson is the only solution. Care is not the guy and I don’t see any us drafting a quarterback next year. Mayo know needs to go as well and also the interim coach needs to coach the special teams not a good head coach maybe not his fault but still

    4. Carr is right get the men to play the dam game right work together as a team right now the little kids football team play a whole lot better than the raiders

    5. Don’t leave show how good you really are.Dont give up never surrender.Bring us back to the shine.I know you can do it Derek ever since I seen you playing for the Raiders I’ve always felt like you could get us there to the super bowl and win!All the come backs loved it…I love the fact that your a Raider…Raider Nation God bless

  1. How did this 20 yr black cloud get here? It really doesn’t seem to matter joins the team, who leaves the team. From Al Davis to Mark Davis. Brand new state of the art stadium. The Raiders just never seem to be playing contender football on both sides of the field.

    1. At least sit Carr for a game, he is pressing and trying to do too much ,he needs a minute to get over the Gruden and Ruggs thing. he’s trying to be more of a leader than he needs to be. Mariota can run an that gives defenses more to worry about. Give him a shot.

      1. This theory sounds great and I strongly agree. It’s gonna take more than Carr. He’s a pro and shouldn’t need a break but this season is really over the top. A week off with the clipboard will do him wonders. The team knows who the b is !!!

      2. I don’t think taking Derek Carr out of the game is going to help him. But I do feel that Marriotta should get a few snaps…I know it’s rough out there . But I know you can do it Raiders

  2. Wake up raiders,this is now the 3rd loss of the season that Derek broken down Carr has single handily lost for his team i been saying it since day 1 he isn’t a nfl caliber qb.I no and understand you raider fans are used to loosing,considering 90% of are loosers.But for the fans that actually work,make a honest living TAKE THE TRASH you will never win with Carr

    1. U called people lovers and couldn’t even spell it right. Your such a looser🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Looser? You couldn’t even spell “you’re” correctly! Guess we know who the real looser is. It’s you.

    2. Take your crap somewhere else troll. Carr has been the most consistent player on this team, since day one. When he is wearing Superbowl rings you will look foolish. Yes he has stumbled in the last couple of games, but Greg Olsen is calling the plays and for some reason he has become way too conservative in his play calling. Name me another QB that is available either in the draft or free agency that would ball out better than Carr. I already know the answer…there isn’t one.

      1. What dope are you smoking? Carr is never taking any team to a championship game, he is the bad karma that he is complaining about. As soon as he gets rattled, he “falls down goes boom” and there goes that game. He throws great working the field, then gets in red zone and chokes, over and over year after year. HE is the reason the offense goes up and down. I am counting the minutes until his sorry *** goes somewhere else. I think he sucks. Stat’s do not mean anything unless the stats are when it counts, the middle of the first quarter on your own 20 yard line does not win games, stupid!

      2. Greg Olson and his play calling is trash these plays aren’t even high school caliber. Coach needs to man up and start calling the plays or look somewhere else Greg Olson out here making our offense 1 dimensional.

      3. What the hell are you talking about?!?!! What games are you watching?!? Carr is done PERIOD HAS BEEN FOR TWO YEARS NOW!!!!!

        1. What games are you watching? He is the only consistent player on the team. He will make people eat their words when he gets a Superbowl ring.

        2. What is your solution oh great leader? Please tell me who we could get to get this team to the promised land? Lest we forget the trash QBs we had before Carr? Russell, Palmer, Culpeper; dumpster fires all.

      4. I agree 100%. People are to eager to replace a top caliber QB, I don’t get it especially after they’re so hard to come by. Mariota didn’t do **** for Titans, ****. And they got rid of him. Why do u think he’d do any better now? Cause now you can add rusty and lack of playing time to his credentials. Carr is top notch and always has been. Completion % TDs to INT ratio, pass yards annually, overall a good QB. Why get rid of that

        1. Settle down it’s a only a game , people can say what they want and keep it respectful nobody is right or wrong we just want to vent what’s been going on and the end of the day game over , we go abouts our own days . The fun of watching the game is hard after many years of bad seasons but we still watch because of the love .

    3. You make the ignorant sound like geniuses…you should never type another comment ever again in your life. You should be banned from keyboards. You sound that ignorant, yes…you, troll…

    4. The coaching staff and the management all the way up to Mark Davis has got to get rid of car and bringing Mariota and let him finish the season if the end of the season get a new professional coach somebody who knows what he’s doing bring in his own people bring in his quarterback and start the winning ways again how Davis is probably turning over in his grave and frankly I don’t blame him because Mark Davis his son has done nothing literally nothing and he doesn’t care

      1. If you exam Carr’s career he starts out hot and then gets cold as ice as the season continues. He is mentally weak. Time for him to go

        1. Nonsense. 2016 he didn’t fall off. Why is that? Because there was actually a team around him.

    5. How do you explain the games before Carr? (2002 on)
      How do you explain Carr’s statistics?
      There’s only one common denominator in this entire situation.


    6. Lol, coming to a Raiders blog and calling 90% of Raider fans losers? Get the f*** out of here. I don’t care what our record is. Our fan base is better than yours. Our history is better than yours. Carr may or may not be the answer. But don’t come at us like that, especially on our turf, loser.

      1. Well said For 60 years , the Raiders fan are obviously the top rated fans in the history of the NFL , even the television commentators , who all hate the Raiders, but will tell the viewers we are THE best and loyal than any other team and their fans
        That Raiders hater guy needs to get in his Prius , grab a tiny glass of white wine and a little bit of expensive cheese , and head down to watch a Santa Clara 49ers ( forty whiners ) to view a 49ers recital .

    7. Yo Jason. I’d love for you to say that at a Raiders home game. You’re obviously one of those internet tough guys who talk tough. Probably a KC Queef fan as well. Some of us are smart enough to make really good money without breaking our backs for someone else 8 hrs a day. Lol. Get an education and maybe one day you could too. Bwahaha

    8. Go back and complete the 5th grade you illiterate and then troll somewhere else when you learn how to spell❗🤪🤯🤬 P.S. If you fail that grade again for the 3rd time at least use auto-correct it’ll help you to spell loser very referring to yourself‼️🤣🤣🤣

    9. You lose all credibility when you say a 3 time Pro Bowler and MVP candidate isn’t an NFL Quarterback. That’s silly and ridiculous. His passer rating is above average every year and he has the most 4th Quarter comebacks to start a career. You can’t be a top 10 or even top 15 QB and not be NFL caliber. It doesn’t make sense.

  3. OK, now that a Gruden is gone, why don’t you Raiders put in Mariota on special packages. Carr has proven AGAIN this season that he he can put up good looking stats but not good looking TDs. Carr can get this team down to the red zone but struggles to produce TDs. The red zone is where Mariota thrives. Too bad the coaches are too afraid to try something different. We already saw what Mariota did last year against the Chargers yet coaches are clueless on what they really have in a player like Mariota. Now that is BAD COACHING! When Gruden left I thought that the Raiders would turn over a new leaf and turn the season around by using Mariota as an offensive weapon but I guess they are satisfied with the same end results as Grudens first 3 years with the organization. I feel sorry for faithful Raiders fans.

    1. It’s overdue to give Marcus Mariota a chance every game we lost we were in Mariota would maybe have won at least two games Derek Carr is way off lately love the guy but it’s time for him the step down for the better of the team we can’t keep going through this

    2. I’m one of those faithful Raider fans , I have been for 50yrs. I’m disgusted with Carr and these excuses. First of all we just have to face reality we don’t have a Coach with enough BALLS to make any changes. So we are going to finish the season 5-12 . In the off season we need to focus on getting a Quarterback that can move , work on are offensive line , and Defense. Like I’ve said time and time again, If we performed at are jobs the way that are team performs at there’s. WE WOULDN’T HAVE ONE . I hope they have a great payday Monday. Looking forward to getting are Asses kicked on Thanksgiving. I’m OUT !!!

      1. Problem is raiders are snake bitten in the draft and the free agents that they pick up nothing works out they stick with a bum like are for what reason I don’t know they said last year was his last year if he wasn’t going to produce and I told everyone this year you going to get the same results if you need a quarterback that can run he’s got Happy feet when he’s in trouble we need a new quarterback 12 that can run put in Mariota

      2. You can dump on Carr but he is going to lead us to the promised land. Carr will prove the doubters wrong.

    3. Mariota didn’t win the Heisman for nothing. Carr ? what did he win, aside from him being an NFL QB because the Raiders always liked to get something on the cheap……… get what you pay for. Jim Plunkett was a Heisman, now they have Mariota. At this point, bench humpty dumpty Carr, as fat lineman can out run him.

      1. Wow. O-line can out run him? You’re high. Carr ran a 4.6 40 yard dash. What O lineman can do that?

    1. Should every qb be benched that dont have a number 1 reciever. Bring davonte adams over from green bay next year and give gus bradley a chance to turn the defense around. Marriotta is not even close to the caliber of qb as derek carr. Starting marriotta is clearly not the answer

      1. Amen!!!!!all you carr haters will line up first to praise him if we end up with a playoff berth!!!!!The play calling and Run Defense is whats hurting us!!!

  4. Stop with the bs. 1st off the team n the franchise will b n has been better without Gruden. Gruden is the reason the team is in this position. Gruden put team in impossible position as they were not going to be a very good team with the way he put together the offensive line, the very weak links on defensive side n the play calling he made.

    Lets be honest with Gruden this year the offense was inept every game during 1st half. Grudens play calling n in game decisions n adjustments no team could succeed.

    That all being said Carr needs to direct his comments to himself (ive been a Carr supporter throughout) as he has personally been horrible last 4 games. Carr has been large part of why this team has lost. He has a lot of decision making capability at line of scrimmage n he has failed. Our defense would not be as bad if offense would sustain drives.

    It may be time for Raiders to consider bringing in new QB. First n foremost the worst owner in league needs to remove Mayock n any Gruden lackeys n again put together a strong foundation that everyone can trust n knows what to do. Grudens return set team back so many years n cost fans more undue hardships.

    Im tired of the excuses n losing

    1. And who would you replace Carr with? No QBs in free agency that are better than Carr. The draft? So you want to start over from the jump? Bring in Mariota and have him hurt after one outing? Please tell me your solution.

      1. I would look 2 draft a QB n maybe keep Carr at much lower salary till QB is ready or possibly bring in vet until rookie QB is ready. I think Carr has something that could b special but at some point u just have 2 cut bait n go another route.

        Raiders havent been properly put together yet n Gruden is 2 blame. Ill tell u another thing that may shock u but I wouldnt b surprised if Gruden leaked the emails himself cuz team had just lost 2 games straight n set record with how horrible the offense played in 1st half of those 5 games. He saw the writing on the wall so what does he do leaks emails since he was well aware of investigation surrounding wash team n knowing what he said in emails. This way he could get more money unearned from Davis then sue league n blame his failure on league stopping him from finishing the task of winning which he will argue he was 3-2 n team would have been fine if he didnt leave n save his ego.
        Im serious think about it

        1. You’re high. Gruden would never sabotage his own career. You lost all credibility when you said that.

          1. Im high huh well ur the crackhead – WHAT FUKIN CAREER high 1. He has no career n after all the empty promises he has made since returning he saw writing on the wall. He led a horribly 1st half offense (remember first 15 or so plays he scripts ahead of games n they cud not score in any of those 1st half games Gruden coached) n watched as team lost 2 straight games 2 teams they should beat 4sure if they wanna be considered gud team.

            He knew the team was going 2 start losing n with people already saying Gruden was on hot seat if he failed this year again 4sure fans wud call 4 his head.

            Also remember league had emails back in june or earlier. U think they planned 2 wait until season was going 2 reveal them. If that were the case y wait until 3-2? They wud have at 2-0 or 3-0 not after it appeared season was headed 4 disaster again n prob have done it prior 2 season or rite b4 season began as distraction.

            So who is the crack head lost me on that 1?

          2. Your still the one on crack I’m afraid. Nobody in their right mind would give up 60 million dollars. Besides, Davis still wanted him as coach. That was clear. He wasn’t on any hot seat. Mark Davis was all in and knew it wasn’t going to be a quick fix.

  5. My mind is already made up. If we dont make the playoffs I’m officially no longer a Raider fan. The people running and RUINING this franchise don’t deserve my and others loyalty. No excuse to be one of if not the most popular teams in the WORLD and be garbage for 2 decades. This year may be last as a RAIDER FAN

    1. Dont wait. Find the door now. Its easy to find the endzone from the couch Bozo🤡🤡🤡

    2. I’ve been a raider fan my whole life 52 years at least 45 of those I’ve been a raider fan and I’m on the verge of walking away from this franchise as well. No one can take this kind of beating for a lifetime and continue to support. It was almost like an abusive relationship. I can’t take these beatings any longer. Derek Carr starts next week I’ll be burning all my raider gear sale for at least five years until I can find another team. I won’t be buying any NFL merchandise I won’t be watching any NFL games I won’t be supporting any team in any way thanks Raiders.

    3. Then ur not a true raider fan it’s all part of the process and if h can’t wait then u don’t deserve to be a raider fan.

  6. Love D Carr but he will never end his career with a plus .500 win percentage, and that will be due to not beating and performing well enough against opponents that he should dominate. He struggles against subpar defenses which puts his team (defense) in tough positions.

    1. They keep saying Derek Carr stats are great and they are but stats don’t win championships look what happened with Dan Marino all kinds of stats no super bowl

    2. Nonsense. He will end his career with a winning percentage and if they continue to build up defense, offensive line, and a deep threat again, he will also have Superbowl rings

  7. As much as I would like to believe that something will change, with this organization, I won’t believe it until I see it. Someone said, in a past pot, that Bill Belichik said that; :Statistics are for losers.” Whether he said it or not, it’s true.

  8. I love them silver and black although every game gives me a heart attack. Forever a fan but something has to change because we need those dubs!!

  9. These IDIOTS calling for CARR to be benched don’t deserve to be RAI DAHS fans. I guess he has throw passes to himself….and if one of the receivers catches he has recover there fumbles…
    And he has make sure these Idiots don’t commit stupid penalties …lining up off side….late hits…holding ect.

  10. This is to the person calling the raider nation fan base losers.

    You aren’t above anyone homie and you would get your *** kicked today in my line of work if you showed up to practice. But you wouldn’t, you ain’t about the smoke or MMA so take whatever epic job it is that you have that makes you better than 90% of our FAMILY and bail homie. The raider nation doesn’t have love for you.

    You aren’t special and trying to separate yourself from the rest of the fan base shows how wack you are with supporting those that support you. You aren’t part of the Raider Nation, you are part of the stigma attached to the brand. If you were at a game talking like that the crowd would devour you for popping your mouth off about others that are part of this raider family.

    Talk about the team performance all you want, but keep your little nubby fingers in check before you end up devoured at a game by a sea of black. You must have never seen a game in Los Angeles or Oakland because if you had you would know our fan base isn’t a reason to call out anything except that weak *** job you have behind a desk.

  11. Blackholeson it’s time for the backup qb at best he can run start throwing down field the running game ain’t working look for a new offensive coach

  12. Mr. Mark Davis,

    You need to shake up the LV Raiders organization, they are too **** comfortable receiving a big paycheck and not producing like other NFL teams are!! Trade Carr (who will never put the team on his back, who is a stat munching pretty boy, has no toughness to chew out non producing teammates-including himself-To be Benched) who isn’t man enough to identify he isn’t able to compete. Play Mariota and adjust differently each week for your opponents. Draft a new QB to mentor under Mariota. Cut all of the veteran players who never showed up in the game, especially Incognito (Miss No Show) but still got paid. Carr has never been Challenged in his entire career and training camp. This is why is why he is Subpar and always will be. Put it Mariota, 7 games left. It couldn’t hurt!

    The whole coaching staff is the biggest joke in the NFL, who never try anything new or different. No Dare, no Care!! Olson 2nd time with Raiders is total garbage along with the rest of the complacent coaches. He never taught Broken Carr throw past 3 yard dump pass, no play action, flea flicker/ double pump fake and lastly Throw the Ball Deep in his watered-down Anemic offense!! The other 31 teams know exactly what to expect from the Raiders-simple brain numbing play calls that the players are too blind to realize just because they wear the Black & Silver colors like a Punk, not like Men that are willing to die on the field for a once Greatest team in the NFL!! Bradley is a shallow retread tire with no traction (just pour water and they spin all day long), really No Blitzing!! What is he waiting for, Easter? Special teams are anything but special. More like too slow to go. The players appear out of shape!! I am53 and could out last most of them kids. The Raiders need to perform High Altitude Training , not video game laying around, Oh my uniform looks great, but better not get it dirty.

    3 Superbowls before Free agency greed and stupidity.

    Yes, there is future talent in the upcoming draft, but Mark Davis the trash has to be let go before next season starts.
    Mark Davis interview and hire Eric Bieniemy for the Raiders next coach and his competitive coaching staff. Todd Bowles may do well with the Raiders (Defensive mind). The Raiders need Young and Hungry Minds-Coaches and players, not these old fossil coaches and lackadaisical content players!!

    1. It would be sweet to see that happen but it’s like the definition of insanity. They keep doing the same thing year after year expecting a different result. Gruden was a fucking dinosaur. Don’t know if that’s spelled right. I wish Davis would clean house. He’s nothing like his dad.

      1. Gruden F#€@‘d the complete renewal system in play when he got rehired back to the Nation. His total outlook was about himself. He got rid of all the weapons we had before he got there and produced nothing but stress on the team. I believe he tried to sabotage the Raiders due to Big Al getting rid of his Lil Rusty *** in the pass. Glad he’s gone!!! Now we have to start all over again but not completely. Just fill in the positions needed. DB’s, LB’s, OT,DT and get Buy and a SUV that can get the job done. Would like to see more of Marcus at QB to win the last few game or at least give a better out come than we’ve had!!! And as for tha HATAZ…We Won’t Miss You!!!😂🤣😂

        1. Uh, what can I say to this conspiracy theory? Jon wanted to prove he could win here and we were on our way.

      2. Yes, depressing , but for the last 20 or so yes, it pretty much down to one unfortunate thing, all this time we haven’t had a complete, talented 0 line , every game comes down to the 0 line , they can make any QB look awesome
        Don’t get me wrong , Kenny Stabler was the best ever , but he had the number 1 O line in NFL history No sooner nowadays when we DO get a great line , they all get injured , one by one. Just bad f’n luck Yes , I’m bummed also. Odds are , just putting in a different QB won’t make a difference with out complete protection
        Anyway, I continue to bleed Silver and Black for 60 years , our team need us
        Real fans do too Go Raiders !

  13. Everyone is correct on the situation, we’ve been waiting for a long time for this team to be on the up and up . And every year the same thing, as a fan passed down from family from LA , during the season we pride ourselves on the team doing good so we can feel happy with this pastime. It feels like they are the old patriots that could never be good, Dam this sucks for all of us .

  14. I was happy when Al fired Gruden , and disappointed when Mark brought him back. The fact is for 20 years their drafts have been C – at best . I’m sure no one wants to win more than Carr but 16 games under 500 as a starter, no playoff wins ! . May be time to play Mariota and make plans to pay Aaron Rodgers whatever he wants.

  15. I don’t care what everyone says about the Raiders or Derek Carr, I am a True Die Hard Raider Fan, No matter what, Win Lose or Tie I will follow the Las Vegas Raiders Until The Day I Die. For all you Raider Hater Feel Free To turn around, with your tail betweens your legs and walk away

  16. Carr is scared to get hit he would be a good trade to someone else. We need a more reliable and mobile QB someone young even if it takes a couple of yrs at lease we would have a future.

    1. Scared to get hit? A QB doesn’t sacrifice his body by running for a touchdown knowing he is going to get hammered. I don’t know who you are watching.

  17. Gruden has the blame for this B’s and DEREK has no testicles he sucks,it seems to me that Derek wants to be another Kalil Mack therefore gtfoh we can do better with Peterman

  18. I’m not sure why they won’t put in Mariota for more than one play. Looks like everyone else can see that Carr is one of the main issue’s they are doing so bad! He is not good under pressure, come on Raiders make the smart move and give Mariota a chance.

  19. I’ve been a raider fan my whole life 52 years at least 45 of those I’ve been a raider fan and I’m on the verge of walking away from this franchise as well. No one can take this kind of beating for a lifetime and continue to support. It was almost like an abusive relationship. I can’t take these beatings any longer. Derek Carr starts next week I’ll be burning all my raider gear sale for at least five years until I can find another team. I won’t be buying any NFL merchandise I won’t be watching any NFL games I won’t be supporting any team in any way thanks Raiders

  20. Marcus Mariota should be brought in and Carr should sit on the sidelines. Carr is good but not great. He is a backup quarterback and not a starter. Period!!!!

  21. I agree that the raiders need to put Mariota in for the rest of the season because right now Derek Carr is not cutting it.Its a waste to have a good backup qb and not use him especially now.Carr looks scared out there ,it’s like he’s afraid to get hit and he panics.Mariota is not afraid to run and pickup the first down if he has to.I feel bad for the few players that really want to win,like Crosby,Hobbs,Perryman etc.I have been a raider fan a long time and this is ridiculous.

  22. Been a Raider fan since the early 70’s. Grew up in the Bay Area. Went through the Madden days . Stayed a loyal fan through all the trying times but this is outrageous . Bosa was right And in his interview ; He threw more balls to Waller than the other team. Why is he even considering it is okay to throw interceptions ? .Bench Carr !!

  23. If derrick carr is tired of losing…then stop fumbling and throwing interceptions and start making touchdowns….if you can’t do those 3 things,then try out as a kicker or waterboy,waterborne, quarterbacking ain’t for you

  24. I wanted Derek Carr to succeed more than anything. I wanted Mark Davis to prove that he can right the ship. They and others in the organization I truly believe, bleed silver and black. For the first time I wonder if we need a change in ownership. I can’t believe that I’m even thinking this.

  25. A terrible idea to put s corrupt team in a corrupt city. Chuckie was exactly what the Raiders wanted and they got it. The owner is one or the worst in every aspect. Rot starts at the top and runs down into coach, quarterback and players. The Raiders promote egotism, Misogyny, racism and any other unacceptable behavior. Good ridance

    1. “The Raiders promote egotism, Misogyny, racism…” What? The Raiders have been trendsetters in the reverse of those categories…well, maybe not egotism….but they surely are not racists or misogynists. They hired the first black HC in NFL history. They hired the first Mexican/American HC in NFL history. They hired the first woman CEO in NFL history. I think that debunks the notion of any racism or misogyny. But when it comes to ego? Well, yeah, with Al Davis, it was all about ego. No one can dispute that. In the eighties he lost his edge. But no matter how many mistakes he made, and there were many, his ego would not permit him to admit it. And all the “Yes Men” he had surrounded himself with did not have the courage to tell him for fear of losing their jobs. (Like Lane Kiffin did when he told him that drafting JaMarcus Russell was a mistake. Lane Kiffin may not have been a good HC, but he was right about JaMarcus Russell. And telling Davis that, got him fired. So yeah…ego…you got us on that one.

  26. I have always knew Carr is in the same category as Romo and rivers and gruden never but a winning team together

  27. Hire Harbaugh from Michigan. The guy is proven. Do not hire bevell bienemy etc. There’s a reason they are not head coach. Hire Riddick as the next general manager. I love Carr passion but Olsen is clueless and rich I am sorry I am rooting for you but you are in over your head. You deserve better. Hire Harbaugh!!!

  28. Why is the interim coach AND the general manager NOT changing the QB ??!! What the hell is your problem guys ?? It makes no **** sense. Marcus had a rough start to his career because of different head coaches and a different OC his whole time in Tennessee. Yet he did the best he could, but it wasn’t good enough for Mike Vrabel. If Marcus is given a decent O line and an offense that utilizes his skills, it can be a GOOD thing

  29. What this team needs is better ownership, buyout Davis, he isn’t his Dad not even close, the game has passed them both buy. Hiring Gruden was a big mistake, he is great on paper only, it was a steady downhill from there. New ownership, maybe the current owners can buy Davis out!

    1. Mark Davis doesn’t know **** about football never has and never will he knows about money that’s the money that his Dad left him . I don’t want to see him sell the team I would just like him to get SOMEONE in there that knows what the **** there doing . As I believe All RAIDER fans want , we are tired of the same old FUCKEN excuses. GOD DAMNIT JUST PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR *** AND GET IT RIGHT. FOR GODS SAKE!!!

      1. With all of the problems in the last month, someone needs to come in and take control of this organization. The organization has no direction. Mayock and Davis are not doing anything to find a solution to turn these situations in the right direction.

  30. I’ve been advocating for Mariota for at least since last December in the Miami game when Derek went down with an injury and Mariota did well though they lost in Overtime and everyone jumped down my throat and continued to this year when I said they should give him his much deserved chance at running the offense full-time, but all the naysayers said I didn’t know what I was talking about, so my response was let’s see in December if you still feel that way , we’re almost in December and I’m starting to see a lot of support for Mariota sans a few holdouts who can’t read the writing on the wall and for those few that are left what do you have to say for Derek just sitting on his bench each time the defense has to go on the field for a 3 and out scenario not even looking interested in cheering on the defense who he leaves to always bail him out ⁉️

  31. Trade Carr for the Broncos’ Bridgewater? Lots of Broncos fans aren’t happy with Bridgewater either. Raiders need a coach who’ll get the team fired up and stay fired up for all 4 quarters

  32. Listen its so obviuos
    The commissioner is in bed
    with the officials.
    He tells them what to do and for now
    he has chosen to control if raiders win or lose.
    He doesnt like the team he doesnt like the owner he doesnt like the Quarterback and he sure as hell doesnt like Jon Gruden.
    Every week its call after call by officials.
    Its so obviuos.

  33. Carr needs to regain some confidence stop hesitating, throw the fastball, throw the dart. I have been a raiders fan for 50 plus years, and Olson’s play calling is so bland that I can read the play when they line up. They have a lot of good players. Get more creative for God’s sake

  34. I’m a diehard Raiders fan. I am sick of all the talk and your offensive line cant open up holes for our running game. They can’t protect the quarterback. Don’t let me get to the defense. They defense can’t make plays, can’t tackle. You know the ones all talk and getting burned. Not trying to here it come Thursday. Go out and do your **** job to get us a win.

  35. Sorry guys just stop DC not a true winner but serviceable. 2nd really marriotta he is more fire power with more turn overs read his stats. Only way this gets better is tear down organization from top to bottom bring in real leaders n then good players will follow

  36. It’s so sad that Raiders coaches don’t realize that Carr n Mariota is the perfect complement to each other. With both players playing depending on the defensive coverage n situations these 2 QBs could be DEADLY! Opposing defenses will constantly be guessing who’s going to be in on the next play and what the next play the Raiders will run. Can u imagine Mariota running the option play w Josh Jacobs? It’s time to get your courage up coaches n change your offense. N we are just talking of tweaking your offense not putting in a whole new offensive scheme. Keep opponents guessing instead of running same plays over n over each week. Cuz whatever your doing is NOT WORKING! It’s time to gather up some courage n CHANGE! That is what good coaches do. There is a lot of disappointed Raider fans in Hawaii!

    1. Yea Bro , you hit it on the head about the perfect tandem but the Coaches are to stupid to realize what they have. You know its pretty sad when US as fans could do a better job Coaching this team than the guys that get paid 100s of thousands of dollars to do so. It just makes you wonder if anyone in the Organization even cares. I’ve been a Raider fan for over 50yrs and it just makes me sick the way this Organization has gone down hill. Well I just hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and you get to spend Quality time with your family. Just don’t let the final score of the game RUIN it for you or your family .

  37. We need to put in Mariota in the Red Zone and Run Read Option it’s more effective.Carr and or Offense is not producing enough TD’S Carr is Scared to Run it’s killing us in the Red Zone. Mariota is a better passer on the Run and it Freezes Defenses because he can take off like a Lamar Jackson.RNFL

  38. I bleed black and silver i have been a raiders fan for over 20 years and we still suck. It hurts to watch the games and lose, it hurts to watch other teams execute plays exactly how they are to be executed and here we are cant even get past 3rd down. 1 of the major problems is Carr, the raiders have become to “predictable”. Its the same wack *** plays over and over, hence why when Carr throws for 20+ yards everyone is amazed. He plays to fragile and needs to hold the clipboard and give Marcus a chance. How is it Marcus won the Heisman and he’s still benched? Gruden came in and screwed the team up, he cut great players and recruited thrash. I mean was i the only person seeing the damage he did? I O-Line sucks, yea they do but even if Carr had a few more seconds in the pocket he’d get ran down by a line mae, trip/stumble over his feet or his own man, or just throw the ball to his favorite receiver ” out of bounds” . Carr with stats is like Dan Marino, stats don’t mean ish if you ain’t winning. Our defense sucks, on 3rd down the raiders will give you the 1st. You don’t even have to ask just go for it. 3rd and 2! BAM! raiders let you get a 15 yard pick up. We have a lot of changes that need to be made, i live in South Florida aka Dolphin land. I rep that silver and black every chance i get, but is it to much to ask for a winning season? or maybe a super bowl win! I will never not be a raider fan. But i have made an agreement with myself that if we don’t win this Thanksgiving i will not be watching any more Raider games this season. I will die a Raider fan but the Raiders will not kill me.

  39. I feel for Carr I really do, he was great and well on his way to making deep playoff runs possibly even a SB …then he broke his leg after that his back and he has never been the same since. I remember him running for first downs and trying to leap over defenders. He’s scared and while I can’t blame him for being scared I also can’t stand watching him cower under pressure. This is pro football and your gonna get drilled your gonna get hurt. It’s sad to see Brady at 44 standing in there getting slammed as he throws a touchdown. I like Carr I think he’s a great guy, a great dad and husband and all around terrific person but he’s no longer a starting quarterback or if he is it’s just simply not for this team. Trade him to Denver and go all in on Rodgers or Russel Wilson

    1. Cower? He has put his body on the line for this team. Lest we forget Brady in a dress clapping a ref when a roughing the passer call was made and he wasn’t even touched. Carr gets his back broken and he’s out for one game. Toughness speaks for itself.

  40. Yeh
    I have been a Raiders fan since 1973
    My best Raiders friend when we both use to work in the late eighties have given up on me when we use to text each other’s during the games.
    He deleted my text cause he always like Carr and I have been nagging him Carr is no good just like putting up for 6 years during Mark Wilson’s time with the Raiders.
    Just can’t wait for Carr to be gone cause he will never get us to the promise land!

    1. He will take us to a Superbowl. He has shown with the right pieces he’s a winner. 2016 was a year we would have gone to Superbowl imo. Might have won it even.

  41. Biscaccia, you’re the big loser this tyme. You had your chance to bench the Chaplin but you’re obviously to stupid and way to stubborn waiting for who the F know why!?!?!

    Over it

    1. Why don’t you suit up and see what you can do? Carr will take us to Superbowl when we have a team similar to 2016.

  42. So, 1st 7 games we were 5-2 averaging 28 points a game. You all were still bitching about Carr.

    All 5 games we lost, we averaged 14 points a game there are about. I have been a Raider fan since 1966. Plunkett once said, you need to throw past the sticks to give your team a shot for a 1st down and not rely on short catches and expect a 4 or 5 yard gain for the 1st.

    There is where the problem exists. To many short dump off passes and hoping we get the 1st. We need to run stack receivers on 1 side on 3rd and 2 for short 3 yard pass, past the sticks then 1st down. If we can win the 3rd down battles on both sides of the ball, we win the game. PERIOD..

  43. Carr’s post game comments are getting old! “I think we did some great things out there” WTF! Does he think we are fucking morons and not know what bad football is! Geez! Marcus Please Save the Season!!! Bye Carr you suck and have always suck! I have never thought of changing teams and never will but I will quit on the Raiders and football overall! Sick of losing!

    1. I have been hard on Carr many times in the past but honestly I don’t understand why he is taking all crap for the Rider teams lousy performance. There is plenty to blame on both sides of the field . And why is Josh Jacobs being given a free pass on his horrible efforts. When’s the last time he had a notable game? And our GM should be thrown out ASAP. So yes Carr has been somewhat of a disappointment as of late but he’s only 1 part of the problem… Go Raiders

  44. So what! If you’re a fan you have been used to disappointment. Carr is not only the leader we need in the qb position. He is the leader that will take us all the way! He is a beast on and off the field. This nation gets behind its own! We fight together and loose together. This nation will succeed and will rise and DC will lead us, sorry all you non nation suckers can get off here. Win, loose or tie, RAIDER till we die.


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