Raiders Have “Rebuffed Inquiries” From Interested Coaching Candidates

The Raiders have a lot of important decisions coming in the months ahead, but it sounds like any potential search for a head coach hasn’t even entered the consideration phase.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, the Raiders have received significant interest in their potential head coaching vacancy, but owner Mark Davis isn’t ready to consider coaching candidates:

“It’s been a month since Jon Gruden resigned as head coach of the Raiders, but league sources said the team has not begun a coaching search and has rebuffed inquiries from many interested parties as owner Mark Davis focuses on trying to reach the playoffs this season.”

It would be naive to think Davis hasn’t considered coaching options, but with so many decisions to make, it will be interesting to see what order he chooses to execute his plan. There is still a lot to play out, but if the Raiders can compete for the remainder of the year, it’s hard to imagine Davis wouldn’t prefer to let one more season play out before deciding the fate of GM Mike Mayock and interim head coach Rich Bisaccia.

There have also been rumblings that Davis might choose to incorporate himself into football operations a little more. So that will be something to keep an eye on, too.

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77 thoughts on “Raiders Have “Rebuffed Inquiries” From Interested Coaching Candidates

  1. It doesn’t matter how many coaches are high how high quality the coach is as long as you have a loser quarterback you will never achieve anything you will never win you’ll never go to the playoffs you will never be worth s***

    1. You are an idiot. Carr is one of the best quarterbacks they have had in years. Go troll somewhere else.

        1. Only morons who obviously never played football gave the biggest opinions about football it blows me away. Why don’t you go and look at the last 30 super bowl teams and look at how good their defense idiot

          1. DEFENSE!! does go a long way. Go back to the Plunket days, he wasn’t the greatest. The defense pulled most of the weight..

        2. Carr doesn’t play defense, idiot, he currently 2
          ND in the league in passing yards, do your homework, b4 you speak

        3. Last time I checked idiot football is a TEAM sport so you can’t a quarterbacks worth merely on wins and loses, and if I’m not mistaken he’s ranked at 12 th in the league on PROVE ME WRONG smart ***…🦗🦗🦗

      1. I agree, everyone’s always bashing Carr, like our defense hasn’t sucked for the last 10yrs, PLUS all the coaching changes,O.C. changes, General manager, & terrible offenceive line play, blame EVERYTHING on the quarterback, SMDH….😡

    2. All you Carr haters are absolutely RETARDED. DC is and has been an Elite QB through his 8 years. Look at his stats compared to other “Elite” QBs in the league oh here’s the caveat these other so called “Elite QBs” have had good defenses, good offensive lines and plenty of weapons. DC has effectively had NONE of that most of his career and look at how well he does stat wise. Yes winning is important but if the team around you is **** , including coaching staff and owner well then your in trouble so Carr haters just sit down and shut the **** up, because CLEARLY you know nothing about Football

      1. Very well said Kimberly. None of these people know enough to make such comments about 1 person’s individual performance! Last I checked it’s a team sport that requires 52-plus men to build a winning team & that winning team does need to have quality management, coaches & staff to give those 52+men a fighting chance at being an Elite Team!

        GO AWAY HATERS… I’m sure you were happy on Thursday if you’re True Raiders Fans!

        1. Look we keep getting mid ter players in the draft we will all all ways be a C+ team if we don’t charge something. We need to trade away in the draft or go for a rebuild (tank) start fresh

    3. All you Carr haters are absolutely dumb. DC is and has been an Elite QB through his 8 years. Look at his stats compared to other “Elite” QBs in the league oh here’s the caveat these other so called “Elite QBs” have had good defenses, good offensive lines and plenty of weapons. DC has effectively had NONE of that most of his career and look at how well he does stat wise. Yes winning is important but if the team around you is crap , including coaching staff and owner well then your in trouble so Carr haters just sit down and shut up, because CLEARLY you know nothing about Football

      1. I’m not here to judge one way or the other….all i know is, people putting up all these stats, but you all are leaving out one of the biggest
        ..since Carr has entered the nfl, he leads the league in fumbles and this is definitely one of the worst lines hes played behind(the line us usually one of the best), but thats not elite!!!

      2. Well all you care haters since Gannon the QB position has been played by alot of bad qbs. If you want to hate Carr go a head but we’re all fans right well last time I checked we’re still in the hunt for the division with everybody in the division to play again. So you got to believe. A real fan believes in his team not just offense or defense. So unify and believe it’s still right in front of us. But carr has beatin Lamar, big Ben, Dak, with a defense that can’t stop a girl’s lfl player on a good. But I believe in my team and Carr.

      1. First,QB”s always lead the league in fumbles,Brady,Rothsburger, Rodger’s,all have way more fumbled than Carr,Carr’s ranking statistically compared to the money he makes, far outweigh the negatives.
        I blame Mark Davis for this hit job on John gruden, who had the most to gain, Mark Davis 56 million dollars, and as this article says, he regains control of this team, his need to feed his ego, it’s as obvious as the bowl haircut on his head.
        He knew about these emails before he hired Gruden, yet he was the first one to condemn him when the story came out.
        The Davis family have been the biggest obstacle to the raiders improvement in the last 20 years.
        Jon Gruden turn this team around from one of the oldest overpaid teams in the league, to a team competing for a playoff spot for the last 3 years, but the Davis ego just couldn’t stand it, in his genius mind, he believes anybody can coach this team. This is why he’s not looking for a head coach, we finally have a defense, and a good offense, so he decides to save money and run a hit job on Gruden.
        I’ve been a raiders fan since the ’60s, when they moved to Las Vegas I thought it was a dream come true, but the Davis mental illness takes over again, between raiders ownership and Oakland A’s ownership, I guess I’ll have to become a hockey fan again.

      1. No no no u shut your mouth, I know what your problem is U Have a boy crush on Carr and u r affraid to admit it that’s y u r fascinated with him

    4. What a dumbass !!
      Any team would be jumping at the bit if carr became is a team sport and carr has carried this team on his back, he’s had some terrible games but so has Brady, Rodgers and all the others. Their constantly changing players or coaches on him. You can’t do **** without stability !!

    5. I 10000000000% agree with you!! GET RID OF CARR!!!!! He hasn’t taken us to the playoffs nor a SuperBowl… TIME IS UP!!!

    6. Jason you are a cock gobbler as a matter of fact in my 60 years on this planet I have never met a Jason worth a.dam

  2. CARR is not the answer for the Raiders never has been and never will be Raider fans and the Raiders organization needs to realize that carr is Crap and he is bringing down the organization

    1. It’s the management, he has had now, 6 head coaches in 8yrs, he is 1 of only 3 QB’s to have 8 consecutive 3,000 yard seasons passing, the others, Peyton Manning, and Cam Newton, please know your facts. You don’t even sound like a real football fan

    2. I said it once when they 1st contracted him contracted him and I’m saying again since day one we will never be in the playoffs with car

  3. I know and understand that raider fans live in the past,and its hard for you to realize the future,since most of you are used to looking out the bars in prison,or living in a tent under the freeway,but Derek Carr has been feeding you a bunch of bs year after year with the hopes of winning but he has failed,just like 90% of the raider fans out there

    1. Prejudice bitch! Raiders fans are a lot more than people think. How dare you talk like that about people based from their favorite football team.

      1. Tell him about it! I know plenty of Raider fans that live the good life. KC fans are a bunch of tweeking wife beaters if we gonna get stereotypical up in here.

    1. Yea Carr has only been one of the best QBs in the league with nowhere near the talent around him as the other elite QBs 🤷🏽‍♂️

        1. Nothing to do with disliking car or his wonderful stats, it’s his inconsistency. Face a fact, he will never lead the team to a super bowl, his time with the team has proven it.

    2. Who is your solution. And what take to achieve getting this New QB. Carr is pretty friggin good.. especially when the line is holding up in front of him. But apparently you have some plan to get Mahones or Kyler Murray?? Maybe you have some insight on this advertised, week crop for the draft? DeShon Watson? Let’s hear it

    3. Oh Jason are you the subway guy the child molester you ain’t got enough sense to pour piss out of a boot you must be a chief fan take your *** and get out of your opinions of the Raiders because you suck donkey dicks

    4. Face the facts
      The Raiders don’t need your fake fan *** go sit on a vikings horn
      You’ll love it
      Sure it won’t be the first time will it

  4. Jason,

    So certain Carr is the answer to the problem but the Raiders have basically been shitty for almost 2 decades and at least another dozen starting QB’s over that time but I guess those years were Carr’s fault as well? This organizations problems are deeper than 1 player.

    1. Carr is only one of 5 qb’s in NFL HISTORY to throw 30,000 yards in first 8 seasons. But he IS THE ISSUE RIGHT?


    1. Why??? So we don’t have a Quarterback period! Watson is a classless pig that will continue to think he can do whatever he wants to whoever he wants! That man doesn’t represent anything that the Raiders stand for end of story!

  5. I’ve been a Raider fan since 1976. I’ve been through the good and bad times. Derek Carr is not the problem. Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer, Jeff George and Jamarcus Russell were problems. I think people need to look at the Raiders defense the last 7 years. When you have to score 30-35 points a game to win that’s not really on the QB is it. This year is a collective team effort. The whole team has been thrown into disarray. That’s Carrs fault?

  6. Sounds like Jason isn’t a raiders fan but just wants the raiders to get rid of carr so his broncos can snag another vet because they can’t seem to draft one and have you been to denver all jinds of broncos fans living under bridges lol

  7. Jason is probably one of these fans that hop on the bandwagon every year,plays fantasy football and knows nothing about the Raiders and the history of Raider Nation.Go back to your mom’s basement Mijo!

  8. I wish Carr would take a reduced salary to help the raiders get more players. Brady did it his whole career and it seemed to work out pretty well.

  9. Thank goodness for real RAIDERS fans. Like Kim and Thomas. George and Jason are ignorant as
    F***. Since 2015 Carr has the most game winning drives (24). Then any other qb in that time span. A real fan would know that. He may not have the playoff wins or super bowl trophies to show for it but his statistics speak for themselves. Plus show me another qb as selfless and loyal to an organization then he is is. Plus, not all super bowl winning qb are elite. I mean come on Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer both won super bowls.

  10. Carr is not the problem it’s the HORRIBLE draft picks over the years all top picks – Ruggs – Arnette – Karl Joseph – Lynn Bowden – C Ferrell – Could have drafted top linebackers – receivers & CB – GM needs to go.

  11. The ineptitude (realize that’s a big word for some of you) has absolutely nothing to do with Carr. Go ahead hit all the massage spas till you find Watson and put him in with same exact o line weapons and defense and see what you get. He’ll be running harder then he does from the law. It’s not worth exploring after the Gruden Ruggs debacle the last thing Davis is gonna do is bring in anyone with questions regarding morals Imagine Watson in Vegas hahaha like a kid in a candy store. Keep Carr on the cheap get Riddick as GM and let him hire a competent coach n staff Turn the **** draft decisions around and for gods sake keep Davis as far from operations as possible Also try a little patience and wait to see what remaining season looks like.

  12. This is actually very humorous. Anyone who blames Carr for the Raiders futility knows nothing about football. All one needs to look at is where the Raiders ranked on defense.

  13. Look football is a team sport it takes 11 men on o 11 on d 11 on st not to mention depth coaching and the training staff to win games 1 person can’t be held responsible for a team win or loss so it seems as Carr is getting persecuted for everything that is wrong with the Raiders instead of being praised for the class leadership and the consistency that he has brought to the raiders organization, let’s just use this one fun fact just to make my point a couple of years ago when he was throwing to Crabtree and cooper they led the league in drops and Carr still had great stats so all of u Carr haters kill your self if you don’t like him because he is the truth as a qb

  14. DC is been better this year, however his decision making during pivotal moments in game has always been a question mark throughouthis career.. after breaking his femur he was very timid to make a deep pass for cpl yrs.. he’s gotten back to form this yr. But if you like to base things on stats than DC is your guy. But he’s not a winning QB and stats are forgotten after each yr. And although we collectively play bad on both sides of thr ball. DC still doesn’t always bring what he has to win football games. This year been tough for all of us.

  15. It’s a Team sport. Agreed, but the article isn’t about the team or players, it’s about the teams head coach. Who does the Nation think would be the Best candidate and why?

  16. Put Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady in with the same **** as Carr has has to deal with and I guarantee you they wouldn’t be the same QB, it’s a total team effort Carr has been pretty close to God like considering what he’s had, put DC on the Packers or Bills and watch him win SBs it’s the Oline and the Defense they are both terrible have been for the better part of the last 20 years

  17. 60 years stood by Raiders a true fan ..1 play off game in 20 years rest of division got to playoffs 6 times EACH in 20 years..Carr is not a leader on field …great stats …STATS Don’t WIN GAMES POINTS DO

  18. Look we keep getting mid ter players in the draft we will all all ways be a C+ team if we don’t charge something. We need to trade away in the draft or go for a rebuild (tank) start fresh

  19. As Bill Belichick said, “Stats are for losers. The final score is for winners.”
    Now in his eighth season, Derek Carr’s Win/Loss record is 53-68. In other words, he’d almost have to go undefeated next year just to get to .500. — We should call him Captain Convenience store cause his records going forward will usually be 7-11.

    It’s Carr’s eighth season and not only has he never won a playoff game — he’s never been in one.

    Also, since Carr entered the league in 2014, he leads the NFL in fumbles lost.

    New quarterbacks like Kyler Murray, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen and Joe Burrow have elevated their respective teams almost immediately — and don’t tell me you think Joe Burrows’ Bengals have more talent than the Raiders: Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow, DeSean Jackson, Kenyan Drake are a pretty talented group.

    And our Defense has started to play pretty well lately…

    IF we only had a good NFL quarterback, we could make the playoffs… but Carr is a sub-500 quartrback, and always will be… He can have a great “statistical” win one in three games… but that don’t make the playoffs, as he’s shown us for eight years now…

  20. If it were that easy to find a winning QB everyone would have one. My concern is the running game we can’t seem to get that going. Then the stupid penaltys. Everyone has to execute. Our defense backfield looks lost have of the time and our offensive line is not very good. Let’s fix those problems and if Carr still can’t win Let’s blame him.

    If we’re all true fans, as we say we are. Then we all know the policy that been in place for over 20 years on how the Raiders organization feelings towards any form of abuse on women of any kind by anyone from top brass to hole digger aren’t welcome to apply or remain employed by the Raiders organization. The problems they have suffered in past years has been the freaking penalties,giving up big plays on both sides of the ball and not playing four quarters of football. After reading a few messages on here, I would agree hiring Harbaugh would be a step in the right direction or bring back Del Rio.
    Fraser Has Left The Building

  22. 8 years… What’s Carr had now, 4 or 5 head coaches it seems like, lmao! And the year he had his leg broken, while his All-Pro $100 million dollar all-black offensive line, played like JV high-school players, because He wouldn’t kneel during the National anthem! And cost us the playoffs, Carr, and a possible SB run that year…. But yeah, Carr is garbage lmao!!! Football is chemistry through 3 phases of football~ and belief/faith… Carr can give Us exactly what We need at QB~ but he needs balance around Him as well… Brady had the same coach and organization for 20yrs! Imagine what Superbowl possibilities could have happened if Holmgren had been there with Aaron Rodgers this whole time!!! How many times would have We seen Rodgers and Brady going at it!?!?! How many more rings would Rodgers have? How many less would Brady have?

  23. Oh you mean the qb who has thrown for over 3,000 yards 5 consecutive seasons..maybe you should actually watch the games, then you might know what the **** your talking about.. Dumb ****!!!

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