Jon Gruden Reportedly Mulling Legal Options, His Saga With the NFL “Anything But Over”

The NFL may be done with Jon Gruden, but it sounds like Gruden might not be done with the NFL.

“This is anything but over,” a league source told CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora on the legal recourse that many expect Gruden to take against the NFL.

La Canfora reported on Sunday that Gruden is still weighing his legal options and it sounds like the former Raiders’ head coach might have a strong case:

“Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden continues to mull his legal options with several lawyers advising those close to him that they would be willing to take on a lawsuit against commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL over the handling of emails that resulted in Gruden resigning a few weeks ago…

Some lawyers have asserted that Gruden could have a tortious interference case, claiming the NFL influenced his ouster for private emails that were sent while he was not a league employee that were revealed at a time to inflict maximum damage to Gruden’s career.”

Should he need support from the Raiders, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see owner Mark Davis to some extent in Gruden’s corner. Davis was put in a difficult position by the timing of Gruden’s leaked emails and he clearly didn’t appreciate the way the league handled the information they had on Gruden.

It has been reported that the league was urging Davis to fire Gruden sooner than he did and from the outside it looked a lot like someone may have been threatening additional emails (that ultimately did go public) to push the Raiders to dump Gruden. If that can be proven to have happened, Gruden might eventually be on the receiving end of another big payout… albeit at the loss of his NFL coaching career.

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15 thoughts on “Jon Gruden Reportedly Mulling Legal Options, His Saga With the NFL “Anything But Over”

  1. Let me say that Gruden suing anyone for his sudden but overdue removal from position n league he was basically away from for lengthy period n would have not been part of again had it not been for Davis’ “man-crush” n being the worst owner in history offering Gruden substantially more than he was ever worth n more than any other team would offer would only further tarnish his reputation. Gruden suing over his real self being exposed would do nothing to absolve him of emails, not provide any justification for emails, n would most certainly guarantee his removal from organized sports at all levels forever.

    Let me add that while he more than likely would receive money from such a suit it would omly be due to fact that most cases result in settlement as it costs more money to defend a lawsuit than it does to prosecute one. I could envision many defenses the league could mount against any Gruden suit n it could result in revealing more Gruden skeletons in a closet full of them. I dont know if Gruden’s huge ego could take more hits than it has.

    Let me further add that Gruden would have to prove that these emails were somehow prohibited from being released (no matter timing) n that the timing of their release as he would argue caused him damage as opposed to emails exposure occurring after season. Gruden may have trouble doing that as league could easily show Gruden actually benefitted by released emails since team just lost 2 games in a row, offense’s inability (up to that point) to generate points in 1st half of each game (Gruden as coach) set franchise records. Gruden could not say that team would have won had he remained in fact it could be reasonably asserted that Gruden would have lost a lot more thus finally leaving Davis no alternative but to fire Gruden (something that should have occurred previously).

    The league can easily show that Gruden remained in job he didnt deserve only because Davis has some abnormal infatuation with at best a mediocre coach who should have never (career doesnt show he was deserving or successful at any time in his career) received total control of franchise.

    There are many more arguments I could list and create that would cause problems for any suit Gruden may think about undertaking. But considering Gruden publicly stated he would give back money n leave if he failed when returning to team n fact that he hasnt and didnt when he resigned (because that still equates to him failing if you fail to believe his failure to produce thus far didnt provide enough merit to determine he had failed prior to resigning) shows me he possesses no honor, respect for the game, n enough dignity to walk away gracefully n will more than likely pursue a civil suit based upon his ego.

    This man has been blessed so much n takes it all for granted as does most who receive a lot but fail to realize what true meaning of life is.

    Gruden has shown himself to be a very deceitful, insincere person who is driven by ego based upon a reputation unjustly bestowed upon him n one he bought into n believes it himself. He will never admit that he fails to merit most of the characteristics, traits, compliments that have been associated with Gruden for quite some time. Things that Al Davis clearly knew were unwarranted which is why he rid the franchise of him way back when. Too bad Al did not have meaningful conversations with his son Mark or football smarts would have rubbed off on him n this infatuation with Gruden would not exist.

      1. You’re right yes I seen my man is missing the point severely it took him a long statement to all relate the fact that coach Gruden right to privacy with greatly disrespected by Rodger Goodell, the fact that he’s a mediocre coach has no weight in this situation, yes, indeed mr. Davis had a man crush going on but let’s not forget the fact that mr. Davis was put in an awkward position **** near in the middle of the season to fire the head coach for comments that were made while not in the NFL employ the bottom line is I think he has a great basis for a lawsuit

    1. What a wind bag gruden hater haha you are a joke and nothing you just stated is factual , total opinionated hit piece of dribble

    2. Richard… you spent a LOT of time on this. I can see that not only do you have no idea what football is but that the Raiders are living rent free in your fancy world. Hater gotta hate but your dribble just shows that maybe middle schoolers should not be allowed on an adult post site.

  2. It is past time that the NFL is taken to task. Like I said, Gruden will sue for 50 Million dollars in lost wages, another 50 Million dollars in lost future income and 100 Million dollars in character assassination. He will subpoena ALL 750,000 emails from the Washington team and probably all emails from ALL NFL teams to prove that he was targeted.
    Even if he doesn’t win, he will shine the light behind the dirty NFL curtain. And I wish him ALL the luck in doing so.

  3. As intriguing as the situation is, it is now Gruden’s problem. He sent the emails that he composed. The content of those emails indicate a toxic mindset. The Raiders need to stay focused and detached from the drama, with all of their energy directed towards winning games. Goodell and the NFL have treated the Raiders with a certain disdain forever. Hope the team and fans continues to shed that like water off a ducks back.

  4. Gruden needs to sue the NFL so that they can be held accountable for there wrongs against anyone they decide to attack , they are not above the Law.

  5. Richard… you spent a LOT of time on this. I can see that not only do you have no idea what football is but that the Raiders are living rent free in your fancy world. Hater gotta hate but your dribble just shows that maybe middle schoolers should not be allowed on an adult post site.

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