Are The Raiders Hoping Kolton Miller Can Take Over At Left Tackle?

Is Kolton Miller going to be the Raiders starting left tackle this season?

It may seem like a long shot, but considering Donald Penn’s age (35), his uncertain health, and the difficulties he is dealing with off the field, there is a lot working against the Raiders veteran left tackle.

An NFL Network report last week hinted that the Raiders may ask Penn to take a pay cut – an indication the Raiders aren’t confident in what they’re going to get from their veteran left tackle.

And now the Raiders have opened rookie mini-camp with Miller at left tackle.

“We’re going to start him off on the left side, get him comfortable over there,” Jon Gruden told media members last week. “That’s where he has recently played. We like him at left tackle. We think he’s a prototype left tackle. He can bend, he’s got the length that you’re looking for, and he’s a sharp kid.”

The fair question is, does it really matter where Miller lines up in rookie mini-camp?

Maybe not, but given the fact that the Raiders drafted Miller 15th overall and were planning to draft him 10th overall, he’s almost guaranteed to start somewhere. And don’t underestimate the fact that it was the coaches that were pushing to draft Miller in the first place.

Just a guess, but it sure looks like Miller will get first crack at left tackle and if Penn has any type of setback (or won’t take a pay cut?), Miller could end up with the job by default.

Obviously, there is a lot to be determined. It’s only May. Miller could play himself out of a position or someone else could step up. But watch the situation closely…

In baseball, the tie goes to the runner. As this coaching staff is concerned, anything close to a tie at left tackle will probably go to the rookie.

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4 thoughts on “Are The Raiders Hoping Kolton Miller Can Take Over At Left Tackle?

  1. The player who performs the best throughout training camp and preseason should be the starter. Nothing is official, or matters until those two things happen.

  2. Competition brings out the best in any situation. No one should ever feel entitled based on past performance or income. There’s always some young buck whose hungry and seeking a meal. I love what Gruden has done it’s old school this modern society wherein I should just get something because I’m breathing.

  3. Whether Miller starts at LT this season or not, it’s pretty obvious that he is the most athletic OT in our roster. With Penn signed for this season and considering the salary of signing starter worthy LT in FA market, it’s smart to give him reps at LT in camp.

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