Report: Amari Cooper Wasn’t Happy With The Raiders

Amari Cooper isn’t with the Raiders any longer and according to a report on Tuesday, that’s exactly the way he wanted it. He was no longer happy being a Raider.

“According to team sources, it was clear he wasn’t long for the Raiders,” Marcus Thompson reported via The Athletic. “He didn’t demand a trade but set the wheels in motion for it, though it may have happened sooner than he ever expected. The Raiders, according to one source, were obliging Cooper’s overtures and got a first-round pick out of it.”

It’s worth noting that Cooper shares an agent with Khalil Mack and there’s a good chance Cooper’s contract was headed down a similar path to Mack’s. There was already a report that Cooper wanted a new contract worth at least $15 million per year to be signed before the final year of his rookie deal (just like Mack).

He may not have asked for a trade, but if Cooper wanted out, Gruden was wise to get rid of him while there was still value. And on a side note, expect to hear more about Cooper’s practice habits in the days and weeks ahead. To be as inconsistent as he was on the field, you can be sure he wasn’t a lot different in his preparation.

Watching the Cooper/Carr connection over the years, it’s worth noting that Cooper was never Carr’s most reliable receiver. He was the team’s most dynamic receiver, but Cooper was often on a different page than Carr when it came to routes and reading the defense. It’s fair to wonder if Cooper’s lack of targets had more to do with a lack of trust than anything else. Certainly Cooper didn’t gain any trust from his quarterback this year when he stopped on a deep throw (against the Dolphins) that was designed specifically for him.

Now let’s see if Martavis Bryant, who Gruden traded a third-round pick for, will be any better.

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19 thoughts on “Report: Amari Cooper Wasn’t Happy With The Raiders

  1. With all those first round draft picks on the horizon, could we be looking at a lot more Kolton Millers??

    Gpoin back to his early days, Gruden’s draft picks haven’t done so well. Based on this year’s bust, I wouldn’t expect this to improve.

        1. There you go. Thank you for that clarification. So, where’s the evidence that Gruden is such a great assessor of talent?

          Look, he did put together a great offensive team from fee agents like Gannon, Garner, Wheatley and the like. But, I don’t remember him first identifying and then developing any draft picks that succeeded. Please let me know if I’ve missed anybody here.

        1. — and some people believe what they want to believe, in this case that Gruden is some sort of genius, way ahead of all the other NFL coaches but just needing all these number 1 draft choices to build a super team for Las Vegas.

          Let’s all just take a breath and see what happens over the next 5-6 years, i.e. if Gruden really does have it all figured out and will come out on top, or if he’s just an arrogant, overrated has-been that’s doomed to fail and drive this franchise into the ground for years to come.

      1. OK, one successful choice out of how many?? And that, as I remember, was pretty much a no brainer.

    1. Kolton Miller has played 6 games starting at one of the most important positions on the offense, has a banged up knee and he’s been getting praise on his play by many around the nfl. Not sure how many 1st round pick 23 year old #15 pick left tackles have come in and shut down some of the best pass rushers in the NFL in that of time.

    2. this yrs bust? Wtf you talking about. Kolton has been pretty **** good. No where near bust.

  2. This is truly a shame, I thought he was the best WR to come out of thr draft in many years, & he might still be. I don’t know what is going on in Oakland, in the 50+ years I’ve been a Raider fan I’ve never witness any thing like what’s going on this year. It’s like Jon’s trying to get all the 1st round draft picks. Then we’ll have to get someone to teach them how to play. I’m sick

    1. You’re joking, right? You’ve been a fan for 50 years and you’ve never witnessed anything like this. Who are you, Rip Van Winkle? Were you asleep?

      I’ve seen this mess play out at least 40 of the 45 years I have watched this team. Won’t stop watching or listening or buying gear, so maybe I’m a masochist…. you’ll have to ask my wife…

      Same **** show, different year.

    2. I’ve been a Raider fan for 50+ myself and I totally get what’s going on. It a combination of not enough capital to pay all these players and scheme fit. Mack was the only player I’m sure they regret letting go. Everyone else to include Cooper and Carr should be moved. As much as I hate to say it, this team was going nowhere. Yes, everyone keeps pointing to the 12-4 season Which was an anomaly) they had 2 yrs ago but once they got rid of the OC (not Gruden’s fault by the way) and they had to pay D. Carr his big payday, things went south after this. Take a look at the last 16 yrs since Gruden left and you’ll see a trail of mediocre to bad football. This thing needed to be blown up. At best this current team was going to be a 7 to 9 win team max – again mediocre. Too many draft reaches since Reggie got here hasnt helped either. I wish we had better news but it is what it is. Lets what what happens with all these top draft pick. At least we can hope

    3. You should be. I certainly am. Flat out, I don’t think Chuckie knows what he is doing. If he did, he’d find a way to keep the team’s quality players and build around them, using a system that complements their talents. That’s what successful coaches do, not burn down the building and start from the very beginning.

  3. I wanted Todd Gurley that year and I figured even if takes a season for his knee to heal he would still end up being a good RB. The look on Amari Cooper’s face when the Raiders picked him scared me and I’m just not sure if he loves getting hit and therefore I’m not sure if he loves football. I guess we’ll find out if it was him or Carr that wasn’t good enough.

    1. Funny how a team that went 12-4 just a couple of years ago – when all of these players, including Amari, were playing at a Pro Bowl level – are suddenly deeply flawed.

      Hmmm, I wonder what happened????

  4. Let’s get this straight. Cooper was not targeted much because Carr is a ‘check down’ king. Since Carr has been in the league he has failed to allow plays to fully develop. Often times Cooper is open, but Carr is so scared that he dumps off to his check down receiver. That is why we dink and dunk so much. Anybody with a little knowledge of the game can see that.

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