Raiders Still Believe They Have A Star In Gareon Conley

There was barely a player on the Raiders roster that exceeded expectations in 2017.

Rodney Hudson, T.J. Carrie, and Nicholas Morrow probably round out the list.

Khalil Mack is a victim of his own success – the only way he could actually exceed expectations would be by swallowing a quarterback whole (ideally Philip Rivers).

With everyone else on the team essentially looking for a bounce-back season, there should be plenty of competition for “comeback” player of the year in Jon Gruden’s first season back in black.

Just for kicks, I asked someone mighty familiar with what’s going on these days in Oakland which player is going to surprise the most in 2018.

His answer, assuming he stays healthy, was Gareon Conley.

Despite a miserable rookie season plagued by injury and other issues, the new coaching staff has high hopes for Conley in his second year.

Conley was so impressive prior to injuring his leg in the offseason, there was little question that he was headed for a full-time role right away.

After the injury, Conley didn’t particularly grow in favor with the previous coaching staff and of all people, this source believes Conley is poised to benefit as much as anyone from a new coaching presence in the building.

(Sorry, Rod Woodson)

Given the Raiders situation at cornerback, Conley’s emergence would be more than welcomed.

As of now, Conley and Rashaan Melvin are about all the Raiders have to feel good about at cornerback – and both ended last year on injured reserve.

So without a doubt, the Raiders very much need the connected source, who will remain nameless, to be spot-on with his prediction for Conley.

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6 thoughts on “Raiders Still Believe They Have A Star In Gareon Conley

  1. To be on the safe side , they should probably consider drafting a couple of corners in case Conley and/or Melvin turn into peanut brittle and come apart again .

    1. I totally agree with you!!! Please draft some great CB’s and edge rushers” MOST OF ALL BRING BACK Navarro Bowman

  2. Most improved means you actually have to have played last year. I’m not writing this kid off but I’m tired of hearing about how good he is. We dont know that yet!!! He hasn’t put in enough reps for people to make a decision yet. What, he looked good in practice? Or the half a game he played in? Bounce back year needs to be Derek Carr. Conley just needs to worry about staying on the field.

  3. if oliver out of colorado is still there in the 2nd round that would be great. maybe a steal if raider’s can take him.

  4. Totally agree. Conley hasn’t done diddley. He really needs to step up this year. There were drama the first day we dradted him. No more BS. We need this guy to be a professional and lock things down.

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