ESPN Beat Writer Offered “Doomsday Scenario” For Derek Carr and the Raiders

The Raiders and Derek Carr have a lot to sort out in the months ahead. The quarterback’s future with the team is more uncertain than it has ever been – as are a lot of matters within the organization at the moment.

Unlike the rumors that have swirled around Carr in the past, however, this time there seems to be a real chance that the Raiders will go in a new direction at quarterback. Jon Gruden is gone and some believe that owner Mark Davis hasn’t been the strongest voice for keeping Carr in recent years.

If it happens that Carr finds a new team in the offseason, ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez brought up a nightmare scenario for the Raiders this week during an appearance on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM’s In The Huddle with Vinny Bonsignore.

“I’ll leave you with one last doomsday scenario,” Gutierrez told host Bonsignore. “Derek Carr leaves and whichever team he’s on, he leads them into Allegiant Stadium for the Super Bowl in 2024.”

It’s the ultimate hypothetical talking point that Carr would leave the Raiders and win a Super Bowl, but it’s probably a safe assumption that if Carr leaves, he will go to a playoff-caliber team. There are a handful of rosters around the league that are a quarterback away from competing for a championship. Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and the Packers (if they lose Aaron Rodgers, but not Davante Adams) are a few teams that come to mind.

So it’s possible that Carr’s next team (if he is traded) will have more success than the Raiders.

But a Super Bowl? That would be a tough pill to swallow.

The Raiders have seen a few too many lows in the last 20 years, but nothing would sting quite like watching Carr win a Super Bowl in Allegiant Stadium in a different uniform.

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81 thoughts on “ESPN Beat Writer Offered “Doomsday Scenario” For Derek Carr and the Raiders

  1. The Raiders still have not built a team around Carr … He should give them the ultamatim … Get me some quality teammates and better coaches or he will demand a trade !

    1. That’s what he needs to do. He’s been there eight years and hasn’t had a consistent team around him. I like to see him win a Super Bowl with the Raiders once they draft the right players around him.

  2. I dont know what to think after reading this. It would be tough to see happen but its tough now watching same stuff unfold year after year. I can be certain of one thing though there are 2 people more culpable than Carr for the poor showing for last 4 years n those people are Gruden n more culpable Davis (for hiring Gruden).

    If anyone believes this team would not be sitting at current record or worse with Gruden still running the show u need some serious mental health treatment.

    So it is hard for me a supporter of Carr to say with enough certainty that we should move on from Carr. I will offer this; should Davis continue to make any decisions then yes Carr should be allowed to move on. If that occurs I sure hope he comes back n beats us every chance he gets n we are made to regret that choice. The reason being is we deserve it. We do not deserve any success because we have the worst owner in history who makes decisions based upon man crushes and gives the keys to the dude he is infatuated with allowing him to ruin the little turnaround we had occurring prior to Gruden’s return.

    We will remain dysfunctional until Davis relinquishes ownership or begins making smart decisions n truly caring about us fans n not his love for a man.

    I know many fans will dislike my comments but I can only speak what I feel. I bleed silver n black n over the course of many years now I have been gushing blood to the point I may bleed out soon. I was younger n my beloved Raiders had the highest win percentage in all sports. Not just football ALL SPORTS. Then it went to just football n now we have become laughing stock.

    It sickens me n I am certain that Al Davis is turning in his grave regretting not just allowing this team to fall into his son’s hands but regretting having created his son probably wishing he wore a condom. I am certain he would be extremely disappointed in his son.

    1. I hear the Broncos are always looking for new fans.
      Serious mental health treatment; that’s called “projecting”.

    2. Mark Davis didn’t bench Marcus Allen, fire Mike Shanahan, demand that the yearly ” highlights” film contain bold faced lies as to that season’s statistical excellence, or create such a Perpetual culture of losing, that out of frustration, Raiders DE Taylor Brayton attempted to kick a KC Chiefs lineman in the balls.

      1. Lmao I was a raider fan before I hit the ground 47 years later I’m reading the way we jump ship on our quarter back when anyone who knows anything about football 1 guy don’t win or lose it takes a team and he has not had that at all in 8 yrs

    3. The little turnaround we had before Gruden? Are you forgetting that we went 6-10 the year before Gruden? Or that Del Rio went 25-23 in 3 years? I don’t think Mark Davis hiring Jon Gruden was the horrible decision you make it out to be. In addition, Mark got a brand new stadium for the Raiders, something that Al was never able to accomplish.

    4. Well Sir, you don’t know, what you don’t know. I was one of first Raider fans I know that
      was bragging about the return of “Chuckie” (Jon Gruden) I did not know this would happen and believe me, I don’t think Mark Davis or Jon Gruden did either. When he
      let Crabtree, Agholor, Mack, Hudson , Jackson, Penn, AmariCooper, Osemele, latavius Murray, Malcolm Smith, Perry Riley, Austin Howard, all go from the 2016 12-4 team I
      thought there was a better option. There really was’nt. He blew up the team because
      Jack Del Rio built it. I didn’t know, neither did Mark Davis. When the blame fell on Reggie Mackenzie. Again, I didn’t know. Neither did Mark Davis. Should Davis have had people around him analyzing each and every move? Probably, but he did not know.

    5. Wow. Gruden was turning this team around. As great as Al Davis was for a long time, do we forget his meddling in the 2000s that brought us horrible picks. He is the one that had his ego bruised by the fact that Gruden was, deservedly, getting the accolades for turning the franchise around and sending him to Tampa Bay to embarrass us in the Superbowl. He is also the man that tried to ruin Marcus Allen’s legacy on this team and in football in general by benching him for petty reasons. Seems a little bit line father like son, except for the obvious acumen that Davis had in his earlier days in the league. Food for thought.

    6. With the exception of the last paragraph, I couldn’t agree more. Gruden was a bad hire from the beginning. From Mack to trashing one of the best O lines in football. Davis got what he deserved. And we got anguish.

    7. Dam that’s greatest stuff I’ve heard on this site I just wanted to thank you for not just trying to bash on Carr but you actually are very correct on the scenario.
      Raider Nation Just Win Baby
      Fresno State Bulldogs

    8. Al Davis is the one who turned this team into crap. It was under HIS guidance the Raiders went from being one of the best teams to one of the worst. How can anyone forget that?

    9. Agree, totally. What a STUPID mistake it was to hand over total control of the team to a coach 12 years removed from the game, and on top of that, one with a lousy record a drafting /acquiring talent. Mark “the Dummy” Davis
      IS the core problem, here.

  3. I like Carr good guy but he’s not winning a super bowl. Tired of these foolish articles from raider beat. He’s a good QB but he’s not a leader and holds the team back at times. Dude was a step away from being a back up. Gruden built him up again and he’s back to where he was before Gruden.

    1. Dude, Nick Foles has won a Superbowl. Joe Flacco has a ring, and was on a perennial contender. They’re both backup QB’s at best. Carr is literally ten times better than either one, and that’s not exaggerating. Any starting QB in the NFL can play in the Superbowl, what matters is the team around them. Good QB’s do make the teams around them better, but only to an extent, just like a bad QB can hold a good team back, but only to an extent. Its about a +4 or -4 win difference based on the quality of QB. Carr has been between +3 and +4 his entire career, minus his rookie season. Other then that, he CONSTANTLY puts the team in position to win. If Raiders had even a shred of a run game right now, they’d have the #1 offense. But they don’t, so defenses can just sit back and defend the pass w/o worrying about the run. That’s why TD’s are down. The run cant punch them in despite being carried there by the pass, and defenses focus all their energy into shutting the WR’s down in the RZ. If Raiders had a competent team, Carr would make them a contender. But they don’t, and casual fans blame Carr.

    2. Um where do I begin. Carr had his greatest success before Gruden. I love Gruden, but Carr has been the most consistent player on this team. If he does go to a team with a top 15 defense he will surely bring that team a Superbowl. He has all the tools and all the heart to win. He has a winning attitude and is the toughest QB in the game. His win loss record doesn’t reflect that, but you plug ANY other QB into his situation the last 8 years and you will have the same results. When you look at the greatest QBs past and present, without a top 15 defense they are not successful…Tom Brady (look it up) and Aaron Rodgers (same thing).

    3. I can already tell Alex that you’re one of those fake fans that blame Carr for every loss. The RAIDERS never built a team around him and if this scenario plays out like this article says, I hope that we’re both around and I tell you that I told you so.

  4. So be it if it happens!
    Now, let’s move on cause his time with the Raiders are long gone.
    It keeps the hopeless hope and we have been hoping for a very long time.
    It’s time for a changed no matter what the outcome is!

    1. I keep saying the same thing….its not DC’s fault that the raiders suck, which pains me to say!!! if they cannot figure out how to build the o-line and receiving corps, then DC should go….for his sake!!!NO pocket qb can play behind that line and a qb that is not extremely versatile will get crushed behind that line!!! that unit is so bad that the running backs are useless. the raiders are virtually a pass first (only) team without receivers!!! DC is both a very talented qb and an inspirational leader, if the raiders office can’t figure it out, DC deserves to go to a winning team for all the BS he has put up with. although I’m a raiders fan for life, would love to see DC in Indianapolis!!!

      1. Agreed! When he has a strong line….he is on fire. When the line fails….well he fails. I don’t think MD is going to let him go. They need to fix that o line!

    2. Then you are committed to losing. Do you know how hard it is to get a great QB in an organization?

    3. I think change is the problem. To much of it. If we would just galleon putting band aids on the problem spots then how can we heal what’s wrong and vice versa if we keep giving away our good players that how can we survive? I agree we have to build a team around the QB and I feel like Carr has never had the opportunity to do so with the exception of that year he got hurt right before the playoffs and we never even had our backup QB’s run plays. Can’t get those years back. Need to build a team to help the QB run his team.

  5. Would serve them tight, so.many Raider fans don’t see how good of a player Carr is. They name him for the teams dysfunction

  6. Carr without a doubt a elite q/b all these other teams knows it, every time the ball is snapped he has to run for his life he’s not going to know how to act when he actually has time to throw the ball without someone dragging him to the ground and somehow he still manages to put points on the board he has receivers that can’t catch the ball has a mediocre running back that picks up one or two yards or getting tacking down in the backfield for a loss, there is no other quarterback anywhere that can do any better than Carr with this O line worst O line I have ever seen, I’m a Steeler’s fan I hope we get him,but what ever team gets him Mark Davis can come back and tell me how it works out for him, he will be chasing his tale trying to find a Q/B that will come close to Carr.

  7. What happens to my nephew, Richie Incognito? His dad was my brother after loosing him a few years ago.

  8. When the Raiders O line doesn’t show up, Beast Myles Garrett will lunch Carr. Him or Mariota need to roll out left or right and deceive the defenses they play. Covid-19 showed for the Browns, who will show up for the Raiders?

  9. Padding his stats to get into HOF. At Fresno state he was the ****. With the Raiders now they’re the ****. Trade Carr and get much needed assets. MM is the better of the 2 at qb. Develope a qb for 3 yrs to push MM. Carr had 8yrs…..what a bust. Get Rodgers or Russel in that order
    If Raiders trade both carr and MM for assets. Both got rings. Aloha

    1. Mm is better, that’s why Carr starts and MM sits. There isn’t a QB in the league that would be more successful than Carr with the current roster. Brady has often said a QB is only as good as his Oline. In truth the team sucks due to Gruden’s drafts. The best player on the team( Carr) was drafted before Gruden became coach. What’ I do find funny is while many Raider fans can’t stand Carr and blame him for everything, fans of other teams know how good he really is. On another note, I’d like to see Mayock given a chance to draft his players instead of always being overruled by Gruden, although I doubt that will happen.

  10. This type of hypothetical verbal miezma is what sportswriter will offer about the Raiders all offseason. Sportswriters get paid to write and in the absence of facts they propose this and propose that all the time. It’s what they do. Irrespective of what anyone writes, NO ONE is writing about the Raiders winning anything because the Raiders are not winning anything. So, in the absence of of wins and positive results just take this soon to be forgotten article and throw it in the trash along with everything else about the Raiders until they win some games.

  11. I want to know how Raiders fans like myself would feel about the Raiders trying to trade Carr on a one for one trade? By this I mean no one gets draft picks just QB for QB. Trade straight up for Wilson vs Carr. Watson vs Carr. If everyone thinks Carr is as good as they think , then this should be a no brainer. But if teams refuse what does this say about Carr. Think about it.

  12. I put this article to rest simply by saying

    He is not better than Aaron Rodgers who is a QB that goes through his progressions to find the best throw to do, and if Aaron Rodgers can’t win a SB with this team I promise you Carr will not.

    Rodgers does not miss wide open receivers.. in fact put Rodgers on this current Raider team and I guarantee they beat the Bears the Giants and the Washington Football team and we are sitting with the same record as Green Bay right now

  13. Lol I have been saying.get rid of Carr since 2016

    Carr cant even find his way out of a paper bag.There is no way Carr coukd leed a team to the super bowl.Carr could’nt even go back to college and win.He is a looser at qb

  14. This weekend will be decisive for Carr. He will be playing a team with COVID-19 issues and should be able to get out with a win. If not Davis needs to definitely make a decision.

  15. These articles get more pathetic by the day! I love the line about some inside the organization say Davis hasn’t been keen on Carr for several years now….who are these someone’s, but a name to them if you want an article to be legit! The fact that some playoff, super bowl worthy teams would love to have Carr as their QB, well of course they would which is why Davis will sign him to an extension and if there is a new HC on the horizon he will most definitely want a QB that other teams clamor for, instead of rolling the dice on a college QB (this year’s crop aren’t supposed to be that good) or a free agent that is possibly worse than Carr. Before anyone says well what about Rodgers or Wilson, or even DeShawn Watson none of that will happen believe it!!

  16. Ha! Ha! Ha! Derek Carr going to a playoff caliber team and leading them to a Super Bowl is quite a stretch. It’s more like Derek Carr going to a playoff caliber team and hanging onto their coattails while said team carries him into a Super Bowl. Carr had his chances in the playoffs with the Raiders and his performances weren’t very good.

    If he does go to a playoff caliber team, most likely he’ll end up being a back up. It’s not like he’s Jimmy Garoppolo, when Jimmy backed up Tom Brady in New England.

  17. The current Raiders couldn’t evaluate talent if it came with an instruction manual. How many players have we let go that are making contributions to other teams. Let’s get a real GM a real head coach and fix the parts that need fixing. O line, D line , a corner and a new strong safety that can cover and track a **** ball. If after all that Carr can’t win then let’s move on.

  18. I’ll give you doomsday, we are still sitting here spinning our wheels at least 1game under 500 for the next 3 years. Then watch some team we probably hate more than anyone win a Super Bowl on our field. And me still saying “at least we’re not Detroit”

  19. Trade Carr Start Mariota.. One playoff appearance since we drafted Carr pathetic.. He’s way to soft to lead a team and very conservative with his check downs.. Over paid quarterback who chokes in big games very inconsistent..

  20. Al Davis was a disaster for a long time. I don’t have the time to list the crap draft picks that man made year after year. He lost his way shortly after the 2nd Flores SB. It started with screwing over Marcus Allen, then he didn’t appreciate Tim Brown.
    We got super lucky with Gannon. No Gannon, it would be 25 straight years of losing football. No Gannon probably gets Gruden fired the first time around….. I love Gruden, but he is overrated. He started this mess because his pride ushered Mack off to Chicago. Jacobs is average. Every other 1st round pick sucks.

    So while we are killing Davis Jr. And Carr, let’s not forget there are a number of bad performers that have led to 20 years of misery. I do not believe Mayock is a poor evaluator of talent. He should stay. They can fire every other loser on this staff.

    1. Gannon was great because of Gruden and vice-versa. Carr was doing well because of Gruden period. The league took him away.

  21. Carr is a good quarterback so was Tony Romo and how many playoffs and Super Bowls did Dallas win when Tony was quarterback. Carr is a game manager and nothing more. And I have been a raider fan since 1966

  22. Carr is a good quarterback just like Tony Romo was with Dallas but how many playoffs and Super Bowls did Dallas win With Tony Romo.

  23. That was pretty good Richard !
    Hire – A GM – maybe Louis Riddick ?
    Wait I don’t think Mark Davis is capable of hiring a good GM. How about hiring an informed old school Raider great…whom ever is willing and let that man get a dam GM in there.
    If the GM wants to keep Carr and get an O line & players on both sides of the ball – great let’s go
    If he decides to rebuild and go for drafting a qb and build the team from there – great lets go
    Obviously hire a HC

  24. Be nice if people would just be a fan not a critic! Too bad everyone couldn’t be football players and know what it’s like on the other side.
    Maybe your getting paid to be critical

  25. Carr won’t scramble or take off and run for a first like most QB’S.Then he always looks for the check down way too soon.I say move on to another QB.GO RAIDERS!!!

  26. I have been a fan since 1963 and I’m tired of seeing my team look bad out there.when the Raiders were good it was because we had a defense and the last time we had one of those we won it all.Carr is not a Pro Bowl QB but he is good enough to get us to the playoffs,but not without a real defensive coordinator and a real defense.

  27. Carr’s biggest problem is that he “loves” everyone. A great leader has to be able to call out those responsible for a lousy running attack, piss poor play calling, and bad pass protection. The Raiders should have let Carr k ow that that is part of what they needed from him and they should have let him know that they would have his back or in other words build the team around him. It’s probably too late for any of this now.

  28. Carr is soft as warm butter. He lacks mental and physical toughness. Nobody respects and follows this guy in the huddle and it shows. A cowardly disposition is unbecoming an NFL play caller.

  29. Carr has been one of the league leaders in passing yards all season without the of an offensive line to protect him in the pocket and without the help of one of his best receivers who has been out since he was involved in a fatal carwreck. Carr doesn’t deserve all of the blame that’s being laid upon him.

  30. DC should want to be traded. I would not blame him for leaving and go to a better organization and a playoff caliber team.

  31. Carr could be on the best team and still not win. He is not a winner. Fresno State was an anomaly. We now have Mahomes and Herbert in our division. We are going to forever be playing to not be last with Denver. Carr is not going to cut it. Stats don’t matter, W’s matter. #justwinbaby

  32. As a die-hard Raider fan since the 60’s, these past 20 years have made me realize two things. The game of football has changed. No longer do players play for the emblem, city, or even their teammates, only for money and themselves. Secondly, if fans continue to support an inferior product on the field and buy merchandise, we are culpable as owners take the profits and believe fans are willing to accept those actions. You will have to excuse me, I thought I heard the Autumn Wind blow, or was it an echo from days gone past, saying “ Just win, baby””, or was it the anguished disgust with what is now, compared against what has and could be again if the commitment to excellence was more than a slogan.

  33. It is what it is. It’s time for the Raiders to get a QB that runs and throws the ball. For years the Raiders D go’s in to zone D that’s what kills us all the time. Fix those two things and they can win a super bowl.

  34. First, who can take any man seriously with a haircut that looks like one of the 3 Stoogers? Second Raiders have talent, They just lack discipline and Good coaching. Haven’t had either since the Maden days. New ownership will bring better coaching. It’s time for Mark Davis to be pushed out.

  35. Maybe if he had weapons to throw to and a oline to protect him. Why don’t talk about how Ruggs screwed the team with his irresponsible actions that lead to a womans death. How about the rest of the team that lacks heart, discipline and the want to win. Carrs not the whole team and that’s what alot of idiot so-called fans like you think. All of you blame Carr for the losses and mistakes that the WHOLE TEAM CAUSES, but blame Carr. That’s idiotic think.

  36. Raider Nation since 1965..good times & bad.. the Raiders have taken a big hit with current losses. Not Carrs fault..See if Madden can be hired as an adviser, as he ruled the game with a lot of mishaps.. The Raiders were more focused on the move to Vegas.. Time to return to The Black Hole.. Davis is no Al…my 56 year opinion & nothing more.. merry Christmas to all..MGPage 🏈

  37. Hope it happens. Carr deserves better. I’m a lifelong Raider fan & I want to see DC lead them to a super bowl or more! But the organization has been terrible for 20 years & wasted lots of talent – not just Carr. Shame on the DC hate, fake fans who only care about bandwagon & no care about the people.

    1. I agree. CARR is a good qb. He is as good as his teammates allow him to be good. Carr has the entire plate full of blame and I think that is crap! But people have already wrote him off. I don’t think they realize MD isn’t going g to trade him…..he knows his qb is right there in stats of the top 5! He knows Carr is not getting the support he needs to succeed!

  38. I wouldn’t be surprised if that scenario came to be. Players seem to play below their potential on the Raiders, but when they are on another team, they become great. Or return to being great. Like Randy Moss. He sucked for the Raiders. So the Raiders traded him for a 4th round pick, (after acquiring him for a 1st round pick) and then the very next year he sets an NFL record for the most TD receptions in a season, and made the potentially game winning TD catch in the super bowl (to cap what would have been an undefeated season) if not for Eli’s helmet-catch pass.

  39. How exactly is the guy not a leader? He holds himself accountable. Trains like crazy. Never envolved with off field drama. Family man not a party boy. What else do you want him to do? Call his own plays and ignore the coaches game plan?

    No coach is going to want to work with him. Funny how the guy is too 5 in stats with no offensive line, no game plans, no probowl receivers.

    Mahomes got Kelce and Hill. Brady’s got Godwin and Evans. Herbert got Allen and Williams. Who does Carr have? Renfrow? Renfrow’s a really solid slot receiver.. he wouldn’t start on any other team.

    Raiders have been sh*t since the late 80’s with the exception of the Gannon years. And Gannon had Tim Brown and Jerry Rice. Two of the greatest ever. Carr’s got Renfrow. Give me a break.

  40. LMAO…. Carr is as average as average gets. He’s not leading anyone to the Super Bowl.

  41. Raider should build a consistent team and should win the super bowl. carr is also good, But not everyone is a good player.

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