Report Says Raiders “Mulling” Benching Derek Carr, But the Story Gained a Lot in Translation

A doesn’t take much to get a hot rumor started and a good one popped up on Wednesday during CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney Show.

The hosts of the New York-based show, Brandon Tierney and Tiki Barber, kicked around national topics during a segment and Derek Carr’s status with the Raiders was brought up. Their discussion led to a tweet from across the country and by Thursday morning we had news.

Steve Tannen on Twitter: “Per CBS Sports Radio just now, Raiders mulling giving Carr a seat and giving Mariota an extended look. Carr has no dead cap money hit next season. It’s the back end of his deal. / Twitter”

Per CBS Sports Radio just now, Raiders mulling giving Carr a seat and giving Mariota an extended look. Carr has no dead cap money hit next season. It’s the back end of his deal.

This was the quote from Tierney that sparked the radio segment on Carr and Mariota.

“There’s a lot of rumblings now that the Raiders might give Mariota a look and sit Carr,” Tierney said before the hosts talked through the Raiders’ future at the quarterback position.

Not a report. Really nothing more than speculation.

There have been “rumblings” that Mariota would get more snaps for months – but no reports that he was taking the starting job. What we could see this week, however, is more opportunities for Mariota in an effort to jumpstart the Raiders’ running game.

The Browns and Raiders are both going to be short-handed this week and the weather isn’t expected to be great. Carr will be missing Darren Waller for the third straight week and the Browns are likely to be without their starting quarterback and top receiver due to COVID-19 protocols. In other words, the running games for both teams will be key.

Absolutely a great week for the struggling Raiders to pull out all the stops, including some packages for Mariota, to try to escape Cleveland with a victory on Saturday.

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27 thoughts on “Report Says Raiders “Mulling” Benching Derek Carr, But the Story Gained a Lot in Translation

  1. Instead of Carr getting sacked and scrambling for his health, it’ll be MM doing the same. What makes a fan of common sense thinks that the right side of the OL will do better for MM?

    This is what ineptitude looks like when you blow up a fantastic OL from last year. Ownership had fallen off the dumb tree and has hit every branch in the way down.
    Plus you cannot win without defense, something this team
    has not had since the last super bowl.
    The boat has too many holes. Blow it up and start over?They have been in perpetual blow up mode since Gannon was QB

    1. Amen, One of the bottom 2 worst lines in the NFL isnt going to save any QB. MM might be able to scramble more but isnt as accurate a thrower as Carr. Sounds like he might try to run a bit but if the running backs dont get blocks MM running will wear thin by the 2nd qtr.

    2. 100% in agreement with this statement. Carr finally got his head coach after a new one every year since his rookie year. That’s not fair. And now he loses his top receivers along with security in gruden. The O line was being made to look satisfactory with Carr playing at an elite level to start the year. His yardage is still excellent. Wasn’t his fault in Kc. Balls were placed perfectly when he got any time to throw. Now peoe wanna bench him. That’s ridiculous

  2. Carr is predictable while MM brings a faster unknown style of play in his duel threat offensive game. It suits the Raiders style because now the real vertical game comes into town along with that pound the ground running game… come to town!

  3. I totally agree with BoB Vess, MM will not make much of a difference. Coaching and an underperformed offensive line that can’t play consistent has been the issue with the offense. If we lose Carr in a trade, Raiders will be taking a major step back! Carr is a way better than MM by a long shot.

  4. It’s time to bench Carr after eight years no results can’t get out of the pocket we have a quarterback that can come on Mark Davis Change quarterbacks

  5. Sit car raiders have no chance of making the playoffs and get rid of car he loses More than he wins and I hope the raiders want to win but they not showing it and when a rookie See’s that alot of veterans not really showing up to practice with a bad attitude you will lose and that’s what the raiders are doing and they are good at it

  6. Mariota will do better with the offensive line they have. He has a greater awareness or pocket presence than Carr. They might actually win with Mariota in convincing fashion. Wouldn’t that be something. But I personally would like to see Carr finish this season that he’s messed up. Maybe then after going winless the rest of the way the decision to let him go and move on would be a no brainer

  7. If you haven’t realized that after Gruden it was a throw away season you where kidding yourself. It would make a lot of sense to shut down the starters and give the fake troll mole fantasy Raider so called fans what they want. A peep at the savior of the franchise Marriotta, I’m being sarcastic of course. Carr is an asset and if you can get something better on a trade without giving anything up then by all means but if your are saying let him go or give up then you don’t know business and that is not a solution it’s a tantrum.

  8. Okay you sort of nailed it ..with the fantastic line we had comment but the results were the exact..I’m a big raider fan..but Carr is unreliable and not aggressive…Carr is sacked most at number six on list. Burrow is number one on list 10 more sacks than carr..Lamar Jackson 7 more than Carr..Ryan Tannehill 6 more than Carr..those guys are all enroute to playoffs. Bosa was correct when he stated just pressure Carr and he will fold..the throws get shorter…and he gets rid of ball before big play can develope..every post game presser he admits he has to do better..since Carr has been part of team we have spent majority of money and drafts on offensive line ..that’s why our defense is inept..Carr is an average quarterback..I always hear the comment he gives us the best chance to win..well hello we are actually losing what would be harm in putting in Marcus…a loss is a loss

  9. Bench Carr and go with MM what do you have to lose. Oh yeah another game. But none of the coaches care just look at them on the side lines they all look like they are bored and half asleep..Mark D it’s time to CLEAN house.

  10. Why does it take this long to try to have a winning season. It’s getting old watching the raiders year after year loosing season. This is not the raider that I’m used to seeing. Al Davis would not have kept Derrick Carr this long. I’ll keep saying it JUST WIN BABY

  11. Get rid of Derek carr, he tosses the ball instead of throwing the ball, his balls is so easy to intercept because they are soft the defense don’t need gloves and he doesn’t run to extend the play he take a sack or fall down. Derek is just one step above his sorry *** brother.

  12. Come on, does it really matter who is the quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders at this point?
    Just by watching the overall team performance the last two win or go home games. It is
    clear to me that a percentage of the team has folded up the tent. They are looking for the exit. All the while Crosby, Abrams, Hayward Jr., Ngakoue, Hobbs, are getting called for penalties for making perfect football plays. Following through on a pressure, and blowing up screens, and making good defensive moves to break up passes. It’s a shame. So, does it
    really matter who is the quarterback?

  13. I think the best plan is to run a 2 quarterback offense. So many options… so many opportunities. Leave Derrick out there, and use a weapon like Mariota as a stray back, WR, or ???

  14. That’s the problem with the raiders,every time they get the boat afloat, and have a half way good season they get rid of the players that really kept it up,they need to keep these players to build a good team, and Carr is a good Qb not a great Qb like Tom Brady who plays his best game when his defense is not playing good, and they will always have these problems, their play calling stinks even I know the play they are going to run even before they line up.

  15. The thing which intrigues me most about Carr is he is inconsistent and the media covers for him. Gruden is gone, the O line ain’t good, Ruggs is in prison, receivers ABCD are hurt, etc . As a Raider fan watching Carr since he was drafted in 2013, I don’t see him winning close must win games. He has always had a hard time making the right play when he’s under pressure. The result is a sack, fumble, or INT. Raiders need to draft a young, mobile QB sooner than later. I am sure Mariota would have won some games that Derek lost. I think if Carr lays an egg against the Browns on 12/18/21, Marcus should play the rest of the season.

    1. Derek Carr is up there on the list of most comebacks in the 4th quarter or OT and if we put Mariotta at QB what’s going to happen is he’s going to do his first running play and run for 31 yards and then what do you know he ends up getting hurt again that’s the problem with Mariotta now at least Carr will stay in the game and not get hurt on the first play.

  16. Derek Carr straight garbage he’s scared to run the ball but two or three yards to pick up a first down

    1. For all of the MM fans(don’t know much about him) who don’t like Carr,
      1-please name a 1 scrambling QB that has won a SB-crickets
      2-Raiders won with 3 Super Bowls with 2 OK qb’s, I’m a fan because of Villapiano.
      There are countless SB winners with ok QB’s, including Bradshaw
      If MM has better presence and can scramble so what.
      WE NEED AN OL and a LB’s that cover TE’s and knock your dick off year after year.
      Free advice

      1. Mahomes. He is a scrambling qb. I don’t dislike Carr, but I find it amusing how little they know about Mariota, or any other QBs, and yet attack miraculously against anyone who suggests Mariota is a legitimate starter. His probowl left tackle for suspended 5 games, so other teams have free run at him up the middle in 2019. His only receiver was out for the season. He was on his 5th OC and 3rd head coach. He broke his leg the same day as Derek Carr. The similarities are amazing except that Mariota got half the time to show he was the guy, and he got 3 winning seasons and a playoff win at Arrowhead with guys that would have been on the raiders practice squad.

  17. Carr Fans: It doesn’t matter who is QB we are going to lose because XYZ.

    Me: If it doesn’t matter, can Mariota start?

    Carr Fans: No, Carr gives us the best shot to win.

    Me: Are we going to win?

    Carr Fans: It doesn’t matter who is QB we are going to lose because XYZ.

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