Lincoln Kennedy Put Two Raiders’ O-Linemen on Blast This Week: “It’s Just an Abomination”

Against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, the right side of the Raiders’ offensive line was as bad as any that we’ve ever seen in silver and black. It’s now week 15 and former Raiders offensive lineman Lincoln Kennedy has seen enough.

Appearing this week on Raider Nation Radio 920 AM’s In The Huddle, Kennedy first addressed the play of right guard Alex Leatherwood.

“He’s not showing any progress,” Kennedy said. “He’s showing true regression. It’s not any progress. I can’t understand for the life of me… if you see the mistake that you made and you’re making it every single game and you can’t possibly learn or be coached up from it, it baffles me. It’s inexcusable… Chris Jones did the same move every **** time.”

As for Brandon Parker, Kennedy thinks the Browns are going to be a nightmare matchup for the Raiders’ veteran right tackle.

“Jadeveon Clowney is actually going to kill Brandon Parker if he doesn’t find a way to stop a bull rush,” Kennedy said. “All [Chiefs linebacker] Melvin Ingram did, more times than not, was just run straight into his chest and carry him back to the quarterback. Everyone has done that Brandon Parker this season and everyone has had success.”

So what’s the solution?

Kennedy thinks the next step for the Raiders is to bench one or both of their struggling offensive linemen:

“If you don’t have an offensive line, you can’t do anything,” Kennedy said. “You can’t run the ball, you can’t throw the ball. It’s just an abomination. I’m going with the thought that you need to change things up. Put [Jermaine] Eluemunor back there, put [Jackson] Barton in there. Hell, it can’t be any worse than what you have.”

Many have pointed out in recent weeks that the Raiders don’t seem to have an identity on offense right now. Safe to say, it’s going to be difficult for them to find an identity until they start winning a few battles in the offensive trenches.

Until that happens, the Raiders offensive identity is going to remain what it is right now…

“An abomination.”

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24 thoughts on “Lincoln Kennedy Put Two Raiders’ O-Linemen on Blast This Week: “It’s Just an Abomination”

  1. Spot on assessment. Lincoln Kennedy should be coaching for the Raiders. In the old days, Al Davis would have had Bob Brown, Lincoln Kennedy and Art Shell coaching and teaching the young draft picks how to be pros. That, in a nutshell, is what is wrong with the Raiders. They need experienced people to teach and show the young players how to be pros. When Raiders’ management addresses this, experienced old pros teaching young players how the game is supposed to be played and what to do, then and only then will the Raiders become relevant once again.

    I only hope that this happens in my lifetime.

    1. The offensive line coach can only coach up to the level of talent he has. The Raider made a decision last off season to remove half the starting offensive line with players of less talent and it shows. You cannot remove half your offensive line and expect the new line to play near their recent level. They wanted to reduce their payroll and they did but look at the results. Don’t blame the coach. It’s the quality of players that holding those position.

      1. You’re absolutely right Jocko.. as the article stated it’s all on the lazy players who obviously want to be losers!

      2. No that’s true when your line men are doing the same flags.. getting beat on the moves from the defense that players. Not coach ING if your showing them and still don’t see it or learn from it

      3. Word is that Cable lobbied hard for the team to draft Leatherwood! If true, that should be the LAST time they ever ask for his input.

      4. All Gruden, the clown’s, doing. What a dumb move my Davis to give this clown full control!!!

  2. Lincoln’s comments are spot-on. Bench both those guys. Anyone is better than what we have now. I blame Cable for not trying to fix the problem these guys are having. He keeps putting them out there to slaughter each and every game. At least try someone different because Leatherwood and Parker crap

  3. Leatherwood may have been good in college ball, but as a professional he is way out of his league. If he refuses to accept a pay cut this off season (he’s not worth the money he’s being paid now) then get rid of him. He is a liability that the Raiders cannot afford to have on the team as a starter.

    1. This shows deeper team issues, IF the same people that chose Leatherwood are running next year’s draft, again.

  4. It’s that time of year Raiders fall apart and don’t make playoffs again. Time for Mark Davis, to sell the team to new owners who can find some real football people to run it. Moving to Vegas has changed nothing except that now they look bad in a new stadium in front of new fans! Al is crying in his grave!

  5. Is nobody thought we would be without Richie incognito and Denzel good this season. If they were on the line 90% of the problem is fixed. Is what we suffer from is a lack of quality depth

  6. I blame interim head coach for not being a coach an making adjustments an the sad part is the have the tablets an can make adjustments after possessions on offense an defense Parker an Leatherwood are awful I blame Mayock for deciding to let bassachia even be considered to be part time coach what did he see in him that we still haven’t seen yet … Mayock for picking Leatherwood would there were other o’line players that are doing way better ppl get caught up in the fact that oh he played at Alabama or Clemson but they fail to realize those teams are stacked have you notice when it comes to individual play these dudes suck an thats being nice everyone looks good on film at Alabama an Clemson Ohio state but terrible when there numbers are called on Jacob’s,Leatherwood, Mullen, Lawrence,Arnette we have wasted so many draft picks its shameful an you have to blame Mayock the guy had been a scout for years but clearly has no idea wtf he is doing proof is in the pudding

    1. Jacobs is good when he’s not injured and has run blocking. Mullen is good too, when he’s healthy. I think all the other picks are gruden picks. Mayock gave us guys like Hobbs and Crosby. It’s obvious all the offensive picks are gruden picks, because all he cares about is offense.

      1. How do you know they are Gruden’s and not Mayock’s picks???
        Seems too convenient to lay all the bad picks on the guy that’s no longer around. Mayock stood by the Leatherwood pick right after the draft, when there was criticism regarding the pick. I think it’s better that they move on from anything Gruden, and this means Mayock.

  7. Completly agree with Kenedy, If parker and Leatherwood are that bad and they are…..bench them! If the players are making the same mistake over and over then YOUR coaching it! And for gods sake if you don’t have pass protection, then move the pocket. roll Carr out. One other note is from what Iv’e read it was Cable that was punding the table for Leatherwood he conviced Gruden and Mayock to draft him. Please will someone tell Bisaccia that your season is over and it DOESN’T matter if you fail on 4th down! Go for it! He is ranked 31 out of 32 in passive 4th down calls in the league….Hows that been working?

  8. They need to take out Parker leatherwood need to have a guy who know how to show him how to be a pro…Parker looks lost

  9. I think they call it, (What Lincoln Kennedy said, ) constructive criticism from a reliable source. Maybe, a little more encouragement from our many old Raiders can give this crop of young pros some identity. They don’t seem to understand what it means to be on the stage, starting for the Silver and Black. With the Commitment to Excellence Motto. And, the old familiar theme, “Just Win Baby”

  10. I agree with him. Carr has shown, if he gets time he will light it up. It’s sad to see no running game also. Interim coach shows no emotion. There’s no way Andy Reid or other good coaches would be silent while getting killed every week. And Brady would be so fired up if he had a line like this mess. Lol we would probably see him gone for food though because he is so old. 1 or 2 good hits on him woukd be enough for retirement lol.

  11. oh somebody sees like i do thanks raidaahzbidnezz those big schools like alabama ohio st have a lot of talent but its the team you see not individual you can get great players from smaller schools raiders need to draft oline in draft its the foundation of the football team an as far as d carr hes a top 10 qb does anyone remember who they had after gannon zero

  12. We get what we drafted. Leatherwood was another first round reach. We could have easily got him in the 2nd. Additionally, if we are going to trade away 3/5ths of a top o-oline then you better have a plan. Mayock needs to check his “brilliance” and stop reaching and thinking he knows something the rest of the league doesn’t.

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