ESPN: Contract Extension Could Be Coming For Derek Carr

There has been a lot of speculation about Derek Carr’s future over the last few weeks, but ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez offered a prediction that has been getting a little more buzz lately: a contract extension (with the Raiders) before the 2021 season.

Gutierrez had previously reported that the Raiders and Carr were discussing a deal during the season and that those conversations slowed down toward the end of the season. Reading between the lines a little, it sounds like he believes those conversations have picked up again or are expected to pick up again soon.

The Raiders, however, might want to wait at least another month to do a new deal with Carr. Once the Raiders extend Carr’s deal (hypothetically speaking), it will become clear to the rest of the league that Marcus Mariota is available or might even be a candidate to be released. For any team interested in trading for Mariota, they gain leverage once Carr’s future with the Raiders is secure.

As long as teams that are interested in Mariota view a Carr trade as a possibility, Mariota carries a little more value because, in theory, Mariota would have more value to the Raiders with Carr no longer on the roster.

Is that overthinking?

Maybe a little. But if Carr gets a new deal right after Mariota is traded or released, the timing might not be coincidence.

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16 thoughts on “ESPN: Contract Extension Could Be Coming For Derek Carr

  1. The idea of Carr signing a contract extension with the Raiders will make some heads explode. Better have a fleet of Wahmbulances ready to go, with kleenex and binkies for the poor distraught Carr bashers. Lol

  2. I do think Carr gets a new deal. The only people that seem to have issues with Carr has been the sports media. I’ve never seen a time when all of the so called experts demand that a team get rid of their QB. Here’s another example the newest rumor that Russell Wilson will more than likely land with the Raiders. The reporter if you can even call him that throws Wilson’s name out there. Let’s look at where he got the info. Was it a coach, a team insider, a unnamed source? …….. No the info. Comes from PointsBetUSA are you kidding me a betting site is now the source for all your NFL news. The first report was yesterday and today two more, tomorrow will have six more about Wilson, not one of the reporter’s researched anything. This should be an embarrassment for all of sports media

  3. Uh look, this is the best option at QB because uh, he’s not the problem. The defense uh sucks ***. Give this team a top 25 defense and they uh….win games!

  4. The leverage argument is weak! Mariota will bring back a 3rd to 4th rounder regardless. Everyone knows, except for the rumor mongers that Vegas has never intended to trade Carr! So do the deal and let’s free up the money from Mariota and get the defense built up! Carr is my QB

  5. Read a few stories about how some want Carr to be traded and basically giving him away. Lots of stories and opinions like that. I guess some fans met up in fantasy land and they all shared bashing DC. It gets old. Who are these people thinking we can realistically replace car with. The weed store must have some really good sht

  6. Not a Carr basher here, he did some great things and had some great games during this past season but even then I can’t help but question his consistency. In a large number of losses these past few seasons, it was like, Carr threw 1 INT, just wait a few plays and he’ll throw another. Mariota needs more time with the Raiders, he was a breath of fresh air against the Chargers and a lot of us had hoped to see him in against Miami instead of a Carr playing at 75-80% and not as mobile as he had been. Not saying Carr needs to go out for trade, but his future in LV isn’t exactly guaranteed

    1. Derek Carr threw 9…NINE…interceptions in 2020. Brady threw 15, Russell Wilson 14, Josh Allen 11, Matt Stafford 10. So ….you were saying….?

  7. If the Raiders want to extend their losing ways then by all means extend his contract. I mean with the Raiders the best man for the job is rarely chosen. Just friends get the chances in that organization. The head coach is wrong for the team. There are much better coaches in the league than Gruden. but the owner is in love with him so friendship wins over common sense. The best man for the job is rarely a bad choice. The Raiders don’t think that way


    Complete Raiders 7-round mock draft

    Mocking every pick for the Raiders in the upcoming NFL Draft

    By BlakeHarris@BlakeHarrisTBLA Feb 13, 2021, 6:45am PST

    Round 1 – Pick 17 – Christian Barmore (DL, Alabama)

    2020 stats: 37 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss, 8 sacks, 3 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles

    Scouting report:

    As a 3-technique, Barmore has yet to become a full-time starter. Despite that, he already has a rock-solid and mature upper body that makes it hard for blockers to engage and stick against his frame. The Alabama interior defender possesses outstanding raw power combined with active, busy, and powerful hands that enable his frame to remain clean and disengage when desired. Even though he’s had limited reps, Barmore has proven to be excellent with executing swim/arm over moves that allow him to make plays behind the line or in his gap as a run defender.

    Round 2 – Pick 49 – Teven Jenkins (OT, Oklahoma State)

    Scouting report:

    Teven Jenkins experienced time at right guard, left tackle, and right tackle. With a bulk of his experience coming at right tackle, he blossomed during his final two seasons. Playing in the first eight games of the season, he elected to opt out after suffering what was reported as lower back issues. The 6-foot-6, 320-pound fifth-year senior offensive tackle is a top-heavy blocker that has experienced success in the team’s Air Raid offense. A quick setter that’s prone to take horizontal pass sets, he’s created a habit of establishing quick wins by striking his hands and controlling defenders.

    Round 3 – Pick 80 – Chazz Surratt (LB, North Carolina)

    2020 stats: 91 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, 1 interception, 3 passes defended, 1 forced fumble

    Scouting report:

    He took another step forward in 2020, becoming more polished when it comes to coverage drops, pursuit angles, and tackling. Surratt is an exciting package of size, mobility, and physicality, but there are times studying his tape when you are reminded that he is still new to the position. Surratt will need to continue developing at the position and if he does, he has the makings of a starting pursuit-style linebacker that can make plays on every down.

    Round 4 – Pick 122 – Ar’Darius Washington (S, TCU)

    2020 stats: 37 tackles, 4 pass breakups

    Scouting report:

    Ar’Darius Washington is a very physical player in all departments of his game. Possessing a fluid backpedal in zone coverage, he has a great eye for passing concepts and the exact plan of attack from offenses. His change of direction/hips are clean when transitioning in and out of his breaks. Washington can turn and run when asked to, even though the Horned Frogs incorporate lots of two-high and three-safety looks on the back end. Physicality as a run supporter shows up often and he’s often been able to save the day as the last line of defense. While not afforded opportunities to play it often except in the red zone, he’s shown to be adequate in man coverage, as he has the smoothness and athleticism to cover slot options. He’s got ball skills galore and he attacks the ball out of the air. He’s highly competitive at the catch point and many of his turnover opportunities have come from coverage awareness or following the eyes of throwers to take him to intended throwing locations.

    Round 5 – Pick 163 – Jonathon Cooper (EDGE, Ohio State)

    2020 stats: 24 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble

    Scouting report:

    Cooper was one of the pass rush spark plugs for the Buckeyes defense this year and turned in quite an impressive year, showcasing speed to power, urgent hands, refined counters, and a persistent motor in pursuit. Cooper isn’t the most explosive, he isn’t the longest, and he isn’t the most powerful, but Cooper absolutely made the most of his decision to redshirt the 2019 season and return this year by becoming a more fluid and complete player. Cooper projects favorably as a designated pass rusher and in a system that features savvy stack linebackers behind him—perhaps even an NFL starter.

    Round 7 – Pick 241 – CJ Verdell (RB, Oregon)

    2020 stats: 285 yards, 4.4 YPC, 3 TD, 9 catches, 96 yards

    Scouting report:

    CJ Verdell aligned at running back for Oregon’s spread offensive attack. He is a short but not “small” back who has a compact build. He is a violent, downhill runner who gets north and south in a hurry. He runs bigger than his size would suggest and does a good job finishing runs. He keeps his feet churning upon contact and runs with a low center of gravity. In the passing game, he is a threat out of the backfield and can make some things happen in space. He struggles in pass protection and will need to improve there to have a bigger role in the NFL.

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