Report: Washington Football Team “Extremely Interested” In Marcus Mariota

According to a report on Friday, a team that is very interested in trading the Raiders for Marcus Mariota is the Washington Football Team.

“There are a lot of conversations about Marcus Mariota getting traded. I know there is one team in the NFC East, the Washington Football Team, that is extremely interested in Mariota,” Michael Lombardi reported on the VSiN Network on Friday.”

“Mariota’s problem is simply this. He is due to make $10 million this year. If you trade for that contract and you make him your starter, that contract becomes $20 million because he has so many incentives in that contract. So it’s going to be very challenging for you to trade for him without re-doing that contract.”

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The incentives that Lombardi is talking about were detailed by ESPN’s Field Yates during the Raiders’ week 15 loss to the Chargers that cost the team nearly $1 million.

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If Marcus Mariota plays more than 60% of the snaps in any game this year, he earns a $200K incentive. With a win, that number jumps to $325K. Additionally, by playing in 60% of the snaps in a game, his base salary increases by $625K in 2021. Nearly $1M to make tonight.

Mariota might have a complicated contract, but it’s worth noting that it would not be difficult for the Raiders and Mariota to restructure the deal prior to making a trade.

Of course, Mariota could also use his player-friendly deal to try to force the Raiders to release him. In that scenario, he could sign with any team he wanted. But if Mariota goes that route and the Raiders decide to hold onto him through March, he might not have the same options that seem to be available to him now (like Washington and New England).

For what it’s worth, the fact that teams are calling the Raiders about Mariota should be a good sign that they are probably willing to give up something for him… even if his contract happens to not be the most team-friendly at the moment.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Washington Football Team “Extremely Interested” In Marcus Mariota

  1. It would be dumb and unwise to rid of Mariota just so they can keep a QB with a 42% win total

  2. Does anyone, besides me, remember when Jon Gruden let Kahlil Mack walk and then, for the rest of the season until this very moment, declare that he needs a pass rusher Well, as soon as Derek Carr goes down to injury and, the statistically worst quarterback in NFL history, Nathan Peterman, hits the field, Jon Gruden will then be say that he needs a backup quarterback. Watch and see.

  3. ….and that IS NOT Nathan Peterman that BLACKBONES is talking about folks!!!!! Just wait until Carr goes down to injury and Nathan Peterman hits the field. Let’s see how much confidence Mark Davis has in Jon Gruden then.

  4. The best #1&#2 quarterback combo in the NFL,why change that when you’ve seen how valuable that can be
    Makes you wonder how bad you wanna keep the best”next man up” on the team

  5. If I actually thought the raiders would hit a home run with the pick or picks we’d get for Marcus marriota it wouldn’t seem so bad, but I don’t hv confidence in them. So we’d gv up a good backup QB , then waste the picks . But we got him for nothing, if we could just the right thing all around, I’d feel better. Raider Nation!

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