ESPN Insider Expects Tom Brady to Leave the Patriots

According to an ESPN report (if you can call it that) on Thursday, Tom Brady is not expected to return to the Patriots in 2020.

Maybe it’s more speculation than anything, but ESPN’s Jeff Darlington has been on top of the Brady situation for months and has covered the Patriots for years. (He also might be sending a strong message directly from Brady’s camp)

Adam Schefter on Twitter

ESPN’s @JeffDarlington on @GetUpESPN: “I’m now at the point where I would be stunned if Tom Brady went back to New England.

Before penciling in Brady to the Titans, Raiders, or whatever the flavor is of the day, it’s important to remember the dynamic between the Patriots and Brady is a negotiation. Most good negotiations reach a point where it appears both sides are prepared to walk away from a deal. It’s the way both sides maximize their leverage.

At the very least it was predictable that the Patriots and Brady would get to this place. Brady may well end up with a new team, but there is still a lot to play out. Although this (tweet below) isn’t exactly the best way to move things along swiftly…

Karen Guregian on Twitter

The Patriots still have not reached out to Tom Brady. According to a source, “it’s not looking good

Let’s say Brady does part ways with the Refs Patriots… can you imagine the storylines over the next few weeks while he decides on a new team?

Fasten your seatbelts, people.

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3 thoughts on “ESPN Insider Expects Tom Brady to Leave the Patriots

  1. I for one am not in favor of us paying to TB’s retirement pension checks which Patriots should be responsible for.

    If Mayock and Gruden do decide to explore/go this route, I sincerely hope that the price tag is not what’s been leaked out open. $30m for 2 years? He may be the GOAT and may be able to squeeze out decent years at age 43 but I feel like there are too many uncertainties to deal with if we were to go that route.

    (although I am open to getting Bridgewater on decent deal to bring him in as a competition for Carr).

  2. The team that makes the most since for Tom would be the Giants … The big apple ! Times Square … Saturday Night Live ! The neon lights are bright on Broadway … move over Joe !

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