Report: Derek Carr Being “Heavily Shopped” at the NFL Combine

By now you’re probably tired of the incessant Derek Carr rumors, but everyone knew they were coming from Indianapolis this week.

So here is another, just in case you are keeping score at home.

“Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is ‘being heavily shopped’ to other teams,” Pro Football Network’s Benjamin Allbright said on Wednesday. “This news comes after Raiders GM Mike Mayock admitted during his press conference on Tuesday that the team is open to replacing Carr.”

To “heavily shop” your quarterback would suggest there might be a solid plan “B” for the Raiders if Carr were to leave town. Where that gets tricky is that there aren’t many, if any, great options in free agency and everyone knows Jon Gruden won’t be starting a rookie quarterback in 2020.

Just a friendly reminder… we’re in the heart of the NFL lying season right now. Take everything with a grain of salt coming from the combine this week.

Especially reports that the Raiders might be in the market for Philip Rivers…

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

From NFL Now: The #Colts appear to make the most sense for former #Chargers QB Philip Rivers, while the #Raiders loom as an interesting option, as well.

For now, tuck this story away and we’ll take score again in a few months.

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24 thoughts on “Report: Derek Carr Being “Heavily Shopped” at the NFL Combine

  1. I think Gruden n Mayock r a couple of complete idiots who have no respect 4 their players n if they do this 2 Carr in the fashion they are doing it n did with Mack n others they r sending huge message 2 the other players n any potential free agents. This totally incorrect way 2 get an organization back 2 where it allegedly expresses it wants 2 b. If they do get rid of Carr then i know 4 a fact Gruden is purposely driving Raider organization into the ground n was planned as a act of revenge 4 what happened 2 him long ago. Without going into the many clear facts if u really think about everything that has transpired n is happening with Gruden at the helm a person is left with only 2 conclusions – either Gruden is a complete idiot n has no clue what he is doing or it was part of a diabolical plan he knew could be pulled off due 2 Davis being a complete retard n chasing him all these years.

    1. Learn how to write properly first, then maybe, just maybe, someone might take you seriously.

    2. Khalil Who??? That Trade Turned out Phenomenally Well for Da RayDuhs!!! You are Such a Dick… no pun intended…

  2. Exactly the problem. Derrick Carr for what..
    One step forward and two steps backwards..
    Sure makes it looks like Mayock is working.
    He’s gotten rid of Mack and Cooper, Carr would be next. Football’s latest genius.
    And he can’t figure out how to get any work our of moron A.Brown..
    Genius I tell you..!

    1. These talking heads start a rumor and no matter how illogical it is, they refuse to let go. As long as it gets them face time or print space they’re happy……

      1. Well it would be t h.c e same old raiders if they get rid of carr. 3 more losing seasons for the raiders they just just like losing to much. So go ahead get rid of carr it wouldnt be the the as riders if they dont suck.gruden qb guru that’s a joke as all his qb drafts have been pitifull his playcalling kc calls it predictable and with the raiders gruden has always had a 4 game losing streak go back watch his early years. He can get you to the red zone but field goals is all he ever gets with his play calling. Get rid of carr and me as a fan since the 70s might just have to give up on the raiders being a winner gruden sucks not carr

    2. Mayock wasn’t even on the team when Mack and Cooper were let go… Keep writing like that I will expect to see your dumb uncredentialed articles on the news too.

    3. Think again, That was all Gruden. Not Mayock. Mayock is the fall guy for Chucky if things go bad. I was excited about Gruden at first but hes not a good offensive mind any more and todays complex offensive schemes have passed him by.If I was Carr and totally disrespected I would demand to be traded to a team that would have his back. Indy would be good for him. He could laugh at Gruden as he went to a Super Bowl. I love my Raiders but ****, After the Browns I dont think theres a bigger clown show than the Raiders anymore.

  3. This is just another story to sell soap …they keep coming up with stories to keep the fan interested and on edge … Its working ! My telephone bill just went up trying to stay in touch with the team … Now the combine . Football 365 gotta love it ! Now I gotta turn my phone off

  4. I believe Mayock said they are NOT actively shopping Carr and that they are very happy with the quarterback! And from that you got HEAVILY shopping him! Sorry but this is hack journalism. I expected better from a site called Raiders Beat. More like we’ll just throw anything out there to get people to read, beat. Carr Las Vegas Raiders 2020

    1. To be fair, I think that line is a quote from another outlet Pro Football Network and for what it’s worth, I think this article is actually pointing out the ludicrous nature of news out there this time of the year.

  5. First of all it’s not all on Carr,he needs some weapons as receivers. Secondly,we need to get some help on defense and start stopping other teams. And my big bitch is about these games being played in London and Mexico,WHY? Football belongs here in the USA! Let the other countries form they’re own league and then after the super bowl have a “World Championship” game.

  6. It kinda reminds me when the Browns got rif of Paul Warfield,to get a quarterback,zMike Phipps who turned put tp be a buster,I stop being a Browns fan and tje Browns haven’t done much since.If the Raiders dump Carr fpr Thomasine Brady,I’ll do the same thing with them, leave she-he.along and stick with Carr

  7. Carr or no Carr…
    I garentee we make the playoffs and possible superbowl in the next 2 years.
    Carr had to many chances and always fell short or had a excuse. Same like Khalil Mack, to much money for one guy who had less sacks then our rookie Mad Max. We got alot for one guy and have 2 more fist round picks coming up in this draft. Win or loose, Raider Nation for Life.

  8. It’s funny someone is talking about how bad it was to get rid of Mack abs Cooper! You do realize they are a better team the two years ago. Those two trades helped a lot. With Mack you wouldn’t have Jacobs. It also freed up money to sign free agents. And Cooper, mr dropsy? The Cowboys gave up a 1st round pick abs he’s about to leave cause they don’t want to pay him

  9. Some of the greatest stories come while sitting in a bar. The rumors are running wild and I need something to write about. I believe if Carr is getting traded it will not be out there for months. But just a quiet trade happens.

  10. This website is a complete joke. The Raiders are NOT trading Derek Carr. Just spin from the bunch of morons that call themselves “fans” but have no f’ing clue about football.
    I’m a Raider fan but we have to have the dumbest fan base in all of the NFL.

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