Remember These Important Details While Navigating “News” on the Raiders, Derek Carr, and Tom Brady

It looks like we’ll be navigating the Derek Carr and Tom Brady rumors for at least another week or two and while no one knows how it’s going to play out, there are a few things to keep in mind moving forward.

1 – There are more lies than truths being told this time of year. Stories get embellished and “shock value” tends to outweigh factual reporting. Oftentimes, everyone from the teams, to the agents, to (unfortunately) the reporters, leave their spin on the information before it finally reaches the masses.

For example, where have all the “Brady is probably leaving the Patriots” rumors come from on Thursday? Take a listen to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and it sounds like Brady’s agent is simply trying to light a fire under the Patriots to get them to the negotiating table sooner than later.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

From NFL Now: The #Patriots have not yet begun to negotiate with QB Tom Brady, while his agent Don Yee is in town and meeting with teams.

We’re probably not in a different place today than we were yesterday with Brady. It sounds like his representation (and Brady, too) is getting a little nervous about the Patriots dragging their feet.

2 – Beware of the stand-alone report and/or quote. Take a look at this tweet from the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Vinny Bonsignore. By itself, it paints a strong statement on Carr from Jon Gruden, right?

Vincent Bonsignore on Twitter

Here is how Jon Gruden summed things up about @Raiders QB situation: “We have to continue to improve at that position, and we’re set out to do that. No matter how we do it.

Now look at the full quote.

Vic Tafur on Twitter

Gruden was asked whether putting the pieces around Carr would get him to the next level:

Completely innocent?


3 – Remember that for most of the outlets out there, “clicks” are more important than facts. That means when a $30,000 per-year scout shares a piece of information, most outlets will pass it along as fact. Occasionally, an executive will speak anonymously, but guess where they get a lot of their information… the same scouts on the ground.

And now it’s combine week and everyone in the league is packed indoors, staying out of freezing cold Indianapolis air and the rumors are running wild, just like we all knew they would. Do with them what you will, but incorporate a little common sense into everything you hear.

Just a guess…

Brady’s decision will come down to the Titans and Patriots… with New England having a slight edge, at least for now.


Because right now both of those options make the most sense for everyone involved.

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5 thoughts on “Remember These Important Details While Navigating “News” on the Raiders, Derek Carr, and Tom Brady

    1. It is all bull ****. Raiders are committed to Carr. He is a good QB. Brady will be a Patriot. Nothing can and will be negotiated with anyone until the new cap is done. So stop with fake news.

  1. Raiders should Not give up on Carr. His statistics are just as good as Brady’s and he’s much younger. Plus Carr can run with the ball. Brady won’t.

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