Spears: Derek Carr Has Been “Tremendously Disrespected” By the Raiders

In case you haven’t noticed, the Raiders have taken a pretty clear stance on Derek Carr over the last two months.

They like their quarterback so much that they… aren’t willing to discuss his status with the team and seem determined to let the rumors thrive by not offering any real support of Carr.

On Friday, ESPN’s Marcus Spears had strong words for the way the Raiders have handled their quarterback situation over the last two years.

“Derek Carr has been tremendously disrespected by the Oakland Raiders,” Spears said on ESPN’s Get Up. “We start talking about relationships and we’ve been talking about Dak [Prescott] for the last month, and if he should be paid or not. At the MMA fight, a day later it came out that the Raiders were going to pursue Tom Brady hard week a starter, Derek Carr, was on the roster, who is not a bad quarterback.”

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Derek Carr has been tremendously disrespected by the Oakland Raiders.” -@mspears96 https://t.co/TVkEEmmmto

“So when you talk about disrespect and somebody being there as long as [Carr] has,” Spears continued. “Even when he came in, Jon Gruden was like ‘I don’t know if [Carr] is my guy.’”

For what it’s worth, Gruden did say that Carr was his guy when he came back to the Raiders. In fact, Gruden said more than once at the time that if Derek doesn’t play well, the responsibility is on himself (meaning Gruden).

Then again, Carr was the 8th-rated passer in the league (100.8) in 2019 so maybe Gruden is just quietly hanging his hat on that… but would it be so hard for him to say it?

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57 thoughts on “Spears: Derek Carr Has Been “Tremendously Disrespected” By the Raiders

  1. I agree Gruden n Davis have been so disrespectful 2 Carr n they r 2 dumb 2 realize what message this sends 2 players currently on the roster all of whom love Carr n those around the league.

    Players would rather play where they feel some type of respect n hope that their production will create loyalty. However, Gruden will not b a coach that so many players wish 2 play 4. He has a reputation as a deceitful, two-faced person who cant b trusted at what he says.

    Since Gruden has come back he has been disrespectful towards Carr n Davis constantly talks smack about not only Carr (which he does a lot) but about all his players. Gruden came 2 the aid of protecting AB non-stop the short time he was here but wont support Carr n stop all this bs each offseason by publicly setting record straight. Carr is flat out the best QB Gruden has been blessed 2 coach n considering all the many QB’s Gruden spoke highly of during his time on espn doing that QB thingie (most of which Grudens high praises fell upon QBs that produced zip in NFL n were garbage) who flopped like Gruden’s coaching career.

    Bottom line Carr n everyone in n around football should b ridiculing Gruden calling 4 his job as he has failed horribly 2 live up 2 a contract only the worst owner in history of league would give him. Gruden’s coaching is BY FAR below that of Carr’s QB performance. If anybody deserves the bs its Gruden but I bet if public n media gave Gruden what he deserves Carr would b one of the 1st players 2 come 2 his defense but thats the difference between Carr n Gruden. One has class n respect the other is a piece of ****.

    1. Disrespected? The dude makes 25 mil+ a year to play a game! What else do they owe him? Job security with mediocre play!?

      You should focus more on your own life then spending your time writing 3 paragraphs about a professional athlete being disrespected that doesn’t give a F*** about you…:)

      1. 4th-rated QB in the league is “mediocre”? 4000 yards w/o a legit #1 WR (and #2 missing 4 games; #3 missing 3 games) is “mediocre”? 21/8 TD/INT ratio is “mediocre”?
        3 game improvement in W/L with a suspect secondary & LB corps is “mediocre”?
        Your use of the word does not conform to standard English usage.

        1. Ya and Matt Stafford broke some records with Calvin johnson…..what did that get them? Not 1 playoff win.

          Isn’t the point of the game to win?

      2. Well then einstein take ur own advice n instead of replying to 3 paragraphs with 2 paragraphs u should focus on ur life n not worry about wtf im doing especially since ur probsbly weak a## lame who cant even play sports b###h.

      3. Curt, Yet you spent the time to write two paragraphs to a random stranger.

        Richard, I do agree that Carr should be given more credit for his efforts and achievement on a very weak offense. I think he is better than most football fans give him credit for.

        I am not a Raiders fan, I’m a Titan fella myself, and if Tannehill decides to not stick around, I would be more than happy to have Carr in Titan blue.

        That said, I think the Titans have also disrespected Mariota. He has not had an easy time with the coaching changes every year, and lack of protection. He will go somewhere else and be a starter and have success. Our loss.

    2. Ridiculous post. If Carr was playing as good as you indicate the would be a nonissue. Just because he can throw check downs and short passes effectively doesn’t mean he producing where needed. I’ll take more spontaneous play over conservative short passes any day

      Carr is producing when neede and that not all on Gruden

      1. Good point but why are the check downs and screen passes Derek’s “go to”? He has no offensive line and no deep threat to draw double coverage and open up the field. Also, the play action fools nobody because their running game is weak. If he had 1-2 more seconds I think his total yard numbers would coincide with his completion numbers.

  2. Let me get this straight. A few media people (some with a personal beef with DC or the organization) publish unsubstantiated rumors (likely fueled by TB12’s agent) about the raiders moving on from DC. Now it’s “disrespectful” for the coach and gm to not forcefully deny these rumors. As a fan of the team I very much prefer those men be evaluating talent and preparing for free agency and the draft. Their job is not to respond to every rumor someone puts on the web.

    1. Really but remember when all the bs was there with AB n his helmet n feet n missing this n that who was 1st person 2 jump up n publicly defend him numerous times – Gruden. However, the many times there have been trade rumors n stuff about Carr Gruden has not once rose 2 defend Carr n that is a punk n piece of **** – PERIOD.

  3. i like carr give him one good wide out an one more back up an the raiders will change there tune but stll go four a lot of defence in draft

    1. He had good wideouts in Crabtree, Cooper, Beastmode at RB, so what was Carr’s excuse for those 2 years ???

      1. U have 2 be kidding by saying that Cooper n Crabtree were good receivers. They led the league each year in drop passes. Crabtree continued 2 get penalties as he was unable 2 get separation from defenders n was horrible over the middle. Cooper was always on n off hot/cold on the Raiders. The best receiver Raiders had then was Holmes but they failed 2 play him as often as he deserved.

  4. You are certainly correct. Carr has been disrespected by just about everybody. He is on the verge of breaking the last of the Raider passing records and he is not even 30 years old. The trouble with Gruden and Mckenzie is that they both had this “my guy” attitude. It didn’t matter to them if the player was good. If he’s not my guy then he is not good enough. It took over ten years to find a quarterback of Carr’s caliber and now these characters wanna gamble on an old QB like Brady. STUPID!!! They forget what we went through in the decade before Carr was drafted. Collins, Russell, Culpepper, and Palmer. Palmer was good. He just wasn’t Mckenzie’s “guy”.

    1. Couldn’t be more wrong. But your hater words and lack of substance speaks volumes about your lack of knowledge of the game.

    2. I be Raiders fan since 83…DC can play but not good enough to get us to the big one what player you know fucks up in the game then laugh about it like it’s funny…MF u just threw a interception..!!!!

      1. Man D.C. is a GOOD quarterback look at all the players that the Raiders got rid of on both defense and offense if they had some of those players still there they would have done a lot better and they did do better then what most people thought. Also players do have a lot of INJURIES that do affect them through the season if D.C CAN STAY HEALTHY AND THEY GIVE SOME HELP AT THE RIGHT POSITION HE AND THE RAIDERS WILL BE ALRIGHT YOU ALL KNOW THAT SO STOP THE B.S HE IS THE MAN

    3. If Carr belongs in booth its only 2 turn into Super QB n save the real person that should be back in front of camera – Gruden. Carr is a better QB than Gruden is a Coach.

  5. The only people dissrepecting Carr is the media hype machine creating news.
    No selfrespecting Football or pro organization will show you thier cards. Play them close to your chest and catch everyone sleeping.

  6. Do your homework Spears.
    Yes Gruden and Mayock let the rumours fly last year and are doing the same this year. However, when the draft was over last year, Carr came out and said that he knew every move the Raiders were going to make well ahead of time and was completely in the loop.
    Just because the Raiders are smart enough to let everyone else guess and speculate, doesn’t mean the Raiders plan on moving on from Carr, or that Carr doesn’t know what’s going on once again this year.
    If everyone else wants to think Gruden doesn’t like Carr and he’s going to go after Brady or draft another QB, that will only help the Raiders do what they really want to do and that’s just smart. Go ahead and think the Raiders will push for Brady, while we go after Littleton, or Chris Jones, etc etc.
    I have little doubt Carr will be QB1 for the first NFL regular season game in Las Vegas.
    Which will be rightfully so.

    1. Really u think cuz these rumors are swirling that it helps Raiders do what they need 2 do. U think other teams sit there n say wait those rumors about Carr n such means we can relax n not do what we need 2 do. Who r u kidding n what world u live in. Bottom line a coach should have his QB’s back just like Grudens punk a## did everytime there was bs surrounding AB with his feet, helmet, n whatever. Why did Gruden publicly defend AB many times??? EXACTLY

  7. While I don’t like the fact that Gruden is kind of leaving Carr twisting in the wind this offseason, I hardly think that they are also disrespecting him. All this talk stems from unsubstantiated rumors started by a few so called journalists who seem to have an agenda with either Carr or the organization! None of us know what conversations Carr and Gruden have had in private! Seeing Carr’s troll pictures leads me to believe that Derek knows his spot is secure and that he has assurances he’ll be the QB this coming season! Carr2020

  8. It’s funny. I’m a Raiders fan in so much as I’m a “Derek Carr” fan. He was such a pivotal part in Fresno State getting recognition (Davante Adams was huge too) and he is a great guy off the field. I think if Carr goes quietly into the abyss of mediocre NFL quarterbacks, it will be the ultimate disrespect. A 108 passer rating last year? Imagine he has a defense that can keep him competitive and some physical receivers that go up and get the ball. Play creativity wouldn’t help either. Nobody is afraid to play the Raiders. The problem nobody wants to talk about is how easy they are to beat. They’re so un-creative. Perhaps some of this is the new management. If you take too many risks, you lose respect. I don’t see them taking ANY risks though. And at this point, any creativity would look unrehearsed and disjointed. There’s a lot to unpack here. This article hits pretty heavily on the underlying issue. Gruden needs to pick his guy (Carr or someone else), let them buy into the fact that he’s their guy and build around that. The foundation is so unstable that it seems that the Raiders are always rebuilding because they’ve never found a guy to buy into and rebuild around.

  9. Big mistake if the Raiders pick up Tom Brady I think if anyone they should pick up should be Matthew Stanford from the Lions with Jon Gruden being a coach and having Matthew Stanford on that team maybe Matthew would probably wear ring poor guy not going to do a Detroit we’d wanted Jon Gruden to come to Detroit anyways this could be Matthew’s opportunity to play for a good coach like Jon Gruden

  10. I can only surmise that Gruden wants ‘GREATNESS’ for a QB. He had that in Gannon, but does not have that in Carr. Gannon was a very vocal QB, running up and down in front of the bench rousing everyone, I’ve seen that in Mahomes, Brady etc. but not in Carr, he just goes to the bench and sits. If it were me, which I am not the GM, but my opinion is to ship Carr out for a 2021 1st round pick next year then next year go fetch Trevor Lawrence of Clemson. Go research that QB and you’ll understand my position. Carr is a very good QB, just not elite + he has a hard time with Gruden’s Profane language, which causes mental disorientation.

    1. I bet JG would love Carr more then Gannon if you gave the same quality of WR’s and D to Carr….Get Carr a Rice or Brown and see how things stack up…

    2. Gruden never turned Gannon into anything. Gannon was a beast on a good Raider team and every player that came 2 Raiders back then was by way of Al Davis n Al Davis only. Gruden had no say so. N Gruden had complete control after 1st year in Tampa n what did he do? What QB did this genius draft n turn into elite QB – ZIP! I am not saying Carr is elite but we won’t truly know until Raiders have a good team around him and for anyone 2 sit here n bash Carr with the lack of supporting cast he has been forced with, the many different coaches, systems, players, etc… What elite QB would still be elite if they went through what Carr has – not a single one.

  11. Carr is the reason Gruden came back….. if he didn’t think he could play, hed still be in the booth.

    1. He has proven himself despite all of the Coaching turnover and lack of receivers. He is the Raiders all time leading passer and 8th rated quarterback in the league this year. Raiders need receivers, linebackers, and an edge rusher. The problem is not Carr.

  12. gruden has always been propped up by that “chuckie” persona and the perception he’s an offensive genius. he’s NEVER had to build a team from purely a draft and development aspect. he got rid of one of the BEST defensive players in the game, mack, and one of the top wrs, cooper! he lucked out and fell into a superbowl victory with literally another coach’s team, dungy! he’s best at color commentary, soooo, chucky, get your *** back in the booth!

    1. Carr looks like a scared little girl back there!!!!
      If he gets a little pressure he goes into panic mode and looks to get rid of it by a check down or throw it in the dirt
      Everyone says but he competes a high passer rating **** I’m 45 and I could complete 70 of my passes by throwing 5 yards or less

  13. Carr, has not been great, but given the tools he has Ben given he has done good. He deserves the benefit of another season. We all Saw what he did when he had 2 good receivers and a good tight end, he produced. What we need is a good back up, a Top WR’s, CB’s, LB’s, etc. We on way to the playoffs. I see Carr getting us there.

  14. You dont know if Carr is your guy if you keep calling this BS short check down passes and not giving your receivers a chance to make play down field! Of course he has a good passer rating when you pass less than 6 yards every play. I get frustrated every game cuz it’s a boring game when you only pass for an average of 3 to 4 yards every time.

    1. Its funny hearing so many of u football experts with all this knowledge make the same incorrect statements. Calling Carr a check down QB when that is so far from the truth. Grudens offense is built around short passing game n moving ball, getting 1st downs especially with the huge deficiencies they have had on defense. The defense cannot handle the offense having quick scores or not taking time off clock. In 2018 Carr (which he has had very impressive numbers throughout) led NFL in accuracy of passes 20 or more yards. From 2015 to 2018 Carr is ranked 3rd in most accurate downfield behind Russel Wilson n Drew Brees with 2 of those 3 seasons Carr was most accurate. It is not Carr n more play calling but even further down field. Do u know that there r only 2 QB’s that have 5 straight seasons with at least 300 completions Carr n Manning. N there is 1 QB ahead of Manning for most completions in 1st 5 seasons of course its Carr.

      From 2016-2018 Carr is tied with Flacco for most passes thrown under 10 yards. The likes of Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Mathew Stafford, Kirk Cousins, n Ben Roethisberger throwing more under 10 yard passes. Ryan, Brady, n Rivers are close behind. Now i dont hear people questioning these QB’s. Brady has tremendous amount of checkdowns that are not counted as such due 2 their falling under screen-plays with New England employing a lot of them in games. If they counted as checkdowns Brady would lead league every year hands down.

      You also need 2 look 2 the supporting cast each year 4 Carr n the fact that Raiders have been league leaders 4 many years in drop passes. Or think about couple seasons ago when Carr was sacked 50 plus times n the ultimate job he did with the issues they had. Carr is a very good QB n Gruden would b dumb enough to rid himself n downgrade as he continues 2 do.

  15. Short and to the point. I agree with Curt, I don’t think there is much more to say..the players used to be big boys, you play where they are paying.
    I’d trade places with Any NFL Player any day of the week….

    1. Carr looks like a scared little girl back there!!!!
      If he gets a little pressure he goes into panic mode and looks to get rid of it by a check down or throw it in the dirt
      Everyone says but he competes a high passer rating **** I’m 45 and I could complete 70 of my passes by throwing 5 yards or less
      Ever since he got hurt he’s not the same he’s afraid in the pocket

  16. You must from KC.
    You want Carr to be a Raiders for life so the Raiders will always loose two games a year to KC.

  17. As every offseason starts,especially with us Raiders lately. Who’s going to be QB? That happened last year,this year Carr topped 4,000 yards. 70% completions( yes,majority of it was check downs) 100QBR. List goes on,and on. All of it with a true #1 WR! To pay Brady 60$million doesn’t make sense. With that 60$ mill,we can do so much on the D,that we desperately need. To me,I would love seeing the Silver and Black earn a ship,compare to pretty much given if the go with Cry baby Brady. Stick with Carr,and build on the D. GO RAIDERS!!!

  18. D.C IS A DAM GOOD quarterback he has proven that over and over again 1st look at all the players the Raiders have lost on both sides of the field offense and defense just all he needs is a COUPLE of more pieces as long as D.C. is Healthy and have some decent blocking HE CAN AND WILL GET THE JOB DONE AND IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY A LOT OF PEOPLE DIDN’T THINK THE RAIDERS WAS GOING TO WIN OR DO AS GOOD AS THEY DID IN 2019. ALSO quarterback do get bang up and injured a lot and we DON’T get the whole details about it i also believe he’s been one of the top quarterback dam NEAR every year he has played in the N.FL EARLIER IN COMMENTS SECTION DID THEY SAY HE WAS THE NUMBER 8 quarterback this year I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU ALL BUT TO ME THAT IS PRETTY DAM GOOD ESPECIALLY WHAT HE HAD TO WORK WITH JUST GET THAT MAN THE TRUE WEAPONS HE NEEDS INSTEAD OF LETTING THEM GET AWAY

  19. The yr he broke his leg in wk 14 i believe was his best yr. Then they gave him a fat contract and he has been at the most a starting backup. He has let the team and us fans down. Gruden and maynot(be a real gm) have sabotaged the whole organization. Never wanted jon back(raider traitor). Carr has done nothing to help his case. He is at most average.

  20. Yes car needs to go get Brady and the Raiders I’ll be back again I am a Raiders fan been always been a Raiders fan and will always be a raider stand

  21. Carr had a great game first half, Gruden was unable to come up with a second half game plan. Keep Carr trade Gruden back to the booth. He is a horrible coach.

  22. Ok so here’s the deal. Teams like to allow for others(media, and other Teams) to speculate as to what their needs are and what they’ll do to address them. The idea is to give a false sense of what they will do causing other teams to think they actually have that intent which makes our helps other teams react in a way that will allow their real intent to come to fruition. Trade rumors or draft intentions are purposefully leaked because they want to see what other teams are actually trying to do. Some execs take the bait and open the door for what a team really is trying to do. All these rumors do is produce drama meant to fuel ratings for sports writers and analysts on tv. Leaking false intentions is really smart because by getting reactions from one or two teams you find out of teams are willing to part with certain players that will indicate who they are likely to trade them to which gives you the intent of their potential trade partners. Carr is the guy. This is his first time in the same system for a 3rd season in his entire career. Coming off of his best yr statistically in a few categories. What no one is talking about is that he proved to be an even more accurate passer than the season he led them to a 12-4 record and MVP campaign. If you actually follow and know the game, rumors would be worth little more than used toilet paper and wouldn’t bother a real fan of the game.

  23. Gruden and Mayock both, have said time and time again, that Carr is their guy! I don’t know why they have to say it every day for people to hear it! It’s just click bait at this point!

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