ESPN Report on Jim Harbaugh: “Keep an Eye on the Raiders”

Unless the Raiders’ season turns around quickly, they will soon be looking for a new head coach. The truth is, Raiders’ owner Mark Davis has been doing his homework on potential candidates, but the company line is a little different right now because it’s only the second week of December and the Raiders are still in the playoff hunt.

There are in-house candidates like defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, but the popular outside candidate is undoubtedly going to be University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.

In fact, the rumors have already started.

“If Harbaugh does decide to give the NFL a try again, keep an eye on the Raiders,” ESPN’s Dan Graziano said on Wednesday. “If anyone’s going to make an outside-the-box hire that isn’t on the NFL’s list of recommended candidates, it’s this guy. The Davis and Harbaugh families have a friendship that dates back a ways.”

Back in 2014, Davis tried hard to bring Harbaugh to the Raiders, but the former 49ers head coach opted to join the college ranks instead. This time around, the Raiders’ job might be a little more enticing. The money in Las Vegas probably wouldn’t be bad, either.

Of course Harbaugh could also use a little leverage from the Raiders to squeeze a new contract out of Michigan. Either way, look for plenty links between Harbaugh and the Raiders in the weeks ahead.

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31 thoughts on “ESPN Report on Jim Harbaugh: “Keep an Eye on the Raiders”

  1. Check and see what the odds in Vegas are that the raiders go Al Davis and rehire Chuckie


    1. Wrong ! Raiders did go to a playoff under Carr if you would of did your homework. Raiders got bounced out in the first round. But I agree with you on Carr should move on elsewhere. Carr will always be a win one lose two in a row or three QB. His brother David was worse. Lol. But ultimately all the players need to step up. You can’t always blame the QB or coach. . it’s a team effort. The Thanksgiving game was a playoff team. Since then not do much.

      1. Do any Raiders fans seriously believe that Carr is anywhere close to Mahomes or Herbert? Both are younger and much more dynamic. Mahomes already been to 2 SBs, won 1… We need a baller at QB just to compete in the AFC WEST… not to mention up and coming Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Bills QB, Tua T (starting to emerge), and we won’t even mention Kyler in the NFC… 8 YEARS, under .500 w/l percentage… Bye Derek…

    2. Any other QB sans the top 5 elite, would’ve failed miserably with the teams we’ve had. Anyone who thinks everything is on Carr doesn’t understand the game and hasn’t been watching the raiders for longer than 8 years.

      Our organization has some serious problems. Wrong players drafted, wrong coaches hired, wrong schemes run. We’ve been absolutely horrible in the last TWENTY years. We didn’t have anyone remotely close to Carr and we saw what happened.

      The current problem has to do with our offensive schemes from Olson and lack of team preparations from bisaaccia. We play to win and nothing to lose against top teams, and we win. We play scared to lose against teams like NYG CHI and WFT and we look like idiots. That’s a coaching problem.

      1. BS… I’ve been a Raiders fan going all the way back to Ken Stabler… Carr is a LOSER… It’s certainly not all his fault but he’s been the leader for 8 years… We had a winner under T. Pryor but he wasn’t given an opportunity to blossom. If Carr were African American, he would have been gone LONG AGO !!!

        1. LOL.
          Drew Brees had three straight LOSING seasons when faced with less adversity than Carr has faced with the Raiders.
          Let me know who is better than Brees during his Hall of Fame career and is available next year to replace Carr.

        2. LOL.
          Drew Brees had three straight LOSING seasons when faced with less adversity than Carr has faced during his entire career.
          Let me know who is available in 2022 that is better than Brees was during his Hall of Fame career.

          If you really have been a fan of the Raiders for as long as you say, then you sound like you must have called Jim Plunkett a “loser” as well when he was with the Patriots and the Niners.

          So amusing.

      2. Will hits the BIG NAIL ON THE HEAD with his assessments. Not sure who’s responsible for game day play calling, but there is the problem. When the utilize all their offensive weapons they are hard to beat. When they play limited they get limited results !!

      3. Amen… and don’t leave out that the starting O-line that was supposed to be in place suffered season ending injuries that caused a major issue with the offense period in the passing game and definitely in the running game! All in all this team has suffered from key injuries and the youthful depth that sits in the starting line up today on both sides of the ball are just that young men learning the NFL ways.

        Raiders fans who really watch the games and understand the game in a whole don’t say that the QB is the whole problem. Get over it people… Derek Carr is under contract and he will be the starting QB in 2022 so might want to either hold on or find another team to root for. Truth be the Truth

      4. I’ve been a raider fan my whole life. Since Marcus Allen ran all over the redskins, through thick and thin. It is has always been an owners problem. 16 coaches since the last Super bowl. Countless QBs and OC. The blame goes all on Davis and his father. They can’t get it done. The NFL means not for long, and the Davis family has no clue. At best Carr is a .500 Qb. Not a game changer just a game manager. Everyone know Defense wins championships, just ask Ray Lewis. He has two rings and both his teams had no offense. Control the clock and ball and Play D! Look if it was easy everyone would be a head coach. Look I’m 41 years old and a fan since 83’ I’ve seen it all and the raiders under Gruden were never better then a .500 team since his return. Don’t blame the coach or Qb. Blame the ugly freaking ginger that thinks his **** doesn’t stink! IT STINKS, just like the raiders do this year. Come on Raider Nation, suck it up and watch the super just like years past. Till they play D like your wife does we aren’t going to make the playoffs.

      5. I agree with you on that Olson has been there the longest we need to reboot the whole front office and GM

    3. Uh Steve ,perhaps you’ve forgotten In 2016 Carr paved the way leading Raiders to 12-2 record & what would be into playoffs had he not broken his leg in game 15 ,which they lost to go to 12-3 & then lost last game of season to finish 12-4 & then lost in playoffs WithOut Derek.It’s just semantics ,Carr did lead them into playoffs with his play until he was injured.He was unable to play in 2016 playoffs but he led team To playoffs that year ,No Doubt .

  3. I think Jim Harbaugh would be a great fit for us. If he takes this job, he should hire Tim Brown and Jerry Rice for assistant associate head coach. They don’t win Sunday, it’s not going to be cold in Kansas City.

  4. Does it Really Matter who the Raiders bring in ? I feel this organization is cursed!! Nothing works…What Ever they do…When was the last time the Raiders won on a Blowout? I can’t remember!
    How many times a year do they get Blown out? Several….
    Carr us the Biggest Choke artist going….What the hell does he Care? He’s a very Rich man…Jacobs is always banged up!!
    Then traded Most of the Front Line….How is that working out?
    Lost their Deep threat….The NFL is getting to be a big turnoff….
    N E X T

    1. Every team has it ups and downs. Look at the Detroit lions???? Why are you not slamming them. Hell they been losers since I was born. Lol. Waller being banged up and losing most of our starters killed us. How many Super bowls has the Raiders won ? 3 and to many divisional wins to mention. Don’t put a great organization in the blast unless you know what you are talking about.

    2. You definitely don’t watch many games because they haven’t been “blown” out, every week in the NFL you don’t see many teams getting “blown” out as you speak about! It sucks seeing your team lose but really give me a break this isn’t the Madden 21′ Video game.

  5. y reakmente conviene al equupo . yo creo que Rich Bissachia puede hacer un excekente papel de hecho ya tien una basecsoluda hay que pulirla y hacer buenas contrataciones a la Ofensiva y a la defensiva ya hay un cambio y necesita mejorarse con buenos jugadores y con contrataciones de agencia libre ahi esta el ejemplo este año falta perfeccionarlo y cambiar esa mente de mediocridad traer nuevas opciones y ser mas optimistas si se puede hacer un mejor equipo y dejar travajar a Ruch B y a Gus Bradley

    1. You hit the nail on the head could not had said it any better , but if they deside to start fresh good luck everyone including myself ill be looking at very long time before this team is turned around😢😢😢😢still rulde for them anyways just win baby Go Raidersssssss!

  6. Gruden lost his step in Tampa Bay. That’s why they fired him. Harbaugh is a college coach for a reason. He had a good run in the NFL but it didn’t work out. Can we learn from the past. Hopefully Davis is doing his homework and finds the next coaching genius and not another has been.
    Besides that Harbaugh played in Chicago and has said that’s his dream job.

  7. I still believe in Carr. Carr and the Raiders could’ve gone a ways in the playoffs if he hadn’t gotten hurt. Carr holds records at QB than any other Raider qb has and is still going. Like others said it’s a team effort not just one person.

  8. Bring back Del Rio.. He had them going in the right direction, until Mark had a brain fart and figured that maybe chucky would turn the program around and we found out how that turned out👎👎👎..

  9. No, No Harbaugh is not the right coach. What has he accomplished at the college level? Every year it seems that his job was in jeopardy. Find a young mind, like Packers, Rams. Don’t hire a coach who has previous experience as head coach in the NFL. There’s a reason that they’re no longer head coaches.

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