ESPN Report Says Raiders Are Allowing Coaches to Look for Other Jobs

Antonio Pierce might be a slight favorite to get the Raiders’ head coaching job, but he definitely isn’t a lock to get the job.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Raiders have made the decision to allow their coaches to look for employment opportunities with other teams as the season comes to an end…

“At a team meeting this week, Raiders coaches and staffers were told that they would not be blocked from looking for other jobs but that the organization wanted to be kept in the loop on any potential opportunities, according to league sources.

Some took this to mean that Pierce and GM Champ Kelly are not locks to have their interim tags removed, according to sources. If they were a lock, the Raiders would want Pierce and Kelly to retain many of their assistants, the same ones who now have permission to seek employment elsewhere.

Still, Pierce and Kelly have done enough to prove that they warrant serious consideration to become full-time at their current jobs. The question is whether Davis will agree.

Schefter’s report doesn’t mean the Raiders are going to move on from Pierce, but it also isn’t a great sign for the current staff.

One of the coaches to watch on the Raiders’ staff will be Patrick Graham. He is considered one of the top defensive coordinators in the NFL and the league has incorporated incentives for teams to hire minority coaches.

Graham is a strong candidate to eventually be a head coach in the NFL and if that happens, the team he leaves (which would be the Raiders if it happens this year) will receive a third-round compensatory draft pick because of his status as a minority coach.

From the Raiders standpoint, one of the last scenarios they want to play out would be the decision to retain Pierce, but lose Graham. The longer their coaching search drags out after the season, the odds will go up that it could happen.

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4 thoughts on “ESPN Report Says Raiders Are Allowing Coaches to Look for Other Jobs

  1. Keep this coaching staff only maybe a offensive coach to make the calls. I believe Raiders owe somewhere near 85 mil
    to Gruden and McDaniels why pay for another high profile coach that will cost more money that should be spent on the field of players. I been a Raider fan for over 50 years this has been the most fired up team I’ve seen in awhile. Reminds me of the Madden teams.

  2. I’m not a raiders fan but I can say one thing I think y’all have your head coach already he has proved to the team already

  3. Why would this be proof the raiders are moving on from AP ? These aren’t the assistants he picked – these are McZiglers hires , maybe AP wants to bring in someone else . I hope however the Patrick Graham is retained long term. RNFL

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