Mark Davis Had One of His Top Advisors at the Raiders’ Final Practice of the Season

The Raiders locker room is begging Mark Davis to retain Antonio Pierce, but there are a few more chapters that need to play out before Pierce can move his office down the hall.

There are a lot of people close to the team that believe Pierce deserves the job, but no one seems to have great confidence that Davis is going to keep him.

Washington Post insider Jason La Canfora reported on that dynamic this week…

Mark Davis should promote interim coach Antonio Pierce. But no one I spoke to was convinced that’s how this will go down. There’s one more game — Sunday vs. the Denver Broncos — to evaluate the situation.”

One of the reasons that Davis is so unpredictable is because he has historically leaned heavily on others in making decisions.

Two years ago that approach led to an interview process that never addressed Josh McDaniels’ failed tenure with the Denver Broncos.

This excerpt was from a report in The Athletic in November…

“Mark Davis needs to structure this hiring search differently than the last one, which was led by Ken Herock, who was a longtime Raiders player and executive. Herock is 82 years old and told our Vic Tafur that he didn’t ask Josh McDaniels in his interview anything about his first head coaching experience in Denver.

Presumably, Tom Brady was also part of the process that led to McDaniels being hired by the Raiders, and many believe he will be a big part of the process again.

Coincidentally, Brady was a guest at the Raiders‘ final practice of the season on Friday and there’s a good chance that he wasn’t there to be entertained.

Hondo Carpenter on Twitter: “Have stated previously that who Mark Davis listens to will be a big deal. He trusts Tom Brady, and Brady will be a partial owner at some point. Brady is in Henderson, in the building today, and was at practice. / Twitter”

Have stated previously that who Mark Davis listens to will be a big deal. He trusts Tom Brady, and Brady will be a partial owner at some point. Brady is in Henderson, in the building today, and was at practice.

It’s anyone’s guess what Brady might think of Pierce, but it’s also possible that he was at practice to figure out how Pierce’s Giants were 2-0 against him in the Super Bowl.

But, no. That probably wasn’t it.

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22 thoughts on “Mark Davis Had One of His Top Advisors at the Raiders’ Final Practice of the Season

  1. F… Tom and Mark. I’m a PSL owner. Maybe Tom can give Mark some hair styles. 🤔

  2. Having Tom Brady as an advisor is a huge mistake. Where was his advice when Davis chose McDaniels? Brady should have known what the Raiders were getting and STRONGLY advised against it. Either he wanted to tank the Raiders or was completely clueless. Take your choice.

    1. Purposely TANK
      McDaniel’s job was a sabotage the Raiders and it didn’t matter if he was fired cuz he walked away with 85 million dollars anyway. Tom Brady and McDaniels are both New England Patriots loyalties

  3. Look, Coach Pierce is clearly the fit, style and silver/black blood we need in that position, if MD screws this up, you are not going to see an increase in ticket sales nor a home field fan base in the shiny new 3.1 billion dollar building, MD, quit dragging your feet and give that man and the fans and players want!

    1. He’s a ONE year NFL assistant… why do you think the management keeps paying former head coaches to teach Pierce about coaching. He is a passionate man but that does NOT make him a Head Coach. Keep emotion out of it and hire a Coach with a Real resume in the League.

    1. That is an ABSOLUTE lie… the same players who support AP also supported McClown whole heartedly. What are the players supposed to do? Answer questions with “this guy sucks”? It would be like you going on a widely watched TV news program and say that your Boss really sucks. How long would you have a job? WAKE UP!!! The writers write stuff to get your attention… that’s how they get paid. Don’t be ignorant.

  4. No more New England please. No garrapolo no brady no bellichick. Make up your own mind mark. You have people in the building that can help you.

    1. AP IS a McClown guy!!! McClown is the ONLY person who gave AP a NFL coaching job… a job that lasted ONE YEAR!!! And you think a one year vet is ready to be a winning Head Coach?? Wise Up!!

  5. AP and CK both deserve the jobs. Do the right thing please for everyone. No harbaugh no chucky. AP and CK will go after jaydon daniels. Dump jacobs, renfro, Garrapolo, hoyer, horsted, and hooper. Run like the wind… just win baby!

  6. Mark is a complete imbecile if true. I assume this is just media fluff and Laconfora once said Harbaugh wasn’t going to Michigan.

    Antonio Pierce has increased the performance of the offense/defense since he took over and the players are 100% behind him. I would hope Mark would be smart enough to know that Harbaugh isn’t gonna get to go out and recruit his players and face the Iowa offense of this world on a weekly basis.

  7. Antonio Pierce deserves a chance at a full season maybe he can bring in some pieces that he needs that he feels is going to make the raiders better I believe he deserves that opportunity win or lose against Denver

  8. I definitely agree with Walter! The O-line is meshing, the defense is in the building most nights. We all know we need a quarterback, so let Champ and AP do their thing and stop going for the splashy hires! No Harbaugh, Bellichek. This perpetual rebuild thing is getting really old. I’ve been a Raider fan for over 45 years and our last SB win was in 83 for crying out loud. Plunkett belongs in the HOF. We are thisclose to getting it together and “TAKING WHAT WE WANT”!
    Devante is not going to hang around much longer and I can’t blame him. However, he has value as a trade chip and if he’s needed to move us up the board, so be it! I’m also tired of seeing players who bleed silver and black traded away. Give JJ a contract and I bet he leads the league again in rushing. He’s hungrier than most backs and wants to do his thing here, LET HIM! Run blocking is better than pass blocking. They know him, and he knows them. AND NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT LET PATRICK GRAHAM GET AWAY!

    1. I have to say Antonio Pierce seems to be a smooth and cool dude He seems to have a positive attitude and swagger to motivate the players and keep the morale high but it’s also Patrick Grahm who has made a big impact on the defense and the whole team. If he moves on then what.Hard to say.Harbaugh has proven that he has what it takes to coach a winning team in the NFL and college level.How ever it turns out the bottom line is we need coach who can talk the talk and walk the walk.GO RAIDERS!!!!

  9. The Raiders need a Solid OC and DC for Coach Pierce to Succeed . He’s in The door will he stay there ? Raider Nation WILL move forward either way .

  10. Yo mark, with all due respect for you and pops (AD) don’t do what pops did by acquiring “trophy thoroughbreds “ and have them on your mantle, stick with the true bonafide BLUE COLLARS instead and get the old seventies Silver and black back on our blood.
    Go raiders!!!

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