Insider Thinks Sunday’s Game Might Determine Antonio Pierce’s Fate with the Raiders

We learned on Saturday that the Raiders are allowing their coaches to talk to other teams about potential job openings and, at the very least, it’s safe to assume that interim head coach Antonio Pierce hasn’t won the job yet in the eyes of Mark Davis.

Pierce still has another game to improve his head coaching resume, and at least one insider covering the team thinks the regular season finale could determine Pierce’s future with the organization.

Via The Athletic’s Vic Tafur

As silly as it may seem, a Week 18 win over the Broncos might be the final push that Pierce needs to win the full-time job.

Owner Mark Davis tends to run emotional and, though he tries to see the big picture, can be a victim of recency bias. It’s likely really important to him that Pierce has a winning record (he is 4-4).

I thought the win over the Chiefs in Kansas City two weeks ago should have clinched it for Pierce — along with the defensive improvement and the simple fact that the Raiders have been in every game he’s coached. But Davis didn’t spend 45 minutes talking with Pierce in the locker room after the loss to the Indianapolis Colts discussing next year’s staff of assistants.”

While a win on Sunday might go a long way toward earning Pierce the job, the Raiders would benefit in other ways if they lose.

Going into week 18, the Raiders are projected to pick at no. 11 in the draft, but they could move a few positions in either direction after Sunday’s game against the Broncos.

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7 thoughts on “Insider Thinks Sunday’s Game Might Determine Antonio Pierce’s Fate with the Raiders

  1. AP’s fate has already been decided, when they lost to the Colts. I know that’s not what anyone wants to hear but they are letting the entire coaching staff speak to other clubs is a definite signal.

  2. Obviously Davis has not learned. Now there is news that bellycheck is rumored to be a possibility for new coach. I guess mcdick wasn’t enough. The patriot way was nothing but a farce. Everything came together, with the right people, right system and hell of a lot of luck and cheating. Yes, they had a great team, and won some rings. But they also were in a division and conference that was weak, year after year. And, isn’t it interesting how the so called dynasty and patriot way quickly faded in the sunset when Brady left? I think we all know who made that organization what it WAS!
    Harbaugh, he has a great resume and I take nothing from him. But, isn’t it time to hire a young guy? Quit thinking someone who has been around coaching for years can get it done.
    Look at the Texans. Rookie coach, young, past player, on defense. Look what his team has done.
    Quit going for the big names. Gruden, mccheat, how did they workout for you?
    If I remember right, and I do, been a raider since 1970, Mr. Al Davis never hired big names. You know why, because no one was bigger than the Radars!
    Give AP a chance. I haven’t seen this raider team play defensively like they are now, since the early and mid 80’s! AP has them playing throw back raider football!
    Get an offensive coordinator, a QB, strengthen the O line, maybe a couple additions on D! You have a great nucleus in the D and great players on O!
    If you do not hire AP permanently, you are losing the locker room and fans. If you hire bellycheck, I’m have a dumpster fire with all my raider gear!

    1. Great article pal, i agree with everything you said. If they do hire mr bllycheck with no personality i will be over to your place to add my raider gear to your fire. We will cheer the fire and record it so dutch boy can watch and cry.

  3. If the Raiders lose to the donkeys I don’t think Pierce is ready to be head coach. Going up against donkeys second string qb with a full week of preparation playing at home we should put a hurting on the donkeys. They need to let O’Connell air it out, f this conservative play calling that’s been our achilles heel for too many years.

  4. John Madden and Pierce are / were equals – Young – defensive coach – loved his players & super Passionate – and look at history

  5. Whatever MD does with AP keep him around in some important capacity if he’ll accept that, keep Patrick Graham as DC but if you can’t and he goes and you don’t want AP as head coach, then maybe he can be enticed to stay on as DC. Hey, it’s a big promotion. But definitely replace Bo Hardly A Play with a new creative OC!! Do whatever it takes somehow not to lose the player’s support and enthusiasm (locker room)!

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