Would The Raiders Consider Trading For Sheldon Richardson?

As the New York Jets continue their fire sale, all eyes have shifted to Sheldon Richardson whose availability has been the worst-kept trade secret in football.

The Jets won’t be getting an early-round pick for their lame duck defensive tackle, and it’s worth wondering if Richardson’s trade value has dropped enough that the Raiders – who could use a boost to their defensive interior – would enter the mix.

If the Raiders did make a move for Richardson, they would have to consider it a one-year rental. Most believe Richardson will be looking the highest offer after the season and who can blame him? He played four years on a rookie contract that totaled around $10 million. He’ll make just over $8 million this season and enter free agency next year for the first time (at the age of 27).

Would Raiders consider the idea of renting Richardson for a mid or late round pick? You be the judge. General manager Reggie McKenzie has been with the Raiders for six years now – we should know very well how he operates by now.

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11 thoughts on “Would The Raiders Consider Trading For Sheldon Richardson?

  1. no way will the big man give up a high draft pick. maybe a trade. i am thinking trade connor cook for Ricardardson

    1. Lmao bro
      Cook sucks, no way they’d want him straight up
      Probably would take a 4th rd pick

  2. Sheldon Richardson might be the last piece to a Superbowl! If we can get him cheap enough for 1 year because that’s all he’s going to be here! Gotta pay Mack! If we can get him for a 4th? Pull the trigger.

  3. We need to get Sheldon. Not only helps out Mack and the DEs, it will help the secondary too.

  4. I say give up Conner Cook and a 5th round pick. I would also get rid of EJ Manual and pick up Kap. IJS!!!!!

  5. I would love it, but honestly right now, we need a middle LB before DT. At least we now have depth on the D line. Our LBs are thin at best.

  6. I could see him doing a ,5-6th Rd or maybe a 6th and swap of 0ur 4th for their 5th, but prob just a swap as R.M (Latavious Murray 6th, vadal Alaxander 7th, TJ Carrie 7th, Corey James 6th{will be a stud just be patient} Luani this year and Hester who have looked grea ) value late Rd picks and fact he traded to land 4 total. Just look at the UDFA last couple years, any of these guys could have been 6-7 Rd picks. That being said with the amount of talent and upside we have now and performances of Jelly, and Hester vanderdoes combo(,,compliment each other by covering the fault of other) the anticipation of Ward making sophomore leap(though that has not worked well for Calhoun…though they diff beasts, ward not soft *** baby’s *** he was just to robotic. Lastly, and most importantly we have stud de/dt Super Mario Edwards back. Really the concern should be on the back end of defense, but we have to be patient I know it’s hard, but to see what OBi, Conley, Luani can do…Atlanta had 3 rookies start on their defense one at each level dl,lb,SS. But the end of the year the Raiders could be doing the same not necessarily the top 3 picks either or Lee. Morrow, Hester, Conley or any combo inc Luani, vanderdoes, but Lee will not. He needs a year to work on speed of game though I do like him as future run thumper. I know that scares the hell out of ppl we will go thru struggles early on year like lst two defensively, but once they get I think we finally finish in top half of league and will be a top 7 unit for second half of season. I am also huge Buckeye fan and have watched Conley and have thought he was best cb on team last year. He will smother reciever in likes and remind ppl of Nmandi Awesome-wa…lol!

    1. Ya it took jermain kears and a 2nd round and swap of 7s for richardson. Reg aint paying that for nobody.

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