Glazer: Raiders Should Sign Tom Brady, Let Brady Tell Gruden What the Offense Will Look Like

Everyone seems to be linking Tom Brady to the Raiders and while signing the soon-to-be 43 year-old legend might seem like a fine idea to some, there is a good chance it won’t seem like a good idea to Jon Gruden.


This excerpt from Jay Glazer’s column in The Athletic makes the case for the Raiders to sign Brady, but his point will probably be one of the biggest reasons why Gruden will be a very tough sell on Brady – along with the fact that Gruden seems to be happy with Derek Carr.

“A lot of people think that he’s going to go back to the Patriots and it would certainly fit but I think they have to pay him,” Glazer said of Tom Brady. “If I’m a team like the Raiders or the Chargers and I need to fill up my stadium and my fanbase, I am absolutely, without a doubt, going to go and say, ‘Mr. Brady, here’s the offense. You tell us what the offense is. You help devise it and Mr. Brady, here’s our checkbook. You fill it out.’”

“I know it’s going to be hard for Jon Gruden to do that but he’s the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, the most marketable guy there is. He’s a gamechanger for a franchise. Season tickets. Marketing.  I would open up my checkbook for him if I was a team like the Chargers or the Raiders, who are moving to Las Vegas, and especially if I want him to teach a young quarterback how to be a quarterback. I think it’s a no-brainer — you pay the man.”

If the Raiders were to sign Brady, Gruden would become a little less valuable to the organization overnight. Sure, he would still have the $100 million contract, but he would not be the most trusted personnel man in the building and if Brady is running the offense, what exactly would Gruden’s value to the team be? And it’s worth pointing out again that the Raiders surely have an “out” somewhere in Gruden’s contract before 10 years.

General manager Mike Mayock might not get paid anything close to what Gruden is making, but if Mark Davis wanted to shake things up tomorrow, whose job would be safer… Gruden or Mayock?

When Gruden showed up for his second tenure with the Raiders, he was instantly the most valuable employee in the building. That isn’t necessarily the case right now. Add Brady to the mix and Gruden might be the third most important man in the Raiders building and that doesn’t sound like the kind of deal Gruden signed up for two years ago.

And one other little note… don’t be surprised if Gruden is going to be a little stubborn on Carr. Gruden isn’t deaf to the criticism of himself and his quarterback and you know he’d love to prove the critics wrong on both fronts with a big bounce back season in Las Vegas.

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17 thoughts on “Glazer: Raiders Should Sign Tom Brady, Let Brady Tell Gruden What the Offense Will Look Like

  1. The reason I believe it will never happen, can be credited to a four word quotation by Brady, “It was a Fumble!”, I believe Jon has to much pride to swallow that. We don’t need a marquee name to fill the stadium, we have the Raider Nation. And I would take the 2020 Raiders over a Brady led offense anytime. If we have anything near as good as our 2019 draft, I believe we will be able to stand toe to toe with any team in the league. On the other hand, I do think firing defensive line coach Buckner was a poor decision, I believe Paul Guenther’s performance was severely subpar and that he should have been shown the door. There are way to many good defensive coordinators and assistants out there who are would love to be a part of what will arguably be the rebirth of a Dynasty.

  2. The NFL in general should be wary of signing these players, senior players who have been given the “Goat” title. To me, if you look at history, it isn’t worth it and it doesn’t work. To name just a few, Joe Montana to the Chiefs, Joe Namath to the Rams, and Johnny U to the Dolphins. I understand it is not an easy decision to retire, but some athletes play pass their prime, and other teams seem to salivate thinking I want some of that, and in most cases it doesn’t work. Payton Manning had some success after signing with the Broncos, but if we are honest, he was not the Manning we watched @ Indy. Please stop pushing for Tom Brady to be signed by the Raiders, it would be a waste of resources that could be used to shore up the weak spots at WR and LB. I know there are Brady fans out there who disagree with me. But Brady and the Pats feasted on extremely weak opponents in their division. They had a cakewalk to the division championship every year. Once you get into the playoffs anything can and did happen.. Making it to the playoffs healthy isn’t easy. My vote is to stick with Carr…..

  3. No let Tom Brady stay where is at.I don’t like him one bit every since they robbed me of my Superbowl in that Icebowl in Foxboro Mass.That whole officiating crew should have been fired.It was and outright fumble Hell Ray Charles could have seen that and I guess Stevie was made to wonder.Anytime calls were to go the Raiders way the refs find a way to beat the Raiders apparently the refs don’t like the Raiders,well I do I’m a Raiders for life.Give Chuckie a couple of years to get things in place and he will bring a Superbowl to Las Vegas.You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

  4. Antonio Brown is the biggest **** fool I’ve ever seen.He can’t keep his butt out of trouble.Now this battery charge.If the woman you got is giving you trouble,get rid of her that’s providing you don’t have any children by her.Stand up Antonio and be a man I know if something is giving me trouble and it’s costing me my career and money I’d **** sure find me somebody else.This is a headache that you don’t need.I suggest you consult with a professional to help you get through this.Look at the money that you were making.And your going to let someone ruin your career? Antonio take a good look at yourself,it doesn’t hurt to ask for help if you have a problem.Antonio it’s alright to be some dumb,but don’t be plum dumb.Sometimes it pays to be humble and when your wrong promptly admit it take it from someone that knows.If the New Orleans Saints gives you another chance take it,remember it’s a privilege for you to play in the NFL not a right.
    Somewhere deep down inside you your a good person and a good man stand up and be the man you can be.If anyone out their knows Antonio Brown personally please pass this information on to him.Mufti Kifayatullah

    1. everything you said about Antonio Brown is true, but that’s old news. Brown is no longer a Raider problem. We’re discussing the viability of signing Tom Brady, this is rumors being given some wings by the talking heads who need something to write about. Although NFL coaches have been known to “mislead” fans and press alike, Gruden has publicly stated he likes Carr. And I believe that there are more of Raider Nation than not, who want to kkeep him, and not ditch him especially for a 43 yr old “Goat”, who has seen his best days. The division here is not a weak one, and he would not have a cakewakk to the playoffs every year as he has enjoyed in the past. Leave him where he is or let him retire or go to another team, who will have to overpay him for getting knocked on his azz…

  5. All I can say us that the $30M+ cap hit that signing Brady would incur can best be spent elsewhere. Biggest need in the Raiders is NOT at QB; it is on the other side of the ball. Some if that can be addressed in the draft, but not all of it. Carr is NOT the reason the Raiders didn’t make the playoffs.

    1. I like Carr, he isn’t the reason we didn’t make the playoffs. BUT, he needs to react quicker, be more mobile, read the defense better, just play a little more aggressive. I don’t see any of that happening tho. I’ve had his back every year but, I’m starting to change my mind a little. This 2020 season I believe he’ll be our QB. But if he doesn’t produce, he’s gone for sure.

  6. I like Tom Brady even as a Raiders fan. Even years after “the fumble”, I’m tired of folks still hung up on that. I like Derek Carr but, I will admit he hasn’t been the same since his injury. He stopped being mobile for the most part which gets frustrating watching at times. He’s too inconsistent at this point in his career.
    Mayock is without question the most important guy in my mind. He is the reason we had a lucrative draft. That’s what he does. He knows players and how to pick them for needs that need to be filled. And he will continue to do so. We will have another amazing draft because of him. And that brings me to Chucky. I love Chuck but, I don’t think he’s the coach he was the first time around with the Raiders. Is he a good coach?….hell yes! But he’s not the guy he once was to me. I was a fan of Del Rio, he should of stayed in my opinion. And now Mr. Tom Brady. Yes, I would love to see him in silver and black. Sorry Derek. Let him run the offense, bring in who he needs. We already have awesome talent for him now. Draft a QB next year and put him under Tom’s wing. I think good things can happen. And I’m not entirely sure Chucky will be around for his full contract. If I had to guess right now, I’m gonna say, no.

    Lastly, we need to stick with people, give them a chance at their job. Not 1 season, 2 seasons…let them gel. Musical chairs with the coaching staff is never good, as history has told us. The team (coaches and players) need to become a family to become great. The entire organization needs to be one big family. During the off season, stick together, eat together, hang out together and of course practice, practice, practice. And stop with bringing in “cancer” players.

    Let’s go RAIDERS, do something special!!! Bring this team back to the glory days!

  7. Tom Brady would be average under any any coach not banned bellicheck in my opinion but that’s all it is give Carr one more year get him a WR you saw what he did with Crabtree and Cooper together have faith

    1. Tom Brady reads a defense like no other QB ever as well as runs the offense. But agreed Jason on keeping the faith. I’ve always liked Carr and still do. He’s got 1 more year to prove himself, it would be dumb to part with him. But he needs to react quicker to the defense and make quicker decisions on when to scramble, he blew multiple opportunities last season.

  8. I think Mark has too much history with Gruden to go against him…beside, Brady cant scramble like Carr. Derek can get out of situations and run at a good cilp…Tom is a pocket guy… ahd he has 43 yr. old legs….Grudens offense needs dudes like Crazy Legs Rich Gannon…or a dude like Carr……We don’t need Brady, no matter what that nubnuts Jay Glazer thinks….

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