Report: Police “Actively Working” to Get Arrest Warrant For Antonio Brown

It sounds like Antonio Brown is on the brink of being arrested for attacking a mover at his home. According to TMZ, AB is holed up in his Florida home and isn’t exactly cooperating with police (surprise, surprise).

From a TMZ report on Tuesday afternoon…

“A police source tells TMZ Sports [that] Antonio Brown has been accused of felony battery and burglary stemming from an incident with a driver who works for a moving company… We’re told cops are actively working on getting a warrant for Brown’s arrest and they’re trying to convince the NFL star to surrender peacefully… Our source says a man who was with Brown at the time of the alleged altercation has already been arrested.”

At this point Brown’s football career should be the least of his concerns. His mental health has obviously deteriorated rapidly over the past 12 months and now he is close to being arrested – something that surely would have happened a lot sooner if not for his celebrity status.

It’s hard to believe that just a month ago Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman announced that 20 teams were “seriously interested” in signing AB. It seemed like fake news at the time, but there is no question that by now every NFL team is hiding from Brown as even his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has cut ties with the once Hall-of-Fame-bound wide receiver.

Here’s to hoping someone left in AB’s life can convince him to seek out the mental health treatment that he desperately needs.

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