Gareon Conley To Have Important Medical Appointment On Tuesday, Season Could Be Over

Gareon Conley has missed three consecutive games with a mysterious leg injury (that has lingered since June) and talk began last week that he may not return again this year.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Conley has a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday that could put him out for even longer. Specifically, Rapoport said that depending on Conley’s upcoming appointment, it could be “weeks” until the Raiders first-round pick returns.

Obviously, “weeks” could be two weeks or it could be 10. Right now, there isn’t a great deal of optimism and it’s reasonable to assume Conley suffered some kind of setback a few weeks ago.

Dr. David Chao (former Chargers team doctor) wrote this week in the San Diego Union Tribune that the “best case scenario” for Conley might be to miss a couple weeks, but the fear is that Tuesday could confirm that Conley will need season-ending surgery.

If Conley’s season ends early, chalk up one more major disappointment to a season that is rapidly swirling the drain in Oakland.

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3 thoughts on “Gareon Conley To Have Important Medical Appointment On Tuesday, Season Could Be Over

  1. We can just give up on this season, maybe he will be back by the time we get to Vegas? What a stud pick by Reggie, injured and with a huge question mark over his head.
    Anyone been watching these teams that have turned it around in a year or two? Well, that isn’t Oakland. We are going NOWHERE.

    1. Theres no way they are going to give up on the season. All the tools are there on offense they just need to get their heads outta their asses and start mking better decisions. Have to remember Downing is really young and isnt as experienced as Musgrave. Defense is in same position though as last year we need some help hopefully Navrrow Bowman can pump these guys up hes a true leader.

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