Host: We Found Out that the Raiders’ “Subs are Better than the Starters”

When the Raiders lost 48-9 to the Chiefs in week 14, just about everyone assumed their season was over.

A lot has gone right for the Raiders since that miserable day at Arrowhead Stadium and some of that good fortune has come in the form of unfamiliar faces in the lineup.

“As I’ve told you for a long time on this show. I’m the only guy that says this because it’s not a bad thing to say. We found out that the subs are better than the starters,” JT The Brick said this week on his 920 AM Raiders Nation Radio show.

“It’s a fact. I’d father than Deablo than Littleton all day. So would you now. You’re getting a chance to see him play. You’re seeing substitutes come in and maybe play better. Trufant, is he better than Trayvon Mullen? I don’t know. I think he is… you’re seeing guys come in and play positions, they’re better the subs than the starters. Defensive line. Look at the way these guys are playing ferocious up the middle.”

A few other names that have stepped up in recent weeks for the Raiders are Malcolm Koonce (who needs to be on the field even more), Darius Philon, and on offense, even Zay Jones is starting to look like a wide receiver capable of a full-time role.

So it’s 100 percent true.

In a few cases, the Raiders’ subs have been better than the starters. Not such a bad problem to have at the moment.

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9 thoughts on “Host: We Found Out that the Raiders’ “Subs are Better than the Starters”

  1. It is always the case that there is a thin line between the 1st and third string players at some positions in football. It all comes down to the position coach. If a certain coach feels more comfortable with a certain personality in a close competition for a position he will go with the player he is more comfortable with. That doesn’t always mean the better player is the starter, although it should be. The athletic ability should be reason, but it is a personal decision made subjectively by a position coach. That is how it happens.

  2. i agree with this…. john abram is another one that should not be resigned or moved to linebacker…he cant cover at ss or fs..

  3. Diablo is still a safety playing linebacker. His first step is usually backward. Watch that play vs the colts with#52 blows up the block from Nelson and makes thr tackle, all downhill, no hesitation, great play but, you can see #5 Deablo very slow on the read. It’ll take time for him to really learn the new position.

    1. Good insight. I was limited to radio coverage last game. I’ll watch for this. A buddy up the block says he can see #52 emerging to become our next – badly needed – defensive on-field alpha dog, the one who leads the squad in every way. I’m watching for this too.

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