Maxx Crosby Shot Down the Jay Glazer Story on One of the “Realest Meetings” He’s Ever Had in His Life

On Sunday morning, FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer dropped a bombshell report on the Raiders locker room after an intense between Josh McDaniels and the team.

Appearing on FOX NFL Sunday, this was Glazer’s account of what happened between McDaniels and Antonio Pierce, who is now the team’s interim head coach…

“Antonio Pierce got up there, he said ‘Look guys, we have to have our own culture. It’s got to be about our culture here.’ He brought up the old Giants team that beat the Patriots, Josh McDaniels team, in the Super Bowl in the 2007 season.

When he finished that speech, everyone [thought] it was great except for Josh McDaniels. Josh McDaniels then goes over to him and says ‘Don’t ever talk about the Patriots like that’ and then you really saw how divided that building got.”

There haven’t been many specific details given about the meeting, but NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport did say that McDaniels was not the same after the meeting.

“We talked to sources inside the building, and [McDaniels’ firing] was not surprising to them. It goes back to last Thursday’s practice before the Lions loss. McDaniels had just had a vicious team meeting. Players, coaches had ripped into him, it was ugly. They voiced their displeasure,” Rapoport said on NFL Network’s The Insiders.

At least publicly, Maxx Crosby has always been careful to voice his support for McDaniels. Crosby talked about the Glazer report this week on the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast…

“I don’t know where that came from or where he heard that, but [Josh] didn’t stand up and say ‘AP, you can’t talk about the Patriots.’

That’s false.

But [the meeting] it was very real. Basically, every captain, every leader, everybody that had something to say went up and said their piece, and everyone was honest.

It is what it is. Coach McDaniels called us in and he wanted to do it. It was probably probably one of the realest meetings I’ve ever had in my life. Sh– got real and there was a lot of emotion and that’s for us. It’s family business. The fact that it even got out is kind of irritating.”

Crosby made other podcast appearances in the last few days and even though he wasn’t critical of McDaniels, it was easy to read between the lines in his segment with Pat McAfee.

It’s actually pretty funny the way he handled the McDaniels topic…

Pat McAfee on Twitter: “Has the soul train been happening..”We brought it back..It hasn’t happened for about a year and a half”😂😂 @CrosbyMaxx #PMSLive / Twitter”

Has the soul train been happening..”We brought it back..It hasn’t happened for about a year and a half”😂😂 @CrosbyMaxx #PMSLive

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