Hunter Renfrow Listed 3 Wide Receivers He Models His Game After

Raider fans might not agree on much, but they have reached an agreement on Hunter Renfrow. The third-year wide receiver is the G.O.A.T… or at least he is to Raider fans.

Even though he might not be the real “Greatest Of All Time”, it’s still an affection term the fan base has coined for a couple of years now to show their appreciation for Renfrow.

During the bye week, Renfrow appeared on the Harvester Sports podcast and talked about a wide range of topics, but it was particularly interesting to hear who he models his game after.

“Whenever I’m asked this question, even though we have no similarities in our game, I’ll always mention Sammy Watkins,” Renfrow said. “I grew up watching him at Clemson and he was my favorite receiver of all time. I love Sammy Watkins.”

Hunter also mentioned two other current NFL receivers that he studies.

“Cooper Kupp is someone that I love to watch,” Renfrow continued. “For being 6’2 and the way he can get in and out of routes, crossing DBs up, it’s fun to watch. I watch them on film, [the Raiders] do a lot of similar stuff [to what the Rams do]. I like watching Cole Beasley, as well. Just because in and out of his routes he changes pace a lot. I think that helps him and that’s something I try to take from him. Just kind of sprint and then jog, and then sprint again with burst. Just never have the DB be able to key in on your routes.”

Renfrow also talked about the time he met fellow Clemson wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins for the first time. Renfrow said he never met Hopkins while at Clemson, but they did meet in the NFL and Hopkins made an assumption that a few people have mistakenly made.

“Are you playing special teams?” Renfrow said Hopkins asked him in his rookie year.

“Yeah, I’m doing special teams,” Renfrow answered to a not-particularly-impressed Hopkins.

“Keep doing great. You’ll make it eventually,” Hopkins told him.

“I was like, Nuk, I love you, but I scored a touchdown against you,” Renfrow said he said (or maybe he just wanted to say).

For what it’s worth, Renfrow had four receptions for 88 yards and a touchdown in the Raiders 27-24 loss to the Texans in 2019. He apparently played some special teams in the game, as well.

The full conversation with Renfrow and Derek Carr lasted nearly an hour and can be found on Harvester Sports YouTube channel…

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