If Nick Kwiatkoski Misses Time, the Raiders Should Look For Help From a Familiar Face

According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, it will take a couple days before the Raiders know how long they will be without starting linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski, who was initially thought to have torn a pectoral muscle against the Panthers.

As of now, there seems to be some optimism that he might return relatively soon, but if he doesn’t, what should the Raiders do?

One player they should consider, assuming he’s anywhere near being in football shape, is Vontaze Burfict.

The league hates Burfict and he’d be suspended for the next century if he hits another man with his helmet, but in theory the Raiders would only need to have him around for a handful of games. Burfict could jump in tomorrow and make every call in Paul Guenther’s defense if the Raiders needed it from him.

Even in a worst-case scenario (like another hefty suspension for Burfict), the Raiders wouldn’t have much to lose by signing him to a veteran minimum deal. And the slim risk would be well worth the reward of having a serviceable linebacker to run Guenther’s defense for a few weeks until Kwiatkoski returns.

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22 thoughts on “If Nick Kwiatkoski Misses Time, the Raiders Should Look For Help From a Familiar Face

  1. Burfict is a perfect fit at this point in the season. It will take him at least 4-5 weeks before he sticks someone. He still brings the aggressive hard hitting middle linebacker that the Silver & Black need to stay in the game this early in the season. Maybe he will surprise a lot of people by playing the hard nose team player game the way a possible Super Bowl contender needs. Don’t sell him short , he has been on a bunch of losing teams ie. Bengals. Burfict might find the inspiration with this team given the upside of the entire Las Vegas team. Kick *** Vontaze KICK SOME KC *** !!

    1. I totally agree. I’m a Raider fan that lives in Cincy so I know about Burfict all to well. But he’s mean and dirty but our (Raiders) need that 100%. He would make a nice sub.

  2. They don’t need Burfict. They have R.McMillan. He’s one of the best run defenders in the league. I don’t even know why Morrow got all that playing time against the Saints.

  3. I wrote this in response to a article the other here day…Frustration building between Raiders and Trent Brown. Plagiarism I say,find you’re own ideas!!! Lol🤣🤣🤣

  4. I would prefer to have Burfict in the lineup than Kwiatoski, Burfict gives the entire Defense a ‘Dirty’ edge, We lack any identity on both sides of the ball,Having Burfict in the middle gives us some toughness and make the other positions better just having him out there..ijs..I would like to see Navarro Bowman back in the middle over Kwiatkowski..
    The Veteran presence on the field is a issue…ijs…

  5. Great idea Back to old school Raiders . raiders need players like Burfict .mean nasty and take no prisoners Hell yed

    1. You are so right? We have reputation to up hold what did David and Madden always say??? Bounty? Make them wish that they never signed up for the NFL! Just ask the alumni raiders long,millen , Hendricks,…… That’s football ( come on bring vontaze back he’s a raider true and true!!!!!!

  6. Bring him in on a team friendly deal with incentives for not being fined or suspended! Not that he deserved to be suspended last year for that tackle but that’s just a sample of what he would be facing every week.. He deserves another shot and also deserves to be recognized for all that he’s done to fix his style of play as I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him. It’s kind of like telling a boxer that he can’t punch as hard as he’s capable of doing.. Lmao…

  7. I’m sure many are against this but I’m actually down with this. Makes sense for the situation.

  8. Call Burfict and Quit FUCKING Around with our Defense and bring him in?
    We need Him, Pectoral Tears are Bad and usually Require Surgery?
    Can’t Tape up the Pectoral…

    1. I agree, bring back Burfict. He’s the closest player the RAIDERS HAD TO THE ASSASSIN. HE WOULD DEFINITELY PUT A SPARK INTO THE DEFENSE.

  9. I agree, bring back Burfict. He’s the closest player the RAIDERS HAD TO THE ASSASSIN. HE WOULD DEFINITELY PUT A SPARK INTO THE DEFENSE.

  10. That’s what the Raiders defense was known for when they was winning Super Bowls let’s bring him on hard-nosed football call Burfict

  11. I say bring him back we need to get back to RAIDER FOOTBALL get back to old school…….
    Does any of you remember the 11 angry men
    Raider Nation let’s get angry

  12. PERFECT BURFICT, BRING HIM IN, that was a BS call he got suspended for anyhow. Football is a contact sport, and it wasn’t intentional. He plays hard, as he should. There were way worse, illegal hits last year, but because of his past they got him suspended for a BS hit.

  13. Why would the Raiders risk it for a penalty crazy, now slower LB? They won’t, I’m sure they would rather start a rookie then someone that could unravel the team they’re building. Play two games then suspension?

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