Trent Brown Might Have Reason to Want Raiders to Release Him After the 2020 Season

We don’t know exactly what is going on right now between the Raiders and Trent Brown, but team insider Vic Tafur suggested in a column on Wednesday that the Raiders “may very well” let him walk after the season.

Obviously, it’s only speculation at this point, but looking at Brown’s contract beyond this season, it’s possible that he might be the one looking to walk after the 2020 season.

The Raiders can release Brown after this year without taking on any dead money in 2021, so there isn’t anything in his deal that would punish the Raiders from cutting him. But from Brown’s perspective, the richest years of his four-year contract will be behind him after the 2020 season. He is guaranteed to collect $21.5 million this year from the Raiders, but next year he is only slated to make $14 million. At $14 million per year, there will be 10 offensive tackles in 2021 with a cap number higher than Brown’s. In other words, he probably won’t be losing a dime if the Raiders cut him and there’s a good chance he could find a deal that would pay him more than the $14 million he is currently under contract for in Las Vegas.

For what it’s worth, Brown’s work ethic has been questioned in the past and he has admitted that he feels like he doesn’t need to watch a lot of film.

If that’s his mentality, how long can he be expected to last with a coach like Jon Gruden?

“I show up to work. I’m not here to make friends or anything like that,’ Brown said in 2019 prior to being signed by the Raiders. So it’s fair to wonder what Brown’s mentality is right now with the Raiders with the understanding that he could potentially hit free agency again at the age of 27.

In order to do that, though, he would need to play well enough in 2020 to prove that he is still one of the best tackles in football… while causing just enough unrest in Las Vegas to entice Gruden into moving on from him.

For the Raiders sake, hopefully the past two months haven’t been as dramatic with Brown as we’re being led by some to believe. Certainly if the Raiders $21 million dollar man is able to play this week against the Saints it would go a long way toward squashing some of the storylines floating around right now.

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16 thoughts on “Trent Brown Might Have Reason to Want Raiders to Release Him After the 2020 Season

  1. Sad thing is he is s really good one and of the best,rem how he punked Mack and miller. They need to coach him up and motivate him which gruden is great at.Mayock can restructyre his deal so it’s easier to .Right tackle was a real issue for the raiders and he solved it. I would ask him to lose 20 lbs also he’s too heavy and it contributes to his leg keeps issues,I never wanna see parke r at rt he’s a revolving door

  2. I just don’t understand why it always have to be drama… It doesn’t make any sense to enter a year with a team and a place for your full potential! I understand it’s a business but integrity should be above all!!

  3. Don’t know a lot about Trent Brown every player at one time gets hurt I don’t think he’s faking injuries I think the man plays hard when he’s in there is going to mean more injuries more often

  4. Sportswriters and subsequently sports magazines are designed to speculate, speculate and hypothesize about any and everything sports related. There will literally be hundreds of stories about any sports related topic until the truth comes out. I have always said that the largest nation in the world is imagiNATION. Thousands, NO MILLIONS of books have been written and sold about stories based solely on imagination. Surely, there is a place for everything in the world, including speculation and conjecture. Just let us all hope that everyone will realize these articles, pertaining to Trent Brown, that have not been verified, thus far, hold no water and until the absolute truth is known should be understood for what they truly are, someone’s imagination of what the truth really is.

  5. Who cares Football is like a foreign language to me these days Don’t understand it AT ALL!!!!

  6. When these pro players are paid So much money I question if they really want to be league champions ! It’s all about attitude . Too many overpaid chumps in the NFL now !

  7. It’s always something with the Raiders!!!……… There cursed by the way they treated Oakland. Obviously is about money!!! A loyal fanbase meant nothing!!!…. And Gruden, well let’s just say, revenge is a dish bedt served cold meaning; Al Davis, the Raiders will never we in under Gruden!!!

    1. It was the Other way around; Oakland did the Raiders wrong. Towards the end, MD was willing to settle for just the land, but Libby Schaaf kept moving the goalposts. You also lost the Warriors, so maybe it was the city’s” leadership” that was lacking.

  8. Prove us all wrong and earn your money! Put defensive lineman on their back sides paving the road for our running backs to the endzone and have fun doing it! Even if your not wanting any friends in the end.

    1. I am a longtime Raider fan for
      many many yrs. Trent Brown is a
      Pro Bowler and I hope he can stay
      with the Raiders. But I’m not on
      the inside and I don’t know what is
      going on, but the truth will come
      out! I will be watching Monday
      night should be a very good game!

  9. ENTITLED BITCH, greedy and a lack of work ethic completely trash. Signs a deal gets rich and now he’s playing these games 🤦‍♂️

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