Raiders Color Commentator Questions Trent Brown’s Desire to Play Football

Add color commentator Lincoln Kennedy to the list of people inside the Raiders organization that are wondering what is going on with right tackle Trent Brown.

“I personally don’t think Trent Brown loves football,” Kennedy said this week on Radio Nation Radio’s In The Huddle. “That’s the only way I know how to put it. Because as an offensive lineman, you are always going to play hurt. I’m not saying that he didn’t do what he did to get his contract, and deservingly so. He played his way up. But three plays? Three plays is all you give me in game one and you just had a cush training camp?”

On one hand, we’re only a game into the season, so there is a still a lot to play out in terms of Brown’s leg injury. He could very well end up playing 15 games this year.

But it’s also noteworthy that these concerns cropped up weeks ago in training camp – well before the first game of the year. So there is a good chance that there are more details that simply haven’t made it out of the building.

Whatever the case, the Raiders have a huge Monday night game coming on the national stage. The Saints are a Super Bowl caliber team and the Raiders will need their $21 million right tackle on the field. Brown isn’t expected to be placed on injured reserve, so as of now, it looks like he might be active for the game… and hopefully able to play more than just three snaps.

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9 thoughts on “Raiders Color Commentator Questions Trent Brown’s Desire to Play Football

  1. I’m only a fan that follows through watching what’s available via videos & pictures and can say the same thing Lincoln Kennedy says about his desire to be a Raider! He simply doesn’t have the look in his eyes! He looks like a little kid pouting that mommy didn’t give him what “he” wanted to eat for dinner! A few weeks back he walked into the new Allegiant Stadium with his team for the first time, had a look that no other teammate seemed to have! It hit me at that moment hey he isn’t happy & having 3yrs left of a 66 million dollar “36.75 Guaranteed” contract paid to start & protect our starting QB… Hmmmmmmm….. maybe just maybe he’s actually related to another “Brown” that just did the organization and his QB wrong last year! The play that he got hurt on game #1 looked like someone that didn’t even care to ride a bike during the off season! Out of shape.. No desire.. No passion.. Give Kolton his #77 back big fella!

    1. I agree with you Tony and I KNOW Lincoln wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true.
      I hate to see that in this guy but I think it may be true. I see so much passion and desire on this team…the talent will come and develop but passion is there and I attribute that to the coaching staff. This guy mopes around like he’s making 3 million and is underpaid. Just bad character if its true…take a shot and GO man. You’re one of the highest paid big men in football.

    2. That’s what happens when you give a fat turd all the money up front. Nothing left to motivate him.
      Mayock screwed up and overpaid an average player.

  2. I agreed with you Tony. He should have been in the best shape of his like. The guy had months with nothing to do because of the pandemic. With his money, he should have a gym in his house, and all the support from coaches to trainers to dietician, to doctors.
    So there is no excuse for the guy to be in that shape. Next year the guy has no dead money against the cap, so he will be cut, losing about 14 million next year and many more the year after. Talking about bone head

  3. A lot of Raider fans are also questioning his commitment. The Raiders did their part. They made him the highest paid offensive lineman. Now it is appearing that he got what he wanted and he doesn’t want to work hard anymore. He doesn’t want to get in playing shape. He doesn’t want to be on the field. We have some guys who take their jobs seriously. We have some who come to camp in the best physical condition. We have some who take pride in being the best players they can be. Trent just doesn’t appear to be one of them.

  4. I haven’t paid much attention on the situation. I hear what LK is saying about heart. I believe LK is speaking for himself on playing hurt. A true Raider. Now. I also believe ob giving the man the benifit of the doubt. Give him time yo recuperate. Maybe all this negative encouragement soarks a fire in him and he plays sooner than later and balls TF out! No sacks on Varr this year. I hooe he has heart and isn’t worried about his personal stats! On his Twitter. TB states that opening day has him feeling some type of way. Give the man some time. He carries alot of weight literally. He has a long career ahead of him. Now if he keeps his shenanigans up. Then, OK. Bash him. I’m tired of the negativity in the Raider organization. Fan wise. I get frustrated too but hey. Lets give Carr one last chance to show out. Being his first time in hid career wuth the same coach and OC in 3 yrs in a row. 10 wins this year! Go Raiders! RN4L

  5. Hes a thief. Hes got some Jamarcus Russell in him. Show up to game one and they have to pay you for the year. Then he can sit back and collect checks. Great example for kids! The only difference between him and Antonio Brown was that Brown was to stupid to keep his mouth shut until the kick off of game 1. Im tired of these millionaire divas. I canceled my NFL game pass last week. Ive been a avid fan since 1968 but im over it. Ill never spend another cent on these clowns.

  6. This guy has been a huge disappointment. Link would not open his mouth unless he was fairly sure he was in the right spot on his assessment of Brown. His body language is as questionable as his posts on twitter. He is full of himself. Too bad, we gave him Mack money to protect our QB. Bad signing!

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