If the Raiders Trade Davante Adams After the Season, Here’s What Peter King Thinks the Compensation Would Look Like

Like it or not, trade rumors around Davante Adams aren’t going away anytime soon.

An ESPN report on Sunday all but guaranteed the New York Jets will be making a push to reunite Adams with Aaron Rodgers after the season, and we know there will be other several other teams with heavy interest in Adams, as well.

The Raiders weren’t willing to listen to offers for Adams prior to the October 31 trade deadline, but with so many unknowns around the organization, that dynamic could change in the months ahead.

In the event that Adams wants a trade and the Raiders are open to trading him, it will be interesting to see what kind of value the future HOF’er will have in the offseason.

This is what NBC Sports columnist Peter King said on Monday about Adams’ trade value in his Football Morning in America column…

The Jets are already without their second-round pick in 2024 from the Aaron Rodgers trade.

If the value for Adams in the 2022 trade from Green Bay to Vegas was first- and second-round picks, you’d think the value in 2024 would be less, but what exactly? My guess is a first-round pick, or two second-round picks. The Jets will argue that Adams’ value shouldn’t be that much because he turns 32 during the season next year and will be playing his 11th year.

Vegas will have the leverage, I think, because the Raiders will know Rodgers wants Adams badly, and the Jets will be all-in for 2024 and ’25. If the Jets give their first-rounder next year, it’d mean no picks till somewhere around 75 overall in 2024—and the Jets will have offensive-line holes to fill next year. Or would it be enough for the Jets to trade one of their good defensive pieces plus a third-rounder for Adams? Stay tuned.

All things considered, the Raiders should be able to get at least a first-round pick for Adams and possibly more.

If it’s the Jets that want him, why not demand a defensive player and their first-round pick?

If the Jets decide to be stubborn, maybe the potential of the Buffalo Bills getting Adams (once they part ways with Stefon Diggs after the season) will convince them to give up more.

Or maybe the Raiders will show enough progress under interim HC Antonio Pierce that Adams won’t want to go anywhere else in the first place.

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5 thoughts on “If the Raiders Trade Davante Adams After the Season, Here’s What Peter King Thinks the Compensation Would Look Like

  1. The team has too many holes to fill, including the QB position and the poor talent along the OL. We need draft picks to rebuild this team, but it won’t matter unless Davis finally gets a GM that can draft difference-making talent. I’d trade Adams, but only if the price were right.

  2. The Raiders have all the leverage, wait it out and get your price. The Raiders need offensive lineman and a QB, and a dynamic play caller. Add some more pieces to the d and then we can talk playoffs

  3. In all honesty, Peter King should “Go to He—“ and stop engaging in detrimental scenarios
    while this team is in the midst of trying to change a culture of losing to one of winning. And,
    Peter King and his colleagues need cease from trying to sabotage the efforts of the new
    Interim Head Coach. All of the storieso of Jim Harbaugh and other candidates for the Head
    Coach position right only serves to create a negative impact on the Raider team. Find a new
    victim to cover.

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