Insider Offers New Theory to Why Raiders Fired Bill Musgrave After 2016 Season

The Raiders have made a lot of questionable decisions over the years, but one that still stands out was the team’s decision to not bring back offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave after the 2016 season.

The Raiders had a 12-4 record in 2016 and their offense was a big reason for their success. For some reason, though, Musgrave was replaced in 2017 by Todd Downing and the offense was never the same.

The rumor at the time was that the Raiders thought they would lose Downing to another offensive coordinator job if they didn’t promote him, but The Athletic’s Vic Tafur hinted that head coach Jack Del Rio’s pride may have actually been a factor in the decision:

“[Derek Carr and Jack Del Rio] will probably always wonder what would have happened if Del Rio had just brought back successful offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave in 2017. Many in the organization later said Del Rio may have been upset about how much money Musgrave was making.”

Whatever the reason for Musgrave’s departure, enough time has passed to safely say it was the wrong decision. There were other factors involved in the Raiders’ 2017 collapse, but the loss of Musgrave certainly didn’t make the situation any better.

Del Rio would go on to announce his own firing after the final game of the 2017 season and days later the second Jon Gruden era was officially underway.

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23 thoughts on “Insider Offers New Theory to Why Raiders Fired Bill Musgrave After 2016 Season

  1. Yes, this appears to be the reason why my man, “Riverboat Jack Del Rio” was let go. I think
    It was a shame, because the Raiders looked as if they were finally getting back to the
    Perennial playoff team they were known for until that , “Grasp and Controll” bad call that
    cost the Raiders the game against Mr. Brady and the New England Patriots in 2001. The
    Bill Musgrave firing probably was the worst decision at the time.

  2. It also seems possible that Derek Carr was pleading the case for keeping Downing. Downing was lavishly praised as a “Quarterback Whisperer” and therefore at least partially responsible for Carr’s electric performance in 2016. If Downing was truly coveted by other teams, the mentor that was guiding Carr potentially leaving might have been an uneasy situation for him. He did get a huge contract and was the subject of many critics.

    1. Raiders snakebite themselves almost as much as the league bites them , we need smart productive steady, humble leadership. Pride goes before the fall. No good reason to get rid Musgrave at that time. I can only hope we get a true winner and leader of men as the next HC

  3. Interesting if Del Rio was behind letting Musgrave go. The loss of his presence was obvious the next two seasons as the offense struggled. After the 2016 season I new they let the wrong guy go. Should have kept Musgrave and fired defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr (who ended up getting fired the following year anyways). Norton was the week link during that time.

  4. Get the story straight HE QUIT as soon as he saw the raiders took Derek Carr in the draft.All Derek Carr has done is steal the raiders money,and cause the raiders 2 lose

  5. Raiders might be able to draft some quality players if Carr’s salary was”nt so high.Save your money and yiur organization raiders,bye getting rid of Carr

  6. After what Derek Carr has done to the raider organization.I PERSONALLY WISH NOTHING BUT THE WORST FOR DEREK CARR

  7. Derek Carr is such a looser at qb.
    I often wonder how his wife and my kids are doing.Thank you Carr for taking care of my kids,and being a good step dad

  8. I thought his contract was up…. And because he was still passing instead of running against the Colts with a big lead in the 4th qtr.

  9. They also let latavius Murray walk and brought on a 500 yr old bruiser at running back. Still P.O.ed about that

  10. ****…click bait I fell for it again as there is no real reason besides someone “thinking” something.

  11. The raidersbeatdown spreading more rumors, try interviewing someone or anyone close to the team but you can’t. I think it must be because you’re not accredited. Without credentials all you can do is post other reporters stories. This is embarrassment to the Raiders

  12. Carr has been an average quarterback at best overall. He plays well when conditions are perfect and he chokes and plays poorly when it matters most. He chokes on big throws at big moments, with a sort throw it a shirt check back; often appearing content to throw 5 yard passes when it’s 3rd and 8 or 10 to go. He also has no instincts or guts or mixture to just run and extend plays when that is the b at and perhaps only last choice. I could pick 25 other quarterbacks Id prefer to hitch our wagon to on any Sunday.

  13. It’s carts fault that the team has been mismanaged? You people are nuts, he leads the league in passing yards has no real wr1 has had more head coaches then wr1’s no ol had to deal with Gruden and his playcalling . Get real people lots of couch qbs out there I see

  14. Carr puts up numbers every year no matter how bad the rest of the team is. It’s not his fault haters.

  15. This team sucks and is so very snakebit. If we are going to rebuild and that’s what we are looking at then it must start with the qb

  16. Musgrave called a pass play against the Colts with the game essentially out of reach. Carr was pressured, sacked and broke his leg. Mark Davis was infuriated a run play wasn’t called which would run the clock out. Oakland had the game won, but calling a pass play resulted in Carr breaking his lower leg and missing the playoffs against the Texans.

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